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Name Pack
Wrenegade Harrow Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 10 mos.)
350 SP

Character Information

Running wild and running free
Wrenegade is as her name suggests: a free-spirited female with big dreams and plenty of willpower. She is slim, but not overly so, with a lithe and lean build. Her long legs allow her to float across the ground effortlessly, although they can get in the way sometimes. She has a light brown coat infused with lighter and darker shades, along with bright yellow eyes that occasionally reflect her fiery temper. She changed her name from Wren to Wrenegade when she left her natal pack, abandoning the strictness and rigid structure that she felt was almost suffocating. Her parents were very hard on her growing up, as she was always getting into trouble due to her curious and adventurous nature.

Living like we're renegades
Wrenegade grew up as Wren, one of three girls in a litter of four, daughter of the two most prominent families in the Avian Pack of Hawksong Pass, growing up in a relatively dry area with a large lake, a small forest, some scrubland and grassland and, of course, the rocky formations of the Pass. The Avian Pack was built on tradition and a rigid structure, and as Wren grew she did everything she could to buck the system. Time and time again her parents forced her to apprentice in various skills, but Wren refused to learn just to spite them. That's not to say that she didn't love them--she fiercely loved and protected her family, especially her siblings from bullies. She never truly found her place in the pack, and finally left, learning much on her journey to the valley and generally simmering down (a lot).

Her play-by is a male European x Timber cross named Nantan in a park in Germany. In Horizon, however, she is a Mexican Gray Wolf.


Height Build
Small Lean
Hawksong Pass
Father Mother
Janus Harrow Swallow Flight-Harrow

Kite Harrow
Thrush Harrow
Starling Harrow

Other Relationships
Flight Family Relatives: Jayhawk, Bluebird, Owl, Gull, Crow, Raven, Nightingale, etc......Harrow Family Relatives: Olive, Quinncey, Jacklyn, Jasper, etc.....
Spirit Symbol