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Name Pack
Tahti Adunati Rangers IV. Recruit
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 10 mos.)
1090 SP

Character Information

Healthy, lean. Uninjured. On a journey of self discovery and hopefully the returnj of her voice with a fabulous lady called Harlow.

Neither tall nor short, but darn close to short, Tahti stands at the lower end of her size range. She's also built rather leanly, but don't mistake her for not having muscle. She's a wolf of little chub, all lean wiry muscle. She's got a slightly leggy, slim look-Tahti has a vaguely elegant build, the way her long legs and lean body couple together. Her fur is sleek and lays close to her body, despite having plenty of fluff for winter and summer. It's soft and inky black, as Tahti won't gray out as she ages. She has a single white marking, a sort of star shaped blob on her sternum. Tahti's physical skills lie on stamina and speed, as well as a slight amount of agility. However, she's easily overpowered and if she looses her footing, she a goner. In all, the mute has a sort of lean, almost foxy look to her, very streamlined and to the point. She has four very small round scars bunched pretty close together on her right shoulder due to a run-in with a porcupine, and several small silver scars scattered about her body.

Sweet | Empathetic | Impatient | Formal | Reserved at First | Silly | Very Physical | Protective |
Simple. Childish, but able to be cool as ice when required of her. Painfully blunt, verbally, but sweeter than sugar non-verbally. Will comfort any and all, and tries to be non-judgemental (usually). Loyal to a fault, and loves children. Goofy and fun, with a clear mischievous side, but downright malicious and malignant when truly angered.
-Voice: Gravelly, low, could easily be mistaken for male. Blunt.
-Very prideful about hunting abilities-One of the few things she'll take a dare on.
-Sexuality: Bisexual with a slight lean toward females.
-LOVES to give food gifts. To everyone. For any reason. Especially apologies.
-Very particular about her coat. Grooms when bored or stressed.
- Her nose is her weakest sense.
-Likes secrets. Not her own, but likes to know other's. Some good intrigue makes life spicy.

A bit more on Tahti's disability: A recovering long term elective mute, Tahti has been mute longer than she's been a speaking wolf. For a long time, she accepted it, while quietly resenting it. However, with the arrival of Holly's pups, her inability to speak to them or her packmates, and finally Ash's noted quietness and reluctant-ness to talk made her worry she was deficient, injuring her newfound family and harming the future of Holly's puppies by being a silent auntie. Harlow was the straw that broke the camel's back, a woman clearly formerly mute now 'speaking'. At first, Tahti remained silent in her journey with Harlow, but has recently started to use single words to communicate. It's not a good representation of her understanding of speech, but it is progress.
CAN: Bark, yap, growl, etc. Also has some small words and short sentences. 'Low', 'tree', 'idiot', 'die'. It gets the point across. It's a significant improvement.
CAN'T: Howl. Won't speak in long sentences. Doesn't feel ready.

A brief synopsis.
-Arrived in Horizon. Met a fluffy white fool, but he was kind, so she returned the favor.
-Met the rest of his pack, decided to stay a while.
-Quality time with Holly, looking for that white fool.
-Bye friends?! ;-;
-Fucking heat.
-Holly's preggers and Klass is deAD?? WTF.
-Someone has to stick with the pregnant yearling or whatever. Met a crazed lunatic of a wolf, she's chill.
-Holly wanders off, makes a friend, meets a new pack.Tahti is left in her dust.
-new friend turns out to be an asshole, surprise surprise. Did find a pack to stay with, A++++
-Chillin at the new pack. Becomes a Recruit, bonds with Bucky, who is a chill guy.
-PuPppieS OMG
-Chills with the puppers, meets some friends, etc, pack stuff.
-Meets an alluring woman who has a limited vocabulary and somehow thinks it's a GOOD IDEA to follow her across the valley looking for some wolf called Nima.
-Found Nima's kid.
-Found Nima, now what?

A fantastic moodbaord by Sam!


Height Build
Average Lean
Upper Canada (Above Horizon but below Alaska)
Father Mother
Zack (Dead) No mother of mine (Also dead)

Willow-Female- Stuck up, stiff, prude. Mother 2.0. Dislikes, but loves her as her sister.
{Cassian}-Male- Brother, O Brother.
Bliksem-Male- Murdered. Taken before his time by the one wolf who should have protected him.
{Zavian}-Male- The angry one. Brash, but loyal. Has her back in a fight.

Sure, she's available. Go for it.
She's kind of adopted (unofficially) {Ash}, {Rowan}, and {Saya} as their Aunt.
Other Relationships
{Klass}- (RIP Klass)
{Holly}-Feels very strong kinship and protectiveness for her. Holly is Tahti's charge, and is thus under her honor-bound protection.
{Sunfall}-Pretty chill, chatted about asshole brothers. Likes.
{Malkeen}- Shy? Unsure.
{Marcellus}-Healer dude. Nice enough. Unsure.
{Saski}- SHY. Approach with caution and peace offerings, possible friend if not scared off? Likes what she's seen of the girl.
{Tidus}-Sunfall's asshole brother who is actually totes chill. Likes/Neutral.
{Paradox}(Known as Dixy)- healer chick. Tahti doesn't know if she can trust her. Unsure.
{Adrian}- Quiet but smart. Respects.
{Chai}- Nice loner girl. Looking for her family. Likes.
{Yuna} (Name Unknown)- Tidus's mate. Shy. Wishes their interaction had been more positive.
{Mordor} (Name Unknown)- Doesn't know who HE is but doesn't like him.
{Neomiizana}- Crazy 'kid'. Thinks her odd but figures she herself is pretty weird so whatever man. Known in Tahti's head as Giggles or Neo. Likes.
{Fluffy}- Big but sweet but also a total, foodminded dolt. Feels sorry for, but also dislikes.
{Vincent}- 'Tribe' wolf, also known as a 'Sunshine' which is weird but whatever, Tahti doesn't judge. Seemed pretty chill, actually.
{Wendigo}- Holly's childhood friend. Offered some nice chatting while in heat and didn't hurt her. Seemed nice, actually! Likes.
{Bucky}- Her Alpha, yet also a friend. She trusts him.
{Pharaoh}- Hmmm. Unknown if she likes him or not.
{Regent}- Is a packmate and Holly trusts her, and she is a fellow 'aunt' to the pups, as far as Tahti is concerned. Trusts.
{Saskia}- Bucky's mate. Formal, pretty, packmate.
{Ash}- Also known as Rrr. Adores.
{Saya}- Precious little girl pup. Also adores.
{Rowan}- Seems quieter than his siblings but that's fine by her. Adores him too.
{Kaete}- A rather confused lass, as far as emotions are concerned. But she seems nice enough, and is a packmate. Friend. Knows Tahti as Spot rather than Star.
{Theodore}- MEMORIES, AND NOT GOOD ONES. This wolf is nice and Tahti likes him very much, but he makes her remember things she doesn't want to dwell on. Likes.
{Seeker} Of Theo- Nice enough. Worries for his friend/something more? Theodore. For good reason too.
{Harlow}- Calls her Runner also. Tahti searches for the great Nima alongside her. Elementary grasp of language, likes nonetheless.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet