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Name Pack
Vincent Laroche Silu Tribe II. Sunshine
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 1 mos.)
3995 SP

Character Information


Vincent's black furred beginnings have phased over time to reveal more browns in his coat, and lightened even more with the greying of coming age. His eyes still sparkle, however, full of a golden brown that shines in the sun.


He's so sorry. He wishes he knew how to make the guilt stronger than the restlessness of his legs and the fear of attachment and commitment and drowning in an actual set of feelings. He still loves you all, and doesn't deserve it, and fears being turned away more than anything in the deep blue sea, but he. Wants to try. Coming home.

He has no excuses, really. But he's so much sorrier than he could tell anyone.

Previously, his spirit symbol was the Feather. As of his return to the valley Early Spring HY5, it has changed to the Print.


Born when Mortimer was two years and two months old. Lived with his mother, father, and siblings until about two years old himself. Has never come into contact with any of his extended family since travelling down the coast into Horizon Valley, with no idea how close some of them have been to him and vice versa. As far as he guesses, they are all still in Canada.

Significant Relationships

Deep regret for being a deadbeat dad to {Shark}, {Carl}, {Gull}, {Splash}, and {Momo}, to say nothing of abandoning the love of his life, {Pace}.


Make amends.

Art Links

Vincent by Kori
Beach Bum by Atari
Runnin' by Fao
Chillin' by Chris


"I Hope You're Happy" - Blue October
I hope you're happy / I hope you're good
I hope you get what you wish for / And you're well understood
And now I'm standing here and looking at you / I wonder what the hell you're gonna do
"Restless Sea" - Louis Futon
Now we're both undressing, second-guessing
I wished you'd hold me under
Cause I'm in love with the restless sea
"A Diamond and a Tether" - Death Cab for Cutire
Pity, take pity on me / Cause I'm not half the man that I should be
And I don't blame you, you've had enough / Of all these empty promises and countless bluffs


Height Build
Large Average
North of Horizon
Father Mother
{Mortimer} Laroche Jessamine Vaught

Sister Moira
Sister {Jude}

{Shark} & {Carl} ; {Momo} & {Splash} & {Gull}
Other Relationships
Uncle {Solomon}
Cousin {Hamlet}
Known Places
Firefly Woods
→ Shrouded Pines
→ Emerald Labyrinth
Strongwind Range
Sundown Coast
→ Hidden Cove
Spirit Symbol