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Sybil Rogue
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Female Healthy
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Young adult
(3 yrs, 2 mos.)
165 SP
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Character Information

*under extreme renovation Sybil is a girl born and bred in the desert. Her soul is in the expanding, everlasting nothingness that consumes its entirety. There is something about the coloration, the heat, the challenge that chains her to the texture of the sand. She is by far not the most striking creature by any means, in her opinion, personally; others seem to disagree. Forged in a complexion of varying hues of blacks, tans, and creams, she can easily find herself blending in with crooks and nannies and the occasional tree and its shadow.

From above, she's more noticeable - which in a sense is a disadvantage since, well, she's extremely small. Just reaching 20" at full height, Sybil is the classification of someone who doesn't use strength or speed to her advantage, but instead patience, the willpower to live and her cautious mind, to survive.

Perhaps her most notable feature is her eyes - a vibrant shade of green. A color in a place that she resides completely lacks in. On a good day, her weight ranges in the fifty-pound range, however, it's not usually the case, self-explanatory. Raised from the death-bed from a surrogate mother, Sybil proceeded to live on the outskirts of the entrance and learned the necessities to survive the harsh nature. The scorching heat from the uncovered sun would normally cook an individual alive, however, her furs, silken in texture and rather thin offer some sort of relief.


Height Build
Petite Lean
Father Mother
- Died giving birth.
Other Relationships
Elizabeth [npc] - deceased. surrogate mother and teacher to Sybil.
Spirit Symbol