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Name Pack
Sylvanna Rage Rogue IV. Recruit
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 5 mos.)
370 SP

Character Information

25 in. 79 lbs. 5'4 ft.
Sylvanna's family is family that is average sized, yet thin. Her fur is a jet black, but in sunlight it has some faint reddish brown hues. Her fur is also long and silky, but thin like her build. Her eyes are a beautiful blue color that stuns a lot of wolves. So in general, she is considered beautiful. Despite being thin, she has some lean muscle making her excel in hunting and fighting. She also has some scars on her body from occasional accidents that had happened in the past, but the scars are hidden by her long fur.
Slyvanna is sweet, kind, expressive, and loyal. She is expressive when it comes to certain situations where she thinks she needs a say in it, this can lead to good and bad outcomes. One of the bad outcomes is that she will become arrogant and won't listen to what others have to say. One of the good outcomes is that she will listen to others ideas and she will state her opinion on those ideas. She is sweet and friendly when she meets new wolves, but if she is too nice other wolves may take advantage of her friendliness and end up betraying her in the end. She is caring to other wolves if they are injured or if they are young. If she is in a pack situation, she will be extremely loyal to the pack and won't think of leaving the pack, unless she needs to leave.
Slyvanna was born to a pack that was settled south of the valley. She had two other sisters that looked like her, but they died when she was very young. So basically, Sylvanna was an only child with quite a few friends in her birthpack. From the start, she was always kind to others, she always had an interest in helping the wounded. She would watch the medics in her pack hoping that someday she would become like them. Though, was forced to leave her pack at a young age with her mother after the pack had been defeated in a huge battle.
During her teenage years, Sylvanna and her mother joined a pack that didn't have any medics. So Sylvanna was ver disappointed that she couldn't follow her childhood dream, but she joined the ranks as a hunter, she worked very hard in order to become a very skilled hunter. She made some new friends in the pack, and she became very close with them. Though, when she became two years old, she decided to leave the pack and start exploring the land around her.
As a young adult, Sylvanna was confused on how life as a loner worked. She found a travel partner to have around as a mentor on how to live alone. She bonded with him, but he sadly died during a deer hunt. Sylvanna went into a state of depression for a few weeks, but later got over it because she would be able to make new friends as she explored. Then, winter rolled around, and Sylvanna went into her first heat. She had no idea what to do, so she stayed by a little stream until her heat was gone. During her heat, she had become very clingy to males, but she didn't any of them to mate with her. Her heat was then gone, and she was back to being normal by her standards, so she began to explore again.
Now, she is awaiting what new adventures life will throw at her.
Sylvanna is in heat from July 22nd through August 1st


Height Build
Average Thin
South of the Horizon Valley
Father Mother
Never. Gonna. Happen.
Nope. Not gonna happen
Other Relationships
{Lorenzo}✝️| Helped me. Gentleman. {Tunglid}| Stared at me. I understand why. {Ash}| Told me about the Adunati Rangers. {Bucky}| Very kind and polite. {Nomad}| I told you my whole story. Trusts.
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