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Name Pack
Vietta Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 1 mos.)
0 SP

Character Information

Born to a litter of two, Vietta is a well rounded individual with the capability to learn new things. She is stubborn enough to keep trying but also nice enough to not step on other's feet during the process of her self discovery.

She's always been kind. Forgiving in nature, she likes to see the best in even the cruelest of wolves. She doesn't like to judge a book by its cover without seeing what is within. She cares about others and will go out of her way to make people smile - even if it means being silly.

Physically, Vietta is large - almost unwomanly so. However, her tall, slender build is lined with lean muscles, not an ounce of fat on her body visible. She always has a charming smile on her face, highlighting her natural beauty.

Her tones are woody, her legs a pale, reddish ran that glow a ginger in the setting sun. Her back in lined with black overtones, the underlying colours neutrally brown, collaring her with a creamy chest and chin. Her face is masked slightly darker than her gingery shoulders, specks of black hairs outlining her creamy eyeliner as if she were apart of a masquerade. Her eyes themselves are bright with emotion, coloured a warm hue of flavescent yellow.

On 28/6/2018, Bonyo adopted Vietta. Her creation goes to Skye.
Height WeightLength
27 in 89 lbs5.6 ft
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Spirit Symbols
Early Winter, HY4
Season ArrivedSeason Departed
Horizon Year 4, Early Winter
Via - Starlight Peaks
When the time comes.
There isn't room in the
world to hate one another.


Height Build
Large Lean
North of Horizon
Father Mother

Koti - Rest Easy.

Other Relationships
{Kairo} - I search for you, but with every turn, your sent grows weaker.
None yet!
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