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Name Pack
Tahti Rogue
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 4 mos.)
775 SP

Character Information

Healthy, Uninjured. Traveling with Holly at the least until Holly's puppies are born.

Tahti is a slim little thing who barely makes it into 'average' height. Her talents lie strictly in stamina and speed-She outruns and outwaits whatever she's fighting or hunting, because strength is far from her forte. She's a rather lanky seeming she wolf, having inherited her mother's long legs but not the female's size, and remains relatively proportional. The female has short, fluffy, slightly soft fur that is inky black, with an average length tail usually carried straight out behind her. Tahti's name means 'Star' and for good reason, as she has a small, star shaped white spot on her sternum. The dark she wolf also got her momma's eyes, a soft, natural gold that varies in intensity depending on what she's trying to communicate.

+ Kind | Forgiving | Understanding | Empathetic | Loyal | A Good Listener | Always Willing To Help | Decent Strategist | Peacekeeper | Experienced Fighter/Hunter | Playful|
- Mute | Serious | Reserved | Has No Qualms About Killing | Quite The Temper When Finally Angered | Stubborn | Really Sarcastic But It's Hard To Tell |(Needs more negative points, eh?)
Tahti is a strange wolf. Her mutism is a key part of her at this point, having been a disability she's had since childhood. Though she grew up in a rough place, rough pack, under a rough mother she's a soft, sweet, gentle creature. Tahti, or Star as nearly everyone in Horizon she's met knows her, is an empathetic creature, quick to assess situations and pick up on feelings. She tries her very best to be non judgmental, a neutral party with a shoulder to cry on. Neutral to a certain point, though. Tahti grew up with strict morals, good and bad instilled in her, and has found it difficult to let go of the negative ones. She clings tightly to the ones she also believes in, of course. She is a very polite wolf, a peace keeper without fear of a fight, and is ninety percent of the time a sweet, honest-as-possible, mature she wolf. She strongly values friendships, and wolves she deems as worthy of her respect have it for as long as they behave respect-worthy. Under the surface, once you truly, truly earn her trust, Tahti maintains a childish side-She's rather rompish and playful if she feels comfortable, but being mute often doesn't feel entirely comfortable letting this side of her show. Of course, while childish under the surface, there also lurks a much darker side to the she wolf. She has plenty of blood on her fangs and is not afraid to spill more in the name of her own safety or others, particularly those she has chosen to protect. She's rather given to strategy, and is much smarter than she seems due to her inability to speak.
-Will eat anything as long as it's meat. ANYTHING.
-Very prideful about hunting abilities-One of the few things she'll take a dare on.
-Likes to give food gifts. To everyone. For any reason. Especially apologies.
-Prefers hunting large game and chasing it down with a pack, but is good at hunting both small and large.
-Is rather wary of healers, since her pack rarely let healers interfere with 'survival of the fittest'.
- Her nose is her weakest sense.
-Cassian was her favorite sibling back home.
-Not religious, but curses by a god called Lupus (creative I know). May send up small prayers to Lupus as well, but doesn't honestly believe there is a great wolf god up there somewhere. More coming soon.

A bit more on Tahti's disability: Tahti is an elective mute-Nothing is physically wrong with her, however, she has (subconsciously) chosen not to speak. This is usually (according to my research) due to a trauma. This will link in to her history as a result. Tahti doesn't have any sort of inhibited temperament as a result of her muteness-She's long since gotten over that very short phase, but for whatever reason her psyche never decided to speak again.
CAN: Bark, yap, yelp, growl, snarl, sort of laugh, chuckle, whine and whimper.
CANNOT: Howl or speak.

Tahti was born to a mother who thought there was one way to survive-Her way. Her mate, and Tahti's father, supported her fully though he remained gentler with his children. Tahti and her litter (the only one of two born that spring to survive) were raised to believe healers were only for the absolute weakest members or major emergencies. If you didn't get better on your own you were labeled as weak and your death was not to be a surprise. An entire litter had never survived a winter before and Tahti's was no different, even though since they were the Alpha pair's pups they were obviously given special treatment. Tahti was born with four siblings. Only three made it to adult hood, as her mother culled her 'weakest' son in secret. Tahti was the only witness, a few months old pup watching her mother kill her precious brother. Obviously she knew she could not breathe a word of her mother's crime, so Tahti fell mute. Has been since.
With time Tahti got over the trauma of her brother's death, or at least buried it, becoming the close-knit killer her mother trained her litter to be. They looked out for each other, protected each other from any threat, be it parent or packmate or outsider. They were as ruthless as any other wolf in their pack, but Tahti knew she didn't belong there, didn't want to be forced to stay in pack territory and murder loners and weaklings.
The death of her parents was a bit of a relief, truthfully. Though she grieved her father's passing at the claws of a massive grizzly that inhabited territory just outside the pack' area, the resentment that had grown over short two years at her mother was glad she'd died. It opened Tahti an escape route, and she took it, leaving her pack and siblings to see the world and escape the pain her pack held. She's been on the road for the last two years, coming to Horizon the month of her fourth birthday. Since then she found a home of sorts with the pack that used to inhabit the Emerald Labyrinth, planning on staying with them until spring. They sadly disbanded just before winter began, but she remains in the Firefly Woods area for now, a silent woods-dweller, a shadow always ready to lend a listening ear to one's problems and secrets and assist anyway she can.

A fantastic moodbaord by Sam!


Height Build
Average Lean
Upper Canada (Above Horizon but below Alaska)
Father Mother
Zack (Dead) No mother of mine (Also dead)

Willow-Female- Presumed Dead
{Cassian}-Male- Presumed Dead
Bliksem-Male- Murdered
Zavian-Male- Presumed Dead

...She's mute. Pretty much cut herself off to these feelings and ideas early on. Open to it, but is wary.
Puppies are cute but she would rather not go through that. Scarrryyyyyy.
Other Relationships
{Klass}-Weird kid, but sweet and amusing. Helpful. Likes. Killed a dude but Tahti's still chill with him. (RIP Klass)
{Holly}-Klass's lady friend. Likes, feels protective over, especially now that she's agreed to stay with the female through her pregnancy.
{Sunfall}-Pretty chill, chatted about asshole brothers. Likes.
{Malkeen}- Shy? Unsure.
{Marcellus}-Healer dude. Nice enough. Unsure.
{Saski}- SHY. Approach with caution and peace offerings, possible friend if not scared off? Likes what she's seen of the girl.
{Tidus}-Sunfall's asshole brother who is actually totes chill. Likes/Neutral.
{Paradox}(Known as Dixy)- healer chick. Tahti doesn't know if she can trust her. Unsure.
{Adrian}- Quiet but smart. Respects.
{Chai}- Nice loner girl. Looking for her family. Likes.
{Yuna} (Name Unknown)- Tidus's mate. Shy. Wishes their interaction had been more positive.
{Mordor} (Name Unknown)- Doesn't know who HE is but doesn't like him.
{Neomiizana}- Crazy 'kid'. Thinks her odd but figures she herself is pretty weird so whatever man. Known in Tahti's head as Giggles or Neo. Likes.
{Fluffy}- Big but sweet but also a total, foodminded dolt. Feels sorry for, but also dislikes.
{Vincent}- 'Tribe' wolf, also known as a 'Sunshine' which is weird but whatever, Tahti doesn't judge. Seemed pretty chill, actually.
{Wendigo}- Holly's childhood friend. Offered some nice chatting while in heat and didn't hurt her. Seemed nice, actually! Likes.
{Bucky}- This wolf has earned her utmost respect. He is a good wolf, and a good leader. He has an ally in the mute.
{Pharaoh}- Hmmm. Unknown if she likes him or not.
{Regent}- Formal and reserved, but ultimately seems like a good wolf. Unsure.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet