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Name Pack
Titania Morris Rogue
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 8 mos.)
1940 SP

Character Information


While being an impressive height, Tita remains the shortest of all her biological family, standing at 30 inches. She weighs about 86 pounds in best health, making her neither stocky or lean. Her eyes are also incredibly difficult to ignore against her dark coat, being a very bright gold.


Titania is highly independent. From both her parents she inherited a strong vein of selfishness, often thinking of herself first and foremost. This can lead to her entirely disregarding the feelings of others because she simply doesn't think to consider them. Opinionated and bossy, Titania also has no problem voicing what's on her mind.

She is very concerned with what others think of her. She wants to be viewed as perfect in every way possible and craves acceptance, but doesn’t know quite how to achieve it. And in spite of her selfishness, she places a high value on her friendships.

In Horizon

HY3, First Year
Titania was given to another pair of parents in the Stormborn Alliance at birth, alongside her two younger brothers, {Demetrius} and {Oberon}. She was raised to believe this was her biological family.

When she was just over 4 months old, the only wolf Titania had ever known to be her mother passed away as a result of a deadly plant she had consumed. This affected her deeply. After her mother's passing, she told Maaike she didn't want to stay in the creek any longer, because there were too many memories of {Veerle}. Maaike said she felt the same, but didn't want to take a break at Falcon Rise because she still had so many memories of Veerle there. Shortly after, Tita met a female called {Abrielle} who said a pack on the beach tried to kill her for being sick. She encouraged her idea to go on a break from the creek, which made Tita feel independent and in control for the first time in her life.

After encountering Dad when giving Abrielle some food, Tita and Maaike, alongside Abrielle, left for the mountains. They did not tell their siblings in fear that {Rhydian} would try to delay their leave. Some time passed, and a snowstorm hit the mountains while Tita was out on a hunt. She returned only to realise she couldn't find Abrielle or Maaike. Once the storm was over, she struggled to catch their scents and howled about, which led to her discovering {Lorenzo}. He was nice enough to offer to help find them, and with his assistance they were reunited.

More Artwork (Thank You!)

Manip by Kam
Art by Adamantine
Manips by Chris - I. II.


Height Build
Large Average
Falcon Rise, Horizon
Father Mother
{Lysander} ♂
{Rhydian} ♂
{Kiara} ♀
{Veerle} ♀ †

Biological: {Demetrius} ♂, {Oberon} ♂

Adoptive: {Maaike} ♀, {Maeve} ♀

Name Pronunciation
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Spirit Symbol Emblems
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