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Name Pack
Tiberius Zarin Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 1 mos.)
5750 SP

Character Information

As Personality Goes...

Tiberius is an ever enigma to those who do not have the opportunity to get to know the wolf. Although in many realities, the wolf is not particularly impacted through many shields and shadows. There is just a stark formality that he presents, often, that allows him to come off either one of two things: a gentleman, or a monster.

Tiberius was born within an a-typical wolf environment. Graced with the expectation to be superior or perish, there was very little likelihood that he could be anything but twisted. From the moment he was graced with the muscles, the size, and the abuse from the father... it was bound to mix into a beautiful concoction. Tiberius is first and foremost well-mannered. Perhaps the nicest monster one would ever have thought to come to look to cause chaos. He is observant and yet may be a bit irrational with some swell of emotion. Which in all honesty, Tiberius would rather not admit that he has an inclination for caring. Even if caring, per se, is what it is. 

Condemned man walking, Tiberius is bound to be skittish around large groups of more than a pair of wolves. He is aggressively taught to be impractical when it comes to gaining what he requires. He is lust-driven in the form of blood, but admires both the bodies of males and females alike. Tiberius, for his most noted descriptor, has an attraction to yearlings. They strike him as most desirable, easily played with, and oftentimes stronger engagers.

A Pretty Looking Monster

Handsome and strong, there is something that is rather imposing about the wolf. As one of the giants of the valley, there is scarce a wolf that will match Tiberius’ size or broadness. While this is an unmistakable advantage, it has its draw backs.

The individual that is the monster is aging, and that comes with a cost. Through the wartorn instances of his body, to the fact that his body itself seems to take a toll on the age. HY3 proved particularly a hard year for the male, having more notable days of vague stiffness.

He is still magnificent to behold in his white coat, with his navy eyes that seem to be intoxicated with life itself.

* N o t e d

- has a limp (Right front leg, based on muscle damage at the paw) - has some fur loss on the right side of his scruff, scar tissue easily located - has an injured to his sheath (a. k. a. man-bits concealer) with a fair amount of damage to the outer flesh + scar tissue is heavily present. Fertility was not affected. 

Things To Know About Tiberius

*Please note, pieces revealed here are only spoken if Tiberius has revealed ICly

Tiberius was born into a litter with high expectations, where only the strongest pup was permitted to grow. This, in turn, resulted in abuse, and a push to be the top pup in order to eat. As a consequence, Tiberius was forced to kill his siblings at a young age. This has left him with an undeniably soft spot for young wolves.

Tiberius found his affections growing heavily for {Cree}, who subsequently disappeared on not so perfect terms with him. Through this loss, he is confident that the girl is dead. It has dosed him with a feel for mortality.

Currently to date, Tiberius has attempted to sire two litters — one with his follower, {Ffion} which was miscarried. A second, with {Eden} who his mind longs for, but in the consequence of her leaving him, he is unsure if he has successfully conceived. This is becoming an internal issue with a drive to carry on his lineage.

Tiberius' Key Knowledge

EVERGREENS | Rufus - Leader
BROTHERHOOD | ? - Leader - *Last sniffed location of Cree
IDAVOLL CIRCLE | Kara - Leader
EMERALD UNION | Chaos - Leader
ALLIANCE | Titan Stormborn - Leader
CADRE | Fruity Fella - Leader
THE KINGDOM | Elliot - Leader
MOUNTAIN PACK | Sparrow - Leader disbanded
KYOSHI’S RELIGIOUS CIRCLE | Kyoshi - Leader/Deceased disbanded
GORGE GROUP | Amelie - Leader

Significant Relationships

{Eden} is the female that he fancies himself in love with. If this monster is going to pick any female to be within the valley, immediately he is drawn to the dark beauty. Their relationship, of course, is as unorthodox as the pair of them are.

{Thrush}, known as Nettle to him, is a peculiar wolf that he did not expect to like. But he is drawn to her, attracted to her in a primal sense.

Other Notable Wolves

{Yikes}, {Kamaal}, {Kara}, {Ink}, {Xanthos}, {Nemesis}


Height Build
Very Large Stocky
Outside of Horizon
Father Mother
Deceased Deceased


Deceased LItter [Male] x [Female] x [Male]

{Xanthos} && {Nemesis}

Other Relationships
Hit List
King Elliot
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet