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Name Pack
Valerian Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 6 mos.)
1065 SP

Character Information

Voice Actor: Keegan Michael Key

Appearance & Personality

Valerian was a sickly runt at the beginning of his life, but he hasn’t remained that way.

He's not too tall, standing 29” at the shoulder, and averages about a hundred and fifteen pounds, with a thick neck and broad shoulders. Overall, he's stocky and compact. His fur is predominantly charcoal, with prominent silver markings showing through the dark fur. His eyes are a darker shade of dull gray-green that don’t stand out much against the dark fur of his face.

He possesses a rather friendly and earnest nature, always quick to laugh and smile even with strangers. The death of his brother and subsequent loss of his mother and sister weigh heavily on him, but they haven’t completely dampened his optimistic nature.


Volly has recently returned from an extended trip outside the valley. He crossed the wasteland for the first time with his father in search of {Eden}, who had fled after the death of {Aleron}. Valerian, who had been exploring outside of the glen when the tragedy occurred, wouldn’t leave his father to return to the glen as he was told, and followed Dante despite being told to stay put.

They searched for months, to no avail. Eventually, Valerian approached the borders of a pack and was met by some friendly locals who invited him and Dante to rest there. Volly made friends with some yearlings there, and was urged by his father to stay with the pack for a time. Volly agreed reluctantly. After a few months, he gave in and followed Dante back to the valley, hoping to find the remnants of his family there.


Height Build
Average Muscular
Guarded Falls, Horizon Valley
Father Mother
{Dante} {Chai}

{Aleron} ✝, {Eden}

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet