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Name Pack
Tidus Nami Rogue
Sex Status
Male Dead
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 10 mos.)
205 SP

Character Information

Tidus died in a failed hunting attempt, gored to death by a bull caribou he foolishly tried to take down to prove to Yuna he was a good mate and father.

Tidus Nami

The Cheerful Gentleman

Appearance A large golden male. His bright blue eyes gleam behind fluffy golden fur. He is normally covered in shallow scrapes because of his reckless abandon and clumsy nature. He is plenty muscular enough, but is more on the lean and fluffy side. He is well traveled, which leads to his muscularness

Personality Tidus is a goofy happy idiot. He always dances about in an overly jovial way. He is heavily insecure about his looks and doesn't take criticism well. He is very clumsy and extremely reckless and irrational. He has a heart of gold, however, and means well at least. He can be egotistical and not really wish to listen to reason. But, he tries okay


Tidus was born to a pack of wolves who were incredibly superstitious. It was thought he killed his siblings in the womb because he was the only pup born of the alpha pair, even though his mother just had a fertility problem.

Either way, Tidus was bethrothed to another pack's alpha pair's daughter, November. He hadn't even met the girl and he fought with his parents for weeks over it. 'I'm not going to get mated to this girl I don't even know!' 'But you will know her!' This clash went on until he was one.

And he left, sprinting away into the dark night to never be seen again. He joined a gang of bachelors and misfits, rising to a comfortable position within their ranks. But, after a fiasco he has only spoken about twice, he found himself leading the gang when he was very young.

It was the Bachelor way to pick up girls, flirt with them for a while, then drop them. And Tidus followed this pattern for a good long while. Many girls came and went, one not being dumped properly. {Abrielle}. Her father chased the group out before he had the chance to break up with her

Somewhere down the line, he found islands and attempted to swim to them. Only to wake up with a pretty girl in his face. {Yuna}. He was starstruck, of course. Because why would this pretty girl be talking to him of all wolves.

He learned of what was to come of her, before he was released, ready to travel again. But he couldnt. He couldn't get Yuna off his mind and, one night, he went back to the islands. And he convinced this pretty girl to come with him

And the rest is history

Voiced by: Matthew Mercer as Jessie McCree from Overwatch


Height Build
Large Lean
South of Horizon
Father Mother
Bitch Asshole

{Sunfall} (I’m sorry man I brought a rabbit but I kinda fucked up)

{Yuna} My little moonflower~
Wants badly (workin on it, watch this space)
Other Relationships

November- Crazy bitch Tidus was bethrothed to. Unwillingly

Blitz- Laughed at him when he almost got run over by buffalo

Indigo-Saved him from getting eaten by crocodiles

Rhajeet-tried to take his leg off when he wouldn't mate with her

Veena and Meena- Twins. Tried to kill him by pushing him into a cave with a bear and blocking the way out.

Wilma- Had a weird laugh and tried to kill him for asking about her weight

Misnomer- Was like her name. Tried to remove his genitalia

Occam- ABORT. He thought she was great but she kidnapped him

Phoenix- Made him fall down a hill and break a leg

Shakira- Her hips really didn't lie. Tried to poison him

Barnibus- Only dude Tidus ever dated. Nice, but ended up dying by infection

Niki- Was weird and gave him the scar above his eye

Amira- A little weird but generally okay. Turned out to be a cannibal

{Abrielle}-Swallowed a rock for.

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