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Name Pack
Tempest Isla White Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 9 mos.)
835 SP

Character Information


While she is a dark-furred pup at the beginning, as she ages she will lighten and her father's greying will creep into her face, creating a mask rather like his own, the light ticking spreading into her neck and her underside most prominently. She is average in size but thin in build. Her eyes are pale blue, like ice.

She suffers from a very weak immune system and susceptibility overall, as well as a high rate of sensitivity to certain foods and plants. Fatigue plagues her constantly.


Tem, full name Tempest Isla White. She is withdrawn and easily tired, but ultimately very affectionate so long as things are still and quiet. Finch hoped she would have a spark of boldness as she grows, and so far the innocence of never knowing real danger has made her feel safe in expressing herself a bit more.

She tries not to be a burden to anyone and is very worried about upsetting others, overly sensitive to conflict and assuming it is, somehow, related to her. Although far from the brightest bulb in the crayon shed -- and a lack of attentive parenting did little to help her development -- she is sweet and well-meaning. A pacifist. A total pacifist. Would probably rather die than hurt someone back not-even-in-self-defense pacifist. HURTING BAD D:

Shows hints of dependency.

Significant Relationships

Sir {Altair} is a cloud. She is a flower. She thinks she loves him, but who knows if she knows what that means. He is her most important friend.

Uncle Sir is her hero and the wisest wolf in the whole world. She loves him for sure.


Survive so she can be there for Altair again. She will be. She will be.


Medicine Chant - Anilah
Reminiscence of the Red Lotus - Traditional

Art Links

Puptatoes! by Jade
Innocent Puppy by Jeames
Flower Field by Mekani
Tempest Isla White by Creux

Manips by Drew and Rem!


Height Build
Average Thin
Harlequin Meadow
Father Mother
{Tobias} {Finch}

{Scott} & {Gale}

Other Relationships
Uncle Sir!
Known Places
→ Harlequin Meadow
Brittle Wetland
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet