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Name Pack
Tamaska Sköll Adunati Rangers IV. Recruit
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 0 mos.)
790 SP

Character Information

Tamaska has recently suffered a concussion and has retrograde amnesia. Her memory won't be restored until she pieces her past together/someone jobs her memory, and her concussion won't fully be healed until early winter.

Long and lean, the she-wolf is made up of all muscle from travelling on her own. Her thick, fluffy pelt is made up of browns and creams; her back is a dark, chocolate brown, and her underbelly and paws are light and cream-colored. She has expressive, mahogany-colored eyes.

Born into a small, familial pack, Tamaska was always vying with her siblings for attention from her parents. Fierce border skirmishes and a dip in the food supply meant that the alphas weren't around their pups frequently and, being one in a litter of seven, Tamaska felt as though she was never getting personalized love and attention from her parents. After the lack of food had taken its toll and weakened her father, he was killed during a raid from another pack, and the remaining members scattered. Tamaska had urged her remaining siblings to stick together after they had been separated from Fen and Veryn. This lasted for a little, and the group of five decided to travel west, to the ocean, as seeing "the sea," as their mother had called it, was a common goal that the littermates had established during their time together. Unfortunately, sibling rivalry and inexperience in surviving without adult wolves separated them during their journey west. Personally, Tamaska was separated during a hunt, where she was kicked by an elk and knocked unconscious. For some reason or another, her siblings moved on without her. She was unable to track them due to a blizzard, which had swept away all traces of them. Now, at about a year and five months old, Tamaska traveled as a rogue, seeking companionship to cure the loneliness that she's felt for so long.

Tamaska, while lodging with Sparrow and her family, learns just how close she was to the coast in Horizon Valley. She decides that she will finish the journey to the coast in some time, when she feels ready for whatever she finds--or doesn't find--there.
Tamaska meets {Bianca}, {Tesla} (Sasha), and {Insolito}, who aid her in her journey west by providing information and offering assistance. It is suggested that Tamaska seeks the Adunati (or Aduney, according to Icarus) Rangers, and is assured that the Vanguard would assist her in any way possible during her search for family during a run-in with Icarus. Soon after that, she suffered a concussion after getting caught in some ocean waves. Tamaska suffers from retrograde amnesia, and forgets everything, even her name, for some time. {Percival} rescues her and takes her back to {Bucky} and {Miro}. She lodges with the Adunati Rangers for some time to heal up, and is eventually extended an invitation to become a recruit herself in early winter. She and Bucky also have an awkward, but needed, conversation about what happens to females in winter.

Tamaska is open and friendly to all. She's always willing to make new friends, and is pretty clingy with those who she's close to. Her emotions are fragile; she takes it personally when someone doesn't want to spend time with her, no matter what the reason is. She's extremely extroverted, and being around those she likes can pull her out of even the worst of moods. Her emotions can be a bit volatile, due to her young age, sometimes causing her to have ups and downs and everything in-between in a short amount of time. Tamaska isn't cautious in building relationships in the slightest; any- and everyone can be her friend if they put any effort towards the friendship at all. She prefers to live by her family's morals, to be hard-working, trustworthy, responsible, and kind to all, even without the promise of a reward. To Tamaska, these assets come naturally, with the flaw being, of course, that she doesn't have a distrusting bone in her body. Tamaska is determined and bold; when she sets a goal, all of her efforts are going to go toward achieving it, even if it means making personal sacrifice.


Height Build
Large Lean
Canada, near the midwest US border.
Father Mother
Varrick (deceased) Mahala

(PM Tamaska if you’d like to play one of her siblings!)

Other Relationships
{Ink} - We didn't talk very long, but you seem cool! You told me where I could hunt, and I respect that.
{Sparrow} - You're really hospitable! I'm lucky to have found someone like you to invite me into your family like you did.
{Faolan} - You're really nice, and it's cute how much you love the lake! I look forward to seeing you again sometime.
{Bianca} - You were really friendly and helpful, even after I intruded on your kill.
Sasha ({Tesla}) - We didn't talk long, but I like you! You were also really helpful!
{Insolito} - You were friendly! I never knew wolves could eat berries, so you taught me something new!

(Currently remembers:)
{Percival} - We don't know each other well, but I can never thank you enough for risking your life to save me! I'd like to talk to you again sometime, and now that I'm a Ranger, I'm sure I will!
{Miro} - You were a very kind healer to me. I hope to see you again so I can thank you.
{Bucky} - You're a great leader and friend. I appreciate all that you've done to help me heal up and welcome me into the Rangers. I'll do my best to make you proud!
Personality Type:
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet