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Name Pack
Vicodin Zájac Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 3 mos.)
605 SP

Character Information

Voiced by Stephen Amell

Art by myself

Height WeightLength
36 in 120 lbs6.3 ft
Tenacious | Silver-Tongued

Vicodin isn't one to pussy foot around. He is persistent in his goals and when it comes to persuasion, he is tireless in his efforts. He isn't one to back down if the going gets tough.
Reticent | Suspicious

Brought from a world of kill or be killed, this man has learnt to watch his back and act sparingly when it comes to information and relations. Trust is something hard earned.
Patient | Even-Tempered

Armed with a wad of threads, the man holds his patiences unless you know which buttons to press. He isn't void of emotion like some but he is able to refrain from acting with haste.
Temperamental | Aloof

This would highly depend on the situation but the majority of the time, he was hardly forthcoming and friendly. First impressions definitely count towards brownie points.
Diplomatic | Tactful

Surprisingly, he is enabled to gain relations. He is smart about it too. When handling situations, he is able to sympathetic and empathetic. He'll always try to find the more bountiful solutions.
Selfish | Manipulative

Whatever is in his best interests, he will do. Kill another for power? Sure, no sacrifice is too small. He'll put strain on others to pin-point their personality and whether they're worthy.
Spirit Symbols
Late Autumn, HY4
Season ArrivedSeason Departed
Horizon Year 4, Late Autumn
Via Eastern Wasteland
Not yet.

Well isn't this a surprise.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Coward. Flannel.

They couldn’t even survive the womb.

A mutt or two.
Other Relationships
Opana ♀ - (feel free to ask about adoption)
Personality (ESTJ-A)
Reference - (click to expand)
Humanised - Dominic Sherwood

Spirit Symbol