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Name Pack
Titania Morris Stormborn Alliance III. Apprentice
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 3 mos.)
3135 SP

Character Information


While being an impressive height, Tita remains the shortest of all her biological family, standing at 30 inches. She weighs about 86 pounds in good health, making her neither stocky or lean. Her eyes are also incredibly difficult to ignore against her dark coat, being a very bright gold.


Titania is very independent. From both her parents she inherited a strong vein of selfishness, often thinking of herself first. Opinionated, Titania also has no problem voicing what's on her mind.

She can be highly possessive of those close to her, either friend or family. She is not one to forgive and forget easily, and is inherently bossy due to being raised in a way where she usually always got what she wanted.

The early death of her mother shaped her to rely and cling to her sister {Maaike}, though that's not how she portrays it.

In Horizon

HY3, First Year (0 - 9 mos.)
Titania was born to {Lysander} and {Kiara}, but given to another pair of parents in the Stormborn Alliance at birth, alongside her two younger brothers, {Demetrius} and {Oberon}. She was raised to believe this was her biological family. As a pup she was dramatic and a big crybaby, regularly unapologetically seeking attention and love. Her siblings sometimes picked on her, but everyone generally put up with her hissyfits.

When she was just over 4 months old, the only wolf Titania had ever known to be her mother tragically passed away as a result of a deadly plant she had consumed. Upon finding her mother's body, she felt disrespected by {Rhydian}, {Sam}, and {Akeito}, as she screamed that everyone who wasn't family should leave so they could mourn properly, and her father told her Sam was staying. Tita fled as a result, missing Veerle's burial.

After her mother's passing, she told {Maaike} she didn't want to stay in the creek any longer, because there were too many memories of {Veerle}. Maaike said she felt the same, but didn't want to take a break at Falcon Rise because it still reminded her of their mother. Importantly, the girls also made a pact to always stick together before anyone else. Shortly after, Tita met a female called {Abrielle} who said a pack on the beach tried to kill her for being sick. She encouraged her idea to go on a break from the creek, which made Tita feel independent and in control for the first time in her life.

After encountering their father when giving Abrielle some food, Tita and Maaike, alongside Abrielle, left for the mountains. They did not tell their siblings in fear that Rhydian would try to delay their leave. Some time passed, and a snowstorm hit the mountains while Tita was out on a hunt. She returned only to realise she couldn't find Abrielle or Maaike. Once the storm was over, she struggled to catch their scents and howled across the mountains, which led to her discovering {Lorenzo}. He was nice enough to offer to help find them, and with his assistance they were reunited. It then came to light that Lysander and {Bianca} had been tracking Maaike and Tita. After this, the girls had one of their first major fights because Tita didn't want to share her best friend status with {Akeito}, who she didn't like because of his behaviour when Veerle died. They later reconciled. More travelling ensued - they spent a fair share of time at Moonglade Springs - and after a while of that they decided to check back in home. Enzo said he wouldn't be joining them right then, and Abrielle was nowhere to be found by Tita in spite of searching. Saddened by that, Tita returned to the creek with Maaike and Lysander, reunited with their father.

HY4, Second Year (9 mos. - 1 year 9 mos.)
Not long after, Tita and Maaike experienced their first cyclone. They dug up some ground underneath a large old tree at the rise, where they sheltered for the duration of it. Tita also quickly began to feel sympathy for her father. He was in a poor physical state, and Tita felt that he probably didn't have anyone to talk to about their mother's death because they were just children, and Veerle had been that support system for him. When she let him cry it out as they snuggled she felt a lot better to have helped. At this time, Rhydian also apologised to Titania for supporting Sam over her when Veerle had passed. Hoping to put her father on the road to recovery, Tita also asked {Athena} if she could talk to him some more.

When reuniting with their brothers, the Morris family heard from {Atlas} that he'd had news on {Maeve}'s whereabouts - who'd disappeared while Maaike and Tita had been in the mountains. The family promptly went to investigate the lead which took them to the beach, making Tita on high alert because of Abrielle having told her of aggressive wolves on the coast. {Bucky} reassured her of his innocence, and Tita was mostly convinced the Adunati Rangers were not the wolves on the beach in question. Moments later they found an uncharacteristically hesitant and timid Maeve. Overwhelmed and impatient, and deciding to talk to Maeve at another time when it was just Maaike, Tita, and her, the girls left the reunion early. They decided to visit the shoal to work off some energy afterwards, where they learned about waterfalls from {Efeon}. Not long after, Tita met {Lemming}, who told her he'd lost his family and a boy called {Stark} said his name was weird and he was annoying. Feeling bad for him, and finding him nice, Tita invited Lemming to travel to a lake which she'd heard about from {Kaete} with her and Maaike. He eagerly agreed.

Soon after, Titania ran into Maeve. They talked and made up, with Tita even inviting her on the adventure with them. She promised to return in a few days after telling the Alliance where they were going. Only... when going to visit the grave of their late mother, Tita and Maaike had another fight over Akeito, with Titania accusing her sister of never letting her say anything critical of him. Maaike asks for some time alone after apologising, and she grants it. Tita later returns to Veerle's grave a second time - to properly spend time with her - when {Ororo} decides to inform her of a time when Veerle had left the family without telling anyone because she felt less important than Rhydian. Previously Veerle had told the family that a male had hurt her, and she'd left to protect them - something that never made sense to Tita.

More Artwork (Thank You!)

Manip by Kam
Art by Adamantine
Manips by Chris - I. II.
Art by Jeames - I. II.
Art by Jade

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Height Build
Large Average
Falcon Rise, Horizon
Father Mother
{Rhydian} ♂ † {Veerle} ♀ †

{Demetrius} ♂, {Oberon} ♂ (Biological)
{Maaike} ♀, {Maeve} ♀ (Adoptive)

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Notable Relationships

{Maaike}: My best friend.
{Rhydian}: He looks out for everyone but himself and he’s hurting.
{Oberon}: Twin and better brother.
{Demetrius}: Brother.
{Maeve}: Working on it.
{Lysander}: Uncle.
{Lemming}: Good friend.
{Athena}: Always know where to find her. Won’t disappear on me.
{Abrielle}: Wise, but she left me.
{Lorenzo}: Friend!
{Sam}: Don’t like one bit.
{Akeito}: Don’t like one bit.
{Charlie}: The little boy who died.
{Veerle}: Wish you were here.

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