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Name Pack
Torbjorn Vidar Atreides Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 0 mos.)
0 SP

Character Information

Full name:
Torbjorn Vidar Atreides
Vidar, Tor, Vida (Usually the fake name he gives, if needed), Vid, Bear (Amaryllis only)
Timber Wolf
-Brutish, feral animal that looks like he's equally likely to rip your face to shreds or to tackle you in play. Good luck figuring out which is which, unless you are of the few who actually know him well enough. Typically sized, healthy, fully mature male Timber Wolf: 2.5 feet at the nape, 124 pounds. Thick, brutish frame, poor speed and maneuvering skills. Naturally double-layered, lush and unruly coat that is built for harsher climates; noticeably thick at the mane, back, and tail. Broad shoulders, thick torso, long legs, massive paws. Both wide and long in the face.
-Mostly rust/clay/copper colored with mud/dark brown and bracken/blonde hues streaking his back, nape and tail.
-Undercoat (belly, throat, cheeks, jaw):
-Snow white
-Ears(inner and backing):
- Granny smith apple surrounding a pale grey pupil, damaged by fire.

-Burn scars & hairless patches of pale pink on legs/paws, chest, and face. His eyesight is relatively blurred, but his eyes weren't wounded bad enough to cause full blindness.

Physical Quirks:
Taps toes when nervous/anxious. Mumbles to himself. Checks surroundings often, despite poor vision.

Clever, Courteous (usually), Mannered, Dedicated, Independent, Reliable, Romantic, Humorous, Stoic, Dynamic, Adaptable
Outspoken, Territorial, Religious, Instinctual, Eloquent
Barbaric, Blunt, Haughty, Irritable, Erratic, Closed-Off, Morbid.
Chaotic Good ( ):
Fish, water, snow, rain, caves/tunnels, heights, mountains
Lightning, fire, hot weather, being snuck up on, birds
Guardianship, herbal knowledge (healing and toxicology), weather reading. Trained Sun Priest of Mona.

First Year -
Birthed into snowy mountain church God's Perch in an affair between a common Priestess and the Sun Priest of the Cyznia coven. Easy childhood as the only litter of the year, raised to worship the Goddess and God. Due to not being firstborn of the Sun Priest, Torbjorn and his littermates were not eligible to claim the throne, but were treated well enough for bastards. Torbjorn had a good relationship with his father, mother, littermates, stepmother and half-siblings alike.

Second & Third Years -
Leaves Gods Perch with intent and encouragement to found his own church branch. Instead, he meets fellow yearling Amaryllis White and they become close friends and travel companions. He pledged himself as her guardian, a very serious commitment, put his destiny on hold and traveled by her side for the next two years so that they could learn herbs together. They never became official mates, but he fell deeply in love with her and they did a lot of flirting. The two get caught in a lightning storm which lights fire to the forest they were camped in, nearing the end of his third year. Tor gets caught in the flames, but manages to get Amaryllis out with little to no wounds (he thinks) before sustaining some serious injury to his face, eyes, chest, and legs.

Fourth Year -
Try as he might, Torbjorn cannot find Amaryllis in the aftermath. He has devoted his time to finding her, tempting but never earning the wrath of Mona by putting off the next Earthen branch in his selfishness. Unknown to him, she was pregnant when they were separated.

He enters Horizon Full Spring HY5, in the Eastern Wasteland.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
God’s Perch -- snow covered, secluded mountain with internal tunnel system
Father Mother
Aaric Ellisif Atreides* Alithea Antonia Kalyca*


-Kynthia Onora Atreides* (firstborn, daughter)
-Carr Gimle Atreides* (Thirdborn, son)
-Alviss Ingemar Atreides* (fourthborn, son)
-Sabella Hadassah Atreides* (fifthborn, daughter)

Older half siblings (by: Tuija Suvi Atreides):

-Kaja Aaes Atreides* (The Firstborn, daughter)
-Eetu Onigan Atreides* (secondborn, son)
-Lisakki Lena Atreides* (thirdborn, daughter)
-Simen Minna Atreides* (fourthborn, daughter)

*Any wolves marked are up for adoption, just message me!


Children(Unknown)(By Amaryllis White):
-Drako Sirius Atreides* (The Firstborn, son)
-Caelux Altair Atreides* (Secondborn, son)
-Archer Pluto Atreides* (Thirdborn, son)
-Atlis Deimos Atreides* (Fourthborn, son)
-Phoenyx Castor Atreides* (Fifthborn, son)
-Ofelia Venus Atreides* (Sixthborn, daughter)
Other Relationships
Amaryllis White*- Beloved, Pledged to her, in training to be his Moon Priestess. Not official mates, but she's the mother of his children (even if he doesnt know this). Very close. Affectionate, wise, level-headed, passionate, kind.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet