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Name Pack
Tesla Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 3 mos.)
3680 SP

Character Information

"Retirement never suited me anyways."

Tesla by the amazing Dylan!!

Voice actress: Gina Torres as Anna Espinoa

Tesla is an average-sized wolf in both height and build. Since arriving in the valley, she has readily sampled the abundant prey and become somewhat sleek in her appearance, but otherwise there's nothing special about her coat, which is a very light timber, mostly off-white. Her only faintly unusual marking is a pure white mantle that encroaches into the silver speckled fur dusting her back. In both height and build she is average, coupled with unassuming yellow eyes. In all, she looks like a wolf to underestimate.
Following a fight in the desert where she was betrayed and left to fight three wolves by her partner Sokol, Tesla sports some pretty noticeable scarring on the left side of her face, giving a suspicious-looking squint to her eye. Her left side also bears duel scars, though in time the fur will thicken over these.


A worthwhile wolf to keep on side. A dangerous wolf to cross.
Tesla is shockingly loyal wolf towards the very, very few others that meet her standards. She resolutely believes that wolves who are weak, below average in intelligence, or physically handicapped have no place interacting with society's strong, and is not above removing any "failures". Gore and bloodshed mean little, and her memory, for those foolish enough to anger her, is long and unforgiving.


Tesla speaks little of her past. In fact, she speaks little overall. She is clearly a wolf who prefers action over words, and she seems to have a fairly emotionless facade set in place. What remains to be seen is if anything can fracture it to reveal what - if anything - is underneath.

Everybody has a code. Everybody is predictable, and as such their patterns and their habits have come before, and will come again. Duty and commitment were imprinted within her from a young age. She was trained with precision and took some enjoyment from her success, but as she matured she tired of following orders that made no sense to her.

Tesla speaks with a noticeable and heavy accent.

"This is a ruthless world and one must be ruthless to cope with it."


Height Build
Average Average
Viary far north
Father Mother
Lev Irina


Mikhal, Sasha
Other Relationships
Sworn to kill
Actively Hunting
Tesla Tidbits

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Sucker for Pain
The Mob Song
Til I collapse
Spirit Symbol
None yet