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Name Pack
Tyrell Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 8 mos.)
305 SP

Character Information

Free! - Rising Free
Free! - Future Fish
Wataru Hatano - You Only Live Once
Night in the Woods - Die Anywhere Else

Voice actor: Haru from Free!, Eng Dub

Tyrell is free spirit, laid-back and easy going. He isn't very serious at times, and can be a bit lazy, especially when he doesn't have any responsibilities. Often, he will ask someone else very nicely to do something for him, and if that works, he's happy. However, if it doesn't work, he will get to work with a grumble. The male is adventurous and bold, and rather brave; he doesn't like to fight, but will jump into one if he feels it's right to do so, and he won't hold back. Youthful and confident in himself and his abilities, some might think he's childish. And sometimes, that's kind of true. He doesn't take life all too serious, after all, and loves to play games. While he likes kids and spending time with them, he doesn't want any of his own. Too much responsibility he doesn't want.

He's flirtatious (with males only) and has a foul mouth, often making rather morbid or sarcastic jokes. He's also very blunt, and mostly says what he thinks. Stubborn and determined when he has his mind set on something, its hard to stop him, or to change his mind. A true rogue that's not exactly made for pack life; while he is social, some might consider him ungrateful, at times. He doesn't thank others very often, since his parents didn't raise him well. But he will thank someone if he's reminded to do so, or asked for it. It's not that he doesn't thank anyone out of malice, he just doesn't notice that he, well, forgets to.

But besides all that, Tyrell can adapt very easily to his surroundings, and if he had to, he would be able to live in a pack. If he had to, of course. He could also live in any type of area possible, as long as he desires to. And even though he often forgets to thank others, he is respectful. He greets others, and waits at borders. He's not stupid, he knows how the world works. And even though he can be a tough nut to crack, sometimes, he is reliable and loyal to those who earn it. His friends and family, those he is close with. He's also very open, and doesn't mind sharing anything about himself if asked. He can be a kind soul.

While he flirts a lot, as said before Tyrell is loyal. When in a relationship, he's devoted. A sweet and gentle giant, a big teddy bear that loves to cuddle. A very lovable wolf. And very protective. Touch his lover the wrong way and he won't mind teaching you a lesson.

Born into a small family of six, two parents and three other brothers. Tyrell was the oldest of the litter. The parents never really seemed to care, they fed the kids and looked after them, but there never was any love. The four brothers loved each other very much, though, and made up with each other for what they lacked with their parents.
However, as they grew older, Tyrell's three brothers grew more serious. In the end, he was the only one who still knew how to have fun. And they all thought he was weird. Not that it really mattered to him what they thought of him, but the whole situation still bothered him. He felt trapped, he was suffocating.
So at the age of one, when he was able to take care of himself, he ran, and left his family behind. Off to find freedom! On his travels he met a few wolves, and started developing certain feelings for other males. And the rest is history.


Height Build
Very Large Stocky
Father Mother


He needs to be cute
Nah thanks
Other Relationships
{Samaya} - Some persisent chick from his past. She weird.
{Shade} - Cute face. Pretty ass. Apparently a bipolar sexual deviant (my oh my). Interesting company.
Visited areas
Verdant Hills
Moonglade Springs
Skyrise Pass
Oversea Lookout
Skyrise Pass
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet