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Verin Aekyr Rogue
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Male Healthy
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(8 yrs, 10 mos.)
3445 SP

Character Information

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Verin has always been a tall wolf, thin and wiry more than muscled. He is not that imposing of a wolf - though he has long legs and a stretched frame, he doesn't carry around any extra weight. He does, however, tend to look down on everyone, because Verin is stupidly tall (a phrase that has been used, more than once, in describing him): he stands at thirty-six inches at the shoulder, and just over six feet from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. Despite the stature, he weighs in at about 105 pounds, give or take a few pounds depending on the season.

His coat is of pure black fur, no hints of auburn anywhere, with just a small patch of white on the underside of his chest, and that's how it's been since his pup days. His fur has always been on the slick, coarse side, never too fluffy or sticking up. As much as it means he never sheds too much, it does mean that he’s always on the cold side during winter. As he grows older, areas of his dark fur are lightening.

There are a few traits that are gifts of his genes: Aekyr wolves have a few genetic heirlooms that are present on Verin. As his fur greys, the fur around his eyes is taking on the wing-like pattern he now shares with many that bear the Aekyr name. Another trait is in his eyes: a bright, vivid, light blue, his eyes match almost to the exact shade as his mother’s, and pretty closely matches to his brother, Roman.

Born to an alpha pair and heir to their pack, Verin only knows how to be a leader. Even now - after his old homeland of Taiyae was destroyed, and after he was usurped from his position of Leader in the pack he and Roman created - Verin still holds himself like a powerful wolf. He has perfect posture, putting his tall frame to good use, and is rarely seen slouching in his shoulders or in his tail. It’s never a challenge, either; it’s merely all he knows.


aloof, blunt, polite, diplomatic

he's always at war between following his head versus his heart, between doing what he thinks is the right thing to do and what he wants to do; the former things usually win, often in backfiring ways

father, leader, friend

History: In Taiyae

Verin was the first born of the first litter of Sprite and Satis, Lumin and Lumina of the Auraetus Guard in the Valley of Taiyae. Despite the many enemies that lived around them, Verin lived a relatively sheltered and peaceful life, safe in the shadow of the Majesty Falls. From a young age, all he wanted was to be a worthy heir for his father and to rule his pack with the love and loyalty he believed they deserved. And it seemed life was going in that direction, albeit a circuitous route. At one and a half years old, Verin was officially named Proximus, the Lumin’s heir. And a year and a half after that, he was promoted, the new Lumin of the Auraetus Guard.

But life under Verin’s rule was not as smooth as he’d have liked. His members had been fiercely loyal to his father; they were less so to him. On top of that, Verin fell in love. His relationship with Myatuk began as an easy friendship, getting along because of an innate understanding of the other’s tough relationship with powerful parents. But there was one piece of information Verin was never told: {Myatuk}’s parents were his father’s biggest enemies during his childhood. When this piece of information came to light, Verin’s few remaining loyal members turned on him, and nearly killed {Myatuk} in the process.

As Verin turned four, he found himself in a tough situation. He had infallible support from {Myatuk}, who had officially become his mate, and from {Roman} and {Lucian}, his two brothers from his parents’ second litter, but little else. Struggling to keep his pack borders strong, the three brothers began recruiting, hoping to rebuild the Guard into what it once was. Into their ranks, they welcomed back an old member, {Vesper}, and they welcomed a young girl looking for shelter, {Chai}. But luck was not on their side. That summer, a group of men infiltrated Taiyae. Their lands and many lives were taken by the humans, stripping the wolves of Taiyae from their home. Without knowing what became of his family and pack members, Verin fled Taiyae.

History: In Horizon (until Late Spring, HY1)

Exhausted, near-starved, and emotionally drained, Verin stumbled into Horizon Valley at the onset of autumn. Though relieved to have water and the prospect of food, Verin was most surprised when he was joined by other wolves - one of whom was {Vesper}, one of the last members of the Auraetus Guard. Hopeful that other Taiyae wolves were also able to make it into the valley, Verin spent the next couple months combing through the valley, meeting some interesting wolves along the way. When he learned that Guard member {Chai} survived the ordeal, he also learned that Taiyae native {Dante} - who happened to be Verin’s nephew - survived as well. But the best success came after being told by a stranger that his brother {Roman} was in the valley and looking for him.

{Roman} and Verin finally reunited, and quickly decided to establish a new pack in this new valley. {Roman} surprised Verin by wanting to lead the pack; Verin surprised {Roman} by vehemently agreeing, still disappointed with his own poor track record of the previous year. Winter progressed, and the brothers scoped the land and collected followers, until the following spring when they finally established the Firewing Brotherhood. Members included {Vesper}, {Chai}, and {Dante} from Taiyae, and newcomers {Nyla} and {Hija}. They claimed a waterfall, deep in the heart of Falter Glen, which they named Guarded Falls after their birth pack. Back in the shadows of a grand waterfall, Verin finally began to call Horizon Valley home.

History: As a Brother (until Early Spring, HY2)

Verin threw himself into the task of protecting his pack, taking his new title - Lead Counsel - serious. His friendships with his Brothers strengthened, leaving him surrounded by wolves he loved unabashedly. His days were spent scouting for new members, protecting their land, and adding food to the cache. On one of his scouting trips, he learned that wolves from Taiyae were still making their way into Horizon - Verin met {Inigo}, son of Darcia. Darcia, a one-time enemy of the Guard, was a surrogate mother-figure to {Myatuk}, and an ally of Verin's. He was relieved that Darcia survived the ordeal with the humans - and that Taiyae refugees were still arriving in Horizon.

And those refugees didn't stop there. The next to arrive was {Myatuk} herself, and Verin felt more like himself than he had yet in Horizon, knowing that his mate was beside him once more. After that was {Cinquain}, Verin's youngest sister and littermate to {Roman] and {Lucian}. But while {Myatuk} settled in the Glen, {Cinquain} wanted nothing to do with pack life, and she left once more. The final refugee to find the Brotherhood was {Dust}, a Taiyae native who grew up in the Pariah Pack, and he gladly joined their pack. But the highlight of Verin's winter was when {Myatuk} dropped a very important piece of news: she was pregnant. Verin was finally going to be a father.

The winter flew by after that. Two other litters - {Chai} and {Dante}'s and {Vesper} and {Nyla}'s - were born. {Dust} and {Myatuk}, friends from Taiyae, were able to pick up where they left off. But it wasn't all good things: just before {Myatuk} gave birth, a stranger, {Pip}, crawled onto Brotherhood territory, near-dead. A wolf named {Sparrow} and her pack had {Pip} thrown off a cliff. Lucky for {Pip}, Brother {Valentina} was a healer, and due to her quick skills, {Pip} survived. And suddenly it was time - and {Myatuk} gave birth to three healthy pups: {Darcian}, {Loren}, and {Haden}.

History: As a Father (until Late Winter, HY3)

At first, Verin's time as a father was sheer bliss. But nothing good can last, and soon Verin learned that his brother and Leader, {Roman}, had vanished. {Roman} and Brother {Hija} had mated, and when their first pup was stillborn, both disappeared from the Guarded Falls. Verin tried to hold the pack together, and soon stepped up to claim leadership over the Brotherhood. He also officially welcomed {Pip} as a Brother, who was well on her way to recovery, and created a Council, made up of himself (Lead Counsel), {Dante} (Lead Warrior), {Vesper} (Lead Hunter), and the newly appointed {Valentina} (Lead Healer).

One wolf was not thrilled with this development: {Myatuk}, who had never been a fan of packs, accused Verin of his loyalty to the pack over his loyalty to his family. And after a very heated argument - and cruel words from both sides - {Myatuk} took the pups and left the Brotherhood, and left Verin behind. But one pup, the youngest, {Haden}, didn't want to see her father be left alone - so when {Myatuk}, {Darcian}, and {Loren} left, Verin was left behind with his youngest daughter.

Verin threw himself into his new role, but it doesn't last, as things never do. Distracted by his missing family, worried about his missing brother, and angry at himself and everyone, Verin turned into a shell of his former self. Finally, he was approached by {Dust}, who knocked some sense into Verin - and Verin asked {Dust}, as his Leader and his friend, to search for {Myatuk} on his behalf. Soon after, a pack hunt was interrupted when Lead Healer {Valentina} was kicked by their prey and badly injured. The idea that life was too short and that he shouldn't let himself live in anger hit him hard, and he headed off as well, to search for his missing family.

Verin was gone for four months. He found nothing. His anger got worse. His worry and concern turned into coarseness and meanness. Until he came face to face with a wolf, {Olivia}, who claimed to be a Brother. She told Verin that {Valentina} had named herself Leader in Verin's absence, and that the rest of their founding members - {Vesper}, {Nyla}, {Chai}, and {Dante}, not to mention five of their seven collective pups - were gone. And on top of that, his own youngest daughter, {Haden}, who he had instructed to stay with the Brotherhood, had vanished as well. Verin headed back to the Guarded Falls immediately - and on their way, they met up with {Kai}, another Taiyae native and refugee, a packmate and former pack leader of {Dust}'s, and one of Verin's father's closest friend's oldest son. {Kai} joined Verin, hopeful for a reunion with {Dust}.

Verin's return to the Guarded Falls was cut short when {Valentina} arrived to greet him. The meeting did not go well, and {Valentina} asked Verin to leave the Falls. But by this point, Verin was ready to - without his brother, and his founding Brothers, without his mate and children, Verin had no desire to remain at the Guarded Falls or with the Firewing Brotherhood. But {Dust} had one last blow to give to Verin: Verin's closest friend, {Chai}, had returned, broken by the death of one of her sons. Verin refused to leave without {Chai}, and once he was able to reconnect with her, Verin left the Falls, and the Brotherhood, with {Chai}, {Dust}, and {Kai} in tow. And he set out on his new life as a rogue.

History: As a Rogue



Height Build
Very Large Thin
Majesty Falls, Taiyae
Father Mother
Sprite Aekyr Satis Aekyr


Closest Friends
{Sparrow} ("Impostoray"; doesn't know it's the same wolf that pushed Pip)
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