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Name Pack
Witchhazel Quinzel Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 6 mos.)
315 SP

Character Information

Witchhazel was named for the flower she resembles; her thick, soft coat is neither white nor tan, but something in between that could be described as moonlit sand. A fox-like copper frosts her scruff, back, forehead and tail, and her eyes are a bright leafy green. Witch has long legs, a large but lean body, and sharp, graceful features that lend her a wild beauty.

Witchhazel -- who prefers to go simply by "Witch" -- is a social yet odd creature, warm like the sun and as excitable and rambunctious as a child. Despite being dealt a rough hand right from birth, little Witch is as upbeat and enthusiastic as she can be. The polite young girl tries to make friends everywhere she goes, helping anyone in need and trusting perhaps a bit more quickly than she should. Sometimes (read: often), anxiety strikes her, and she is left to retreat and hover in the background to cope with her shyness and dark memories, but worry not; she thrives far too much on attention and love to keep herself at bay long. Once made, Witch is loyal to her friends, albeit a tad hot and cold. It is tough to get her angry, but once she is, it's even harder to calm her down. Witch knows no grey area: she's either annoyingly happy or eerily sad, running wild without a care or curled into herself and hiding. She can switch from one to the other without a moments notice, and sometimes back again.

Water, collecting “unique” items (feathers, bones, rocks, anything colorful/shiny/grabbable), having company, having her own space (a den, usually).

Strangers, being touched by said strangers, not having personal space, being alone,

Healer. Navigator. Basic hunter.

Witchhazel is the daughter of Harley and Rose, though she barely knew them; Harley died just before she was born -- trampled trying to gather herbs that the Briar pack wouldn’t allow him from their stores --, but her mother told her stories of the gentlemanly and righteous father she would never know. Rose herself was shy and nervous, but kind and motherly. Witch had two littermates: Thistle, her older sister, and Nettle, their oldest brother; Thistle was wild and adventurous, and Nettle was quiet and wise.

Unfortunately, just a couple of months after finding a pack that would allow the family, Rose was hunted down for leaving with her few-month-old pups by the pack to whom she'd been harbored by in her pregnancy; the coldhearted wolves killed her, kidnapping a spying, terrified Witch, leaving Thistle and Nettle to be raised by the alpha pair without ever knowing where Witchhazel was, or if she’d suffered the same cruel fate as their mother.
The pup managed to escape her rough captor, and was soon adopted by a kind man named Hodor; it was he who raised Witchhazel, and though she remembered her true parents, she was happy to be his daughter. His mate, Tiny, was a good step-parent, patient and kind -- Witch grew up beside their oldest and helped raise their youngest litter --, but no bond could be stronger than her and Hodor’s. He taught her how to hunt, and how to heal, how to defend herself, and most importantly, to respect every living thing, from the raging sea to the deep-rooted forests.

Time is cruel, though: at two years old, Witch had to watch as Hodor grew sick and, eventually, died, despite all the herbs and exercises she tried. Even though they'd been a part of a family-based, gently ruled coastal pack, Witchhazel was unable to feel at home without her father, and set out on her own to seek a new home. Tiny and her children that had stayed in the pack wished Witch well, but none followed.

For the next year, Witchhazel could only wander. She knew nobody, had nowhere, and though she'd made many friends, she hadn't found a place to call home. So still, she wanders, waiting to find somewhere or someone to love for the rest of her days, as Hodor had.

In Early Spring, she wanders into the valley of Horizon to start anew. She quickly meets Maaike, who sends her on her way to the StormBorn Alliance. On the way, she meets Poet. On the borders of the Alliance, as she meets with Atlas and joins the pack as a Warden, she also befriends Draco.


Height Build
Large Lean
Dark Briar Woods
Father Mother
Harley Quinzel (Dead),

Hodor Castiel (Dead)
Rose Quinzel (Dead),

Tiny Castiel

Thistle Quinzel
Nettle Quinzel

None (She's looking!)
None (One day!)
Other Relationships
Maaike - Fun to be around and play with, kind. Sent Witch to the Stormborn Alliance. First friend in Horizon.

Poet - Witty, helpful and interesting. Met on the way to Stormborn Alliance.

Draco - Shy and sweet. Witch feels compelled to protect her. Met on the borders of the Stormborn Alliance.

Atlas - Funny, kind, easy going. Alpha/Titan. Treat with respect.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet