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Name Pack
Vandal Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 9 mos.)
190 SP

Character Information


APPEARANCE- Vandal is a large white Hudson Bay Wolf with creamy accents and brown eyes. He also has three nicks in his right ear.

PERSONALITY- If you could describe Vandal in one word, it would be bandit. Vandal is a wolf that profits off the misfortunes of others through bullying, intimidation, deceit, and thievery. He doesn't like to go solo though. Vandal has a high instinct for cooperation among like minded individuals. Vandal is a true highwayman.

HISTORY- Vandal was not always the name of this wolf, but he chooses not to reveal it. Vandal was born in north/central Manitoba to his mother and father, as they hoped to start a pack together. Vandal's childhood was a not very dramatic one until his mother suddenly died from sickness. Now that the hopes of the pack were shattered, Vandal simply dicided to up and leave. And leave he did. Vandal travelled in a southwest direction, terrorizing wolves as he passed, as well as gaining new friends. His group was six wolves strong by the time Vandal was in Alberta. He had a litter of four pups with a female in his nomadic bandit pack, but all four passed before their first year. This threw Vandal into a whirlwind of grief for about three months, in which he became malnourished and two pack members left due to fear of starvation. After his guilt trip, Vandal and his four pack mates rested in a valley after taking a kill from a pair of wolves. During the night, the wolves and their pack rushed down the valley in an ambush, slaughtering the bandit pack and Injuring Vandal. But the great white wolf was able to escape. He's been wandering ever since.


Height Build
Large Muscular
North/Central Manitoba
Father Mother
Cherokee (Deceased) Bonnie (Deceased)


None yet
Other Relationships
Azazel- Used to hate. Snitched. Now not so bad after the whole truce thing.
Rhea- She's flipping protective for Azazel and was pretty mean to Dakota and I while negotiating peace.
Ryd- Used to like, now hate because she rejected me
Josalyn- Barely know, pretty nice.
Chai- Was kind to me. Wouldn't mind meeting again.
Sparrow- Don't know very well, was pretty well mannered though.
Moon- Threatened to attack me with Ryd. Barely know, but first impressions aren't great.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet