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Name Pack
Tasuku Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 0 mos.)
1170 SP

Character Information

Get out of my face, Quit bringing me down

Voiced by lead singer of Simple Plan, Pierre Bouvier.

Opinion Overload
Withdrawn | Sensitive | Soft-Hearted | Water-Phobic | Pessimist | Protective | Nervous | Clumsy | Sarcastic

He's a free spirit.

Definitely has a mouth on him, and wouldn't mind cussing you out. Has a list of favorite swears, and isn't afraid to use them.

But, he's not stupid enough to shoot his mouth off when it's not to his advantage

Angsty, and doesn't like most wolves who pretend they've got their shit together, because he certainly hasn't.

Doesn't particularly trust pack-wolves, and avoids them. Loners are ok.

Other males are annoying.

Some girls are.. Cute? He's too young to quite tell, but sometimes he'll see one an get an itch for.. Something?

Hates water. Hates. HATES. Water. It's a fucking phobia, okay?

Favorite hobbies including eating, sleeping, and avoiding people whilst watching them go about their daily lives.
Tasuku is a large wolf, but his build tends to be more on the lean side, making him seem almost lanky at times. Despite his appearance, he does have a fair bit of strength and muscle to him, and wouldn't do horribly in a fight.

His eyes are a tan tone, seemingly brighter in some lights, but often looking like the color of sandy dirt. They hold some sweetness to them, though beware their devilish glint.

Tasu's fur is many shades of red-brown, with dark black flecks going along his color, which also colors his cheeks. His ears are bright red-brown, and stick out in contrast with his somewhat bland coat. His legs are grey-sand, and his tail tip is black.back and tail. He has hints of grey mixed in, and his underbelly is a sandy cream


Height Build
Large Lean
South of Horizon.
Father Mother
Dunno. Abandoned him.
Other Relationships
LikesIs annoyed by, but doesn't mind
{Arrow}, {Dakota}, {Flit}, {Hellion}, {Conner}, {Mari}, {Rufus} {Bragi}
{Orion}, {Chaos}, {Dalus}, {Solomon}, {Kamaal}
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