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Name Pack
Vincent Laroche Silu Tribe II. Sunshine
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 6 mos.)
3700 SP

Character Information


Vincent is a black phase wolf with earthy tones along his dorsal, armpit, underbelly, and thigh. Natural gold tints his eyes. He is large in stature, but only somewhat muscled, tending more average in build. Grey has started to pepper his muzzle.


Benevolent, independent, carefree, stubborn, avoids conflict, poor sense of responsibility... in his former years. He's become more willing to address conflict and take responsibility since becoming an official member of the Silu Tribe, as informal as their hierarchy is, ironically.

Born when Mortimer was two years and two months old. Lived with his mother, father, and siblings until about two years old himself. Has never come into contact with any of his extended family since travelling down the coast into Horizon Valley, with no idea how close some of them have been to him and vice versa. As far as he guesses, they are all still in Canada.

Significant Relationships

Feels protective and affectionate towards {Eerik} and {Astrid}, having basically proclaimed himself their new dad in his own mind. Nobody could be more important than his actual kids {Shark} and {Carl} however, and the perfect {Pace}.

Is particularly fond of packmates {Bragi} and {Yuna}, although the latter seems convinced he doesn't like her and he doesn't know what he did...


Figure out how to be the dad his kids deserve and would be proud of. Be a better pack figure and a better mate.


"Shine" - Plain White T's
"Grown Ocean" - Fleet Foxes

Art Links

Vincent by Kori
Beach Bum by Atari
Runnin' by Fao
Chillin' by Chris


Height Build
Large Average
North of Horizon
Father Mother
{Mortimer} Laroche Jessamine Vaught

Sister Moira
Sister {Jude}

{Shark} & {Carl} ; {Momo} & {Splash} & {Gull}
Other Relationships
Uncle {Solomon}
Cousin {Hamlet}
Known Places
Firefly Woods
→ Shrouded Pines
→ Emerald Labyrinth
Strongwind Range
Sundown Coast
→ Hidden Cove
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet