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Name Pack
Wayfarer The Kingdom III. Lord
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 9 mos.)
660 SP

Character Information

Art by - Fenshae c;

Wayfarer's Art Gallery

Flowerboy - Bryony
Wayfarer - Me
Manipulation - Bird

Name Species
Ezekiel 'Wayfarer' Lascrofe Canis Lupus Mogollonensis

Imposing | Narcissistic | Crude | Liar | Twisted
125lbs | 36in | 6.4ft

Wayfarer, a large brutish male with an ego larger than life, is not one to expand on anything further than acquaintances. Those that pass him by are merely objects - He never truly sees them. Other more notable encounters are imposed with his dominance, his rich gamboge coloured eyes leaving a lasting impression in their minds.

His charcoal derma is lusciously thick, his physique brawny in appearance. He likes to keep up his herculean looks and is mentally strict with his regime, a bodybuilder in the process. Wayfarer's pelt gradients into a antic white upon all four legs, his large paws a snowy white as well as small dots in his ears, a faint dorsal line across his hackles and a medium size patch upon his chest.

Being a quiet man, he doesn't have perfect manners within social interactions. His outlook upon himself is also pinnacle of narcissism. He's a pansy if he doesn't look perfect.

His attitude on life is that he loves to be loved and lusted but not to act upon it until he finds the right wolf he can finally open up to. His inner depression hidden by his outward love for his own beauty. No one can really love themselves, no?

Despite appearances, if you gain his respect, he does try to be funny. He can also be caring but that's deep... deeeeep down.

He likes fish, a lot of fish. His mum taught him how to fish but otherwise he is fearful of all things wet besides water itself. But fish is okay. Fish is friend. Not food.

Oh and his name is a secret. Shhhh.
Colour Scheme
Time arrived in the valley
Wolves met since (9)
Horizon Year 3, Early Winter
2 ♂ | 7 ♀


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Ezekiel Lascrofe † Kait Lascrofe †

Lebannen Lascrofe ♂ †
Tehanu Lascrofe ♀ †

... Don't Ask.
Nobody Notable
Other Relationships
Fish - Adoptable
It's Complicated
{Nima} - You're a conniving bitch but I cannot bear to see you hurt. Why is this so?
{Idemoni} - A meek thing. Elliot's cum-rag.

{Sikuzo} - No comment

{Lux} - Rude, but honest.

{Sienna} - Smart
{Elliot} -

{Scylla} - Klutzy Bitch. Not worth his time.

{Igbo} - Snakes are good to skin, yes?

{Misaki} - Spoilt, like Elliot
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet