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Name Pack
Witchhazel Quinzel Rogue
Sex Status
Female Injured
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 6 mos.)
1790 SP

Character Information

Current Status: Defensive over {Honeysuckle}, paranoid. Heartbroken; mourning Pierre. Traveling with Honey: currently staying at Falcon Rise.

98 pounds, 28 inches, 5.5 feet long.
Witchhazel, named for the flower she resembles and the plants that her father loved so dearly, has long legs, a large but lean body, and sharp, graceful features that lend her a wild beauty; her dense, soft coat is neither white nor blonde, but something in between that could be described as moonlit sand. A fox-like copper frosts her scruff, back, forehead, nose and tail, and her eyes are a bright emerald green.  
- Three long, deep claw scars from a large feline. Permanent, heavy limp. 

Witchhazel -- who prefers to go simply by "Witch" -- is a social yet odd creature, highly emotional, warm like the sun and as excitable and rambunctious as a child. Despite being dealt a rough hand right from birth, Witch is as upbeat and enthusiastic as she can be. The polite woman tries to make friends everywhere she goes, making it her goal in life to helping anyone in need. Once made, Witch is loyal to her friends. She can be very clingy and a bit immature at times, but she doesn't mean to be. Sometimes (read: most of the time), anxiety strikes her, and she is left to retreat and hover in the background to cope with her shyness and dark memories, but worry not; she thrives far too much on attention and love to keep herself at bay long. It is tough to get her angry, but once she is, it's even harder to calm her down. Witch knows no grey area: she's either annoyingly happy or eerily sad, running wild without a care or curled into herself and hiding. She can switch from one to the other without a moments notice, and sometimes back again. 
After being attacked by a large feline and partially losing the use of a hind leg, Witch's anxiety only gets worse, and now she feels as if she's confined to pack life because she might not be able to survive alone with one less leg. Pierre is helping her build some confidence again.
Becoming a mother has emboldened Witch, lending her strength she didn't know she had but also making her a little bit more prone to paranoid worrying. Her awakened motherly tendencies have begun to spill over whoever will put up with her.

Honeysuckle, first and foremost, always. Water, star-watching, collecting “unique” items (feathers, bones, rocks, anything colorful/shiny/grabbable), having company, having her own safe space (a den, usually). Warm weather. Snow. Swimming, fishing.

Being alone. Felines. Cold weather. Being judged unfairly. Being treated like a child. Having choice stripped from her.

Healer. Navigator. Fisher. Mother.

Witchhazel is the daughter of Harley and Rose, though she barely knew them; Harley died just before she was born -- trampled trying to gather herbs that the Briar pack wouldn’t allow him from their stores --, but her mother told her stories of the gentlemanly and righteous father she would never know. Rose herself was shy and nervous, but kind and motherly. Witch had two littermates: Thistle, her older sister, and Nettle, their oldest brother; Thistle was wild and adventurous, and Nettle was quiet and wise. Other than what they looked like, this was all she ever got to learn about her littermates.

Unfortunately, just a couple of months after finding a pack that would allow the family, Rose was hunted down for leaving with her few-month-old pups by the pack to whom she'd been harbored by in her pregnancy; the coldhearted wolves killed her, kidnapping a spying, terrified Witch, leaving Thistle and Nettle to be raised by the alpha pair, Jasmine and Thorn, without ever knowing where Witchhazel was, or if she’d suffered the same cruel fate as their mother.
The pup managed to escape her rough captor, and was soon adopted by a kind man named Hodor; it was he who raised Witchhazel, and though she remembered her true parents, she was happy to be his daughter. His mate, Tiny, was a good step-parent, patient and kind -- Witch grew up beside their oldest and helped raise their youngest litter --, but no bond could be stronger than her and Hodor’s. He taught her how to hunt, and how to heal, how to defend herself, and most importantly, to respect every living thing, from the raging sea to the deep-rooted forests.

Time is cruel, though: at two years old, Witch had to watch as Hodor grew sick and, eventually, died, despite all the herbs and exercises she tried. Even though Donnelaithe was a family-based, gently ruled coastal pack, Witchhazel was unable to feel at home without her father, and set out on her own to seek a new home. Tiny and her children that had stayed in the pack wished Witch well, but none followed as far as she knew.

For the next year, Witchhazel could only wander. She knew nobody, had nowhere, and though she'd made many friends, she hadn't found a place to call home. So still, she wanders, waiting to find somewhere or someone to love for the rest of her days, as Hodor had.

In Early Spring, she wanders into the valley of Horizon to start anew. She first meets {Maaike}, who sends her on her way to the Stormborn Alliance. On the way, she meets {Poet}. On the borders of the Alliance, as she meets with {Atlas} and joins the pack as a Warden, she also befriends {Draco}.

This, like most things in her life, doesn't last. Long lost sister {Thistle} appears, telling her that she and {Nettle} --who believes her dead-- had traveled to look for her. Just after a heartfelt reunion, Thistle vanishes again, and an upset Witch runs away from the Alliance to try and find her.

Weeks later, depressed and finding herself drawn to the familiarity of the ocean, Witchhazel is caught unawares by a large feline, earning the first (three) scars of her life down her hind leg. She is found by none other than former packmate Poet and his new mate, {Josalyn}, who save her life and take her back to the recently abandoned Rise to heal. Late Autumn finds them on the beach parting ways, where she joins the Adunati Rangers in hopes to find her lost siblings and build a family of her own. She makes quick friends with the Lead Ranger, {Bucky} and settles into Wavehaven Gorge, as close to the shore as she can get. Soon after, she befriends {Pierre} and {Tamaska}, fellow Rangers. She comes into heat in Full Winter, and makes a circuit around the pack lands to find a suitable male; she finds two, {Kiel}, a rouge from the mountains, and {Stark}, a Firewing Brotherhood wolf, and becomes pregnant for the first time in her life. As it turns out, some of the other Rangers aren't happy with the way she went about it, and whatever friendship she feels towards the Lead Ranger begins to dissolve as they clash. Just as she's about to run away again, it is Pierre who makes himself her reason to try harder, even if one day she will face the decision of staying or leaving.
The end of Winter sees Starks suicide; Witchhazel is unable to talk him away from the idea, even trying to convince him to run away together, and when he tells her off and drives her away, his second attempt is successful. Feeling guilty and hurt, Witch spins a tale of trying to regain her confidence in the water (something she had long since done) and being pulled under, of Stark saving her but losing his own life. She takes him home to be buried, and sulks around the gorge wasting time as her pregnancy passes and the time to leave fades. Eventually, thanks to Tamaskas friendliness, Palomas kind encouragement, Percy and Eves help with her and her pregnancy, and more than everything, a budding crush on Pierre, Witch decides to give the Rangers a better chance.
Full Spring of HY5 brings the birth of Witchhazel's first and, so far, only daughter, {Honeysuckle}. The tiny girl is all Witch's hopes and dreams, love and devotion, the new center of gravity and her sun, moon, and stars. For now, she is content to watch her little flower grow, enjoying every squeak and wiggle.
As Honey grows, it becomes increasingly clear that her father is none other than the troublesome mountain rouge Kiel; Witch learns some of his history from Bucky, and requests that he leave the decision of telling people to her, or to pretend he didn't know. Things go south and Bucky says that he wanted to find Honeysuckles "other family" without regard to Witch's feelings or right to make the decision as the mother; this results in more arguing between the two, Witch's paranoia strengthening, and any trust she has in Bucky vanishes. It gets even worse when he suggests something suspiciously close to what she'd offered, and Witchhazel is back to wanting to run away.
Once again, it is Pierre that holds her there. Unwilling to talk about it to anyone but her slightly more official boyfriend and unsure how to move forward, Witch's paranoia continues to grow. Honey grows too, getting more adventurous by the day. She learns to swim, and Witch has never been so proud.
Surprisingly, it is not Witchhazel who breaks first; after a few days out of the territory without warning or explanation, Pierre returns hurt and in a panic. He tries to leave right then and there, but Witch convinces him (against her own instinct to run with the chance) to wait until Percy and Bayley return from their patrol. This, of course, backfires, and the yearlings don't understand why he would want to leave their home behind. Witchhazel sucks up her paranoia and anxiety and faces Bucky, trying to figure out what is wrong with and how to help her mate. This conversation goes downhill and leads to her being stripped of the Ranger Recruit rank, leaving her a rouge once more, this time with her daughter.
Pierre is found at the bottom of a cliff some days later. After burying him and saying her last goodbyes, Witchhazel takes Honeysuckle and starts their journey for a new home by going back to Falcon Rise.


Height Build
Large Average
Dark Briar Woods
Father Mother
Harley Quinzel ✝,

Hodor Castiel ✝
Rose Quinzel ✝,

Tiny Castiel

{Thistle} Quinzel♀, {Nettle} Quinzel♂

First litter (1 month older):
Amaleea ♀*, Calcifer ♂*, Yucenne ♀*

Second litter (1 year younger):
Angel ♀*, Flame ♀*, Gianna ♀*, Mateo ♂*

* marked wolves are up for adoption!

{Pierre} ✝
First litter ({Kiel}): {Honeysuckle} ♀
Other Relationships
Maaike - Fun to be around and play with, kind. Sent Witch to the Stormborn Alliance. First friend in Horizon. Never came back to the Alliance.

Poet - Witty, helpful, funny and interesting. Met on the way to Stormborn Alliance. Developed a crush on, but she left the pack before getting to know him better. She promised him that if she ever felt the need to run, she would talk to him first, but she broke that promise when she abandoned the alliance, and it weighs heavy on her shoulders. Upon their reunion, he becomes savior #1.

Draco - Shy and sweet. Witch feels compelled to protect her. Met on the borders of the Stormborn Alliance, but hasnt seen since.

Atlas - Funny, kind, easy going. Former Alpha/Titan. Treat with respect. After her abandonment, she's developed a fear that he is mad at her and might want to punish her, despite Poets insistence he would not.

Jingo- Shy, doesn't like being touched. They had a discussion about pups and the flux of wolves who never stayed committed to the alliance, and the need to support younger wolves. Another broken promise to not leave.

Oliver- Strong, kind. Atlas' son.

Rowan ✝ - Kind, helpful, wise beyond his years. Tried to convince her to join the Rangers along the shore. Doesn't know hes met his unfortunate and untimely demise.

Josalyn- Savior #2. Poets mate. Also has a bum hind leg. Kind, passionate.

Bucky- Lead Ranger of the Adunati Rangers. Morally correct (according to him), respectful (mostly?), responsible (sometimes). Yelled at her for being flirty with him, and then for not having a better suitor lined up and 'ruining the Ranger image.' Super strict. Makes her super nervous. Yelled at her again and refused to keep her child's father to her own business, wants to take the choice of secrecy away from her. Fears that he will bring Honeys siblings and aunt to see her without her permission and something will go wrong. Finally stripped her of her Recruit rank when she offered Percy, Bayley, and Eve the choice to come with her, Pierre, and Honey.

Julius- A little sketchy? Doesnt actually seem bad, just.... obsessive over a former Ranger named Babette. Polite. Adunati Ranger Recruit.

Pierre- Sweet, worrying, cute, family-man. Stronger than he gives himself credit for. Father of Percival and Bayley. Mate, Blaise, died. Adunati Ranger. Orange is his favorite color, too! Was once the leader of a Starfall Cadre, at a very young age. Likes her eyes and her fur. Witch has 100% developed fallen in love him, and has admitted it. They are cautiously moving forward as boyfriend and girlfriend, and even unofficial mates. Steady presence that helps her work through anxiety. Just after they agree to leave the Rangers, Pierre is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, broken on the outside as much as he thought he was on the inside.

Kiel ✝- Charming, handsome, forward. Mountain rouge. One night stand. Doesn't think she'll see him again, but secretly hopes. Baby daddy. Unaware of his death.

Stark ✝- Handsome, childish, slightly clueless or maybe just in denial, a little grumpy. Firewing Brotherhood wolf. Started trouble over her at the Rangers borders, but she doesn't hold this against him. He was hurting, mentally, and though Witch offered another way after pulling him from the ocean, he rejected her harshly. The next time she sees him, it's his body floating lifelessly. She takes him home and spins a story for the fallen Brother, keeping him from being a cowardly child and preserving his memory as a hero who saved her from the waves. This secret has and never will be admitted.

Eve- Killer of crabs, saver of lips. Fellow (learning) healer. Shy, sweet, helpful. Adunati Ranger Recruit. A big helper through her pregnancy. Storyteller! Babysitter.

Bayley- Unfortunately, she meets him as they carry Starks body home. Hard of seeing. Kind, quiet, curious. Pierres son. Adunati Ranger Recruit.

Percival- Excitable, happy, likes puppies. She promised to allow him to help with said puppies. Pierres son. Adunati Ranger Recruit, A big helper through her pregnancy. Babysitter.

Paloma- Kind, enthusiastic, optimistic, bubbly, restless. Adunati Ranger Recruit.

Braith- Kind,polite. Adunati Ranger Recruit. Training to be a councilor.

ApplebutterAdunati Ranger Recruit. Interested in herbs. Bubbly, polite.

Honeysuckle- The sun, moon, and all the stars. The center of gravity. A large piece of Witch's heart and soul that runs free. The cutest potato there ever was or will be. Sees Kiel in her, but doesn't care; this is HER baby. Brave, sweet, sassy little flower.
Spirit Symbol