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Name Pack
Tahti Rogue IV. Recruit
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 9 mos.)
1090 SP

Character Information

Healthy, uninjured.

On the smaller side of an average height with a lean, foxy build, Tahti looks young for her age. She has a black coat with a white 'star' on her sternum, her namesake. She keeps her fur well-groomed and neat. Her eeys are a warm amber color, and she multiple scars littering her body. Of them all, the ones she has received in Horizon are the four porcupine-quill scars on her right shoulder. In addition, Tahti walks with a notable limp and has difficulty running fr extended periods of time, though sprinting etc is not a problem. This is due to a shoulder sprain she didn't let heal fully.

Sweet | Empathetic | Impatient | Formal | Reserved at First | Silly | Very Physical | Protective |
Loyal with commitment issues. Impulsive. Kind-hearted, but socialized to be ruthless and often finds it difficult to escape her brutal rearing. Blunt, dislikes sugar-coating things, but physically affectionate as ell. Empathetic. Dislikes dealing with her own problems, loves to hear other people's secrets, but not a gossip.
-Voice: Gravelly, low, could easily be mistaken for male.
-Sexuality: Bisexual with a slight lean toward females.
-Very particular about her coat. Grooms when bored or stressed.
- Her nose is her weakest sense.
-Likes secrets. Not her own, but likes to know other's. Some good intrigue makes life spicy.
-Former mute.
-Sensitive about her physical limitations.

Born in the North, with a total of four siblings. Three made it to adulthood, the fourth being culled for his 'weakness'. Tahti witnessed this, and it caused her to fall mute for the next four years of her life. She grew up strong and ruthless under her mother's rule, but she never felt at home there. She was trapped by fear, and when her parents died at the claws of a bear, Tahti bolted from her natal pack and didn't look back. The next two years were spent traveling, learning about the world, before she wandered to Horizon. There, she met friends, lost friends and made enemies. She 'adopted' three pups of a friend when she abandoned them and their father died,but soon went on a pilgrimage to get her voice back-During which she reunited with her brother, Cassian. She returned to her new pack, only to follow 'her' pups to the mountain pack. Unhappy there, especially after Rowan's death, she took off after Saya when the girl bolted, but was unable to find her. Tahti wandered for a while, before at last returning to the valley, heart aching, torn between loyalty to the remaining pup, Ash, and Tahti's home, the Rangers.

A fantastic moodbaord by Sam!


Height Build
Average Lean
Upper Canada (Above Horizon but below Alaska)
Father Mother
Zack (Dead) No mother of mine (Also dead)

Willow: Dead.
{Cassian}: You’re alive! You’re ok!
Bliksem: Dead.
{Zavian}: In the wind…somewhere.

She hopes for one, one day.
Not blood, but she's the only thing like family and adult supervision they have left.
{Ash}- Worries she has failed him, too.
{Saya}- Failed her.
{Rowan}-Failed him.
Other Relationships
{Klass}- Dead.
{Holly}-Abandoned her children. Truly pathetic.
{Sunfall}-Good guy, little exuberant. Helped with Elliot.
{Bucky}- Her Alpha, yet also a friend. She trusts him. Something of a brother? perhaps. Likes a lot.
{Regent}- Left her charges. A failure.
{Saskia}- Bucky's mate. Formal, pretty, packmate.
{Kaete}- 'Sup, kid.
{Harlow}- You were a lovely companion. Thank you.
{Nima}- Dead.
Spirit Symbol