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Name Pack
Willa Lee Evergreen Wolves I. Guardian
Gender Status
Female Dead
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 5 mos.)
5730 SP

Character Information

Willa died of a stroke at the end of Full Winter, HY3, near the home of her pack. She was 6 years and 6 months old. {Miles}, {Cypress}, {Kiara}, and {Ophelia} were first at the scene. She was not afraid as she passed, and now awaits the rest of her family in heaven.

78 pounds / 35kg ☄ 5.8 ft in length / 1.7m ☄ 32 inches in height / 81cm (at the shoulder)

Will-ah means resolute protection


Willa’s a spindly thing, always has been, and yet she stands well for her age. She's a slight head with large ears, and eyes which aren't of corresponding colours – with the right being an aqua blue, and the other, a faded azure with violet undertones. Willa's fur's growing part timber, part grey, and part just flecked with these colours as she ages. She has a sunken profile, not at all buff, but such attributes are far from meaning she don't be well-served in fighting. Her furs thinning out a bit too, largely her tail and chest. Most her injuries are located upon the bridge of her face, except the two scars she has on her right haunch, delivered from Horizon's first earthquake.


This one don’t talk much, but it’s fundamentally because she isn’t literate, and because she never lived with others who were real social. Willa weren’t never governed by purpose or principles, and she still isn’t. She don't be no fool though. Willa don’t really get jokes, either, but it’s not because she don’t want to. Most of all, though, Willa’s hard to read, but maybe she just don’t have a lot of thoughts to express outwardly.


Willa weren’t her birth name. Heck the gods would be surprised if she even had one. She don't got no biological parents or siblings, not that she knows of, but she were taken in by a lone female who were much like Willa. She were called June. Or maybe that weren’t her name, but that were the name she’d given herself for years.

June tried to educate Willa, teach her things more than just how to get by, but truth was, June herself didn’t know no better, and no one else who did was around to see to it. June were fine at that, though – survival. She had got some good things to say about it and some bad. Many of her words stay engraved in Willa’s mind to this day.

When June died living alone weren’t no good. Somehow, somewhere, Willa met at a crossroad with an elderly male, Trev. He weren’t at all ill – didn’t bother Willa much – but she’d find that they were both often bored with one another. Or she were worried he were. She took Trev's surname because she felt that were the just thing to do in a relationship, though she weren't got no clue if it were. When Willa later were pregnant she only noticed real late, and one of the two pups which were popped out were stillborn. Willa didn’t mind much. Not as much as a devoted mother were to have, at least.

So their one youngster grew up into a fine thing. Nellie, Willa had named her. June said she thought her own mother were called Nellie. Shame June weren’t there to see it all then.

Nellie helped the relationship. She gave them something to do – a purpose which Willa weren't never had. And she weren’t the best mum, but she weren’t all that dreadful given the circumstances she were raising this daughter of theirs in. Most days weren’t easy. But then Nellie died just after she’d grown all full and pretty, because Trev’s genes had somehow made her look all more prettier than Willa were. And it was a shame, because Nellie were all smart too thanks to Trev. Trev fell ill, later, too, had a spasm somewhere throughout, and Willa didn’t know how to help him. She weren't wanting him to leave. He’d been good and he’d been kind even though they didn't got much to do together. And Trev knew that. He didn’t wanna leave either. But he had to. And so, to ease his pain, Willa put him to rest, cause there weren’t much else which could’ve been done.

"Get up and dust yourself, kid. Don't judge the day by what you didn't do, but what you did." - June

"It's never gonna be the strongest or most intelligent who survive but those who manage change. To get by you gotta move on." - June


Height Build
Very Large Lean
Father Mother
Unknown ♂ Unknown ♀, June ♀ †
Trev ♂ †
Unnamed ♂ †, Nellie ♀ †
{Cypress} ♂,  {Dai} ♂, {Inigo} ♂, {Mari} ♀, {Meinir} ♀, {Nina} ♀, {Ophelia} ♀, {Paopu} ♂, {Ramses} ♂, {Rigel} ♂ †, {Romulus} ♂, {Rufus} ♂, {Talio} ♂, {Zahrah} ♀
Positive Association
{Ambrosia} ♀, {Ayla} ♀, {Comet} ♂, {Cree} ♀, {Elora} ♀, {Fern} ♀, {Immanuel} ♂, {Josalyn} ♀, {Jote} ♀, {Orion} ♂, {Peony} ♀, {Solomon} ♂
Negative Association
{Basira} ♀, {Bedouin} ♂, {Salem} ♂, {Shade} ♀, {Suspiria} ♀
{Pipin} ♂ †
{Antwan} ♂, {Aspen} ♀, {Cassandra} ♀, {Hamlet} ♂, {Hunter} ♂, {Inanos} ♂, {Iscariot} ♂, {Kestrel} ♀, {Miles} ♂, {Moon} ♀, {Nethtari} ♀, {Niah} ♀, {Oblivioux} ♂, {Paragon} ♀,  {Radar} ♂, {Rhian} ♀, {Rune} ♂, {Ryd} ♀, {Torin} ♂, {Xenon} ♂
Knowledge Of
{Alaric} ♂, {Argus} ♂, {Bjorn} ♂, {Fern} ♀, {Flit} ♀, {Josalyn} ♀, {Katalin} ♀, {Lubov} ♀, {Lyra} ♀, {Mac} ♂, {Malakai} ♂, {Nephilim} ♂, {Nianki} ♀ †, {Sparrow} ♀, {Verin} ♂
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