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Tomas Hodova Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Character Information

As Personality Goes...

While not a dark-souled wolf, Tomas has been raised to expect the nefarious and to feel the gust of impending doom. One would never think though, as the approach of the male is a jovial, almost insistently flirtatious explanation of being. It oozes out of him, in fact, as he walks. Often, it’s cause enough for suspection in itself.

But Tomas is an incredibly talker, a mental and social game that exceeds some of the more laid back wolves that he crosses paths with. While he is rarely honest with few, he believes in a trick or two to bounce him from place to place. Flirtatious as a truth, he breathes his lies to life when it is required — mostly on the account of his leading of a double edged life since the time he had been able to speak.

Tomas is loyal, however. Not to be mistaken, this wolf has put his life and soul into the blessings of hierarchy. He feels successful, engaged when he is on a quest or serving beneath a ruler. Tomas is not a leader in his own right; he is a follower, and he enjoys it as such. There is rarely a quest for power, but more a quest for stability and an upper-tiered place of safety.

A Charming Eavesdropper

Tomas is a handsome wolf, of average size that would do well amongst only a handful of wolves beyond the vastly gigantic wolves that may roam the valley. It does him well in using his words over his body, however appropriate it may be in any given situation.

Tomas’ voice is raspy, accented in a sound that can lull most ears. Undoubtedly it is the one thing that will get him out of trouble, although those who favor a dark coat may be pleased to look upon him. A black coat with ruddy undertones, that gives him an almost mud-black sort of fluff.

Pale green eyes are always intelligent looking, but can perhaps be eerie if met with a stony-faced Tomas. It is often why he softens everything with a smile, as a straight-faced look can often be unnerving out of the dark face.

Things To Know About Tomas

*Please note, pieces revealed here are only spoken if Tomas has revealed ICly

Tomas is a raised spy, who’s faced a fair bit of betrayal in his short life. After being used as a source against a rival pack, upon returning to his birth home he found himself immensely unwelcome — distrusted, for being distrustful of others. It was through deceit that sent him leaving his home.

Tomas has aligned himself with {Nima} with a strange, soft attraction brewing towards her. For the time being, he is suffering from the mental game of what happened, having bred with {Zeniba} during the winter, and now has fallen out of touch with her.

Tomas' Key Knowledge

Empire | Nima - Leader |
Firewing Brotherhood | Marzena - Leader |
Kingdom | Elliot - Leader | fallen
The Covenant | ? - Leader |
Alliance | ? - Leader |
The Springs Wolves | Lorzeno - Leader | Suspicious

Significant Relationships

{Nima} is the wolf he mourns deeply.

{Kopec} is the top of the food chain of the Daniels pups; while he had a begrudging respect for her beliefs and attitude, her dismissal of reality often irks him.

{Igbo} is his confidant, his pained assistant in keeping a world of younglings from taking over and getting themselves killed.

{Tychus} is the boy who Tomas wishes to empower, without letting the moon and the stars go to his head.

Other Notable Wolves

{Vitalis}, {Naga}, {Amelia}, {Scotch}, {Lapis}


Height Build
Large Average
Outside of Horizon
Father Mother
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