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Name Pack
Theodore Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 6 mos.)
1285 SP

Character Information

As Personality Goes...

As a primarily empathetic creature, Theodore is a rarity amongst many his age. Perhaps it was the formality of being raised in the Firewing Brotherhood, but it has left Theodore as a rather diplomatic soul. At his core, he is naturally a gentle sort - cringes at the notion of those in pain; but often that means he takes the weight upon himself.

The boy is often depressed, often the sort of wolf who will be moping and scarcely no one will be able to figure out why. The sensitivity that Theodore has can almost be taken too extremely. It is why he has a collective of those he trusts, who he considers “his” and it becomes a rarity that he will tolerate behaviour that may take said wolves from his company.

A Brooding White Knight

Theodore is at his grown height, a very handsome creature when not on the verge of starving himself. While the young male is meticulous at grooming, he often can be found as the seasons grow longer with his hips bones jutting out, and a genuine look of illness about the boy due to his poor self care habits.

He is attractive to the eye — with a white and creamy coat, he takes on a remarkable clash of his mother’s coat; with the soft black tipped ears, patches beneath his eyes, and a rustic back saddle that seems to be well arrow shaped along his back. He often is a sight to behold when in the throes of his passionate expressive face, but often is not a physical threat or thrill to behold.

His biggest quality that makes him remarkable it often his sunset gaze. Orange and intense, it is one of the few things that he matched with his sister, Emmalynn. They are often the most expressive thing about Theodore, beyond his words.

Things To Know About Theodore

*Please note, pieces revealed here are only spoken if Theodore has revealed ICly

Theodore by the age of a year has lost:
His birth parents, who abandoned him and had no desire to raise him.
His sister, {Emmalynn}, who succumbed to an infected wound.
{Hunter}, a male role model who ended up committing suicide in front of him.
{Jeremy}, a yearling pack healer who he had befriended to murder.
{Valentina}, his replica-mother and mentor, who he adored as a young pup perhaps more than his own adoptive mother.

The impact of these deaths has caused the boy to become more morbid than usual and holds an expectation of death to become somewhat of a friend before too long.

The result of guilt and loss of his sister Emmalynn has caused Theodore to see Emmalynn’s ghostly figure - this is a work of his imagination, however the interactions he has with her may be real to him.

Theodore's Pack Knowledge

EVERGREENS | Rufus - Leader - Disbanded

BROTHERHOOD | Eyja - Leader - *
Wolves Known: {Natasha}, {Pyre}, {Finni}, {Valkyrie}, {Eyja}, {Kronos}

SILU BEACH FOLK | Yuna - Healer
Wolves Known: {Momo}, {Yuna}, {Arashi}

EMERALD UNION | Holly - Leader - Disbanded

ALLIANCE | - Disbanded

THE KINGDOM | Elliot - Leader - Disbanded

MOUNTAIN PACK - Disbanded | Location of Emmalynn's Body

HILLSIDE SANCTUARY | ? - Leader - Interested
Wolves Known: {Senna}

COVENANT | Relic - Leader - Interested
Wolves Known: {Relic} ✝
RANGERS | Bucky - Leader - Caution
Wolves Known: {Bucky}, {Nomad}

Significant Relationships

{Seeker} is Theodore’s rock. Scarcely will he go through life without thinking/reflecting on what the male may be doing or going. Thus, notably IC, Theodore will refer to Seeker as “His Seeker”.

{Nala} is a rather special wolf that was in Theodore's life. Although he did not return to the valley with her, she is often in his thoughts.

{Fox} has stolen his interest, the non-verbal and hard of hearing wolf is unique to him.

Other Impactful Wolves

Watch List
{Dagdur}, {Tesla}, {Hrothgar}


Height Build
Average Lean
Guarded Falls, Firewing Brotherhood
Father Mother
{Marzena} ✝

{Emmalynn} ✝ - I miss you.

{Stark} ✝


Other Relationships
{Carrot} - Biological Mum, Unknown
{Santiago} ✝ - Biological Dad, Unknown
{Valkyrie} - Niece
Personality Type
Spirit Symbol