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Name Pack
Wrenn Aderly Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 4 mos.)
775 SP

Character Information

Voiced by: Child: Amybeth McNulty from Anne with an E
Adult: Anne Hathaway

Theme Song - Welcome To this Day

Wrenn by the epic Bear!))


Quarter cascade mountain wolf, quarter southern rocky mountain wolf, half great plains wolf.

Adult size: 27 inches, 99 pounds.

Wrenn's most obvious features are her scars, generally one of the first things people will notice when they look upon her. Permanent ropey scars and weals cross her back, shoulders, and neck. Her fur stands up in ridges around the worst of them, but the scars themselves are almost wholly devoid of fur.
Wrenn in her appearance takes very much after her mother, almost a carbon copy with her burnished mahogany coloured fur and vibrant golden gaze. But she carries her father's markings on her face, pale lines under and dots above her eyes.
Smiles are given readily, her tail usually found wagging. But there's something of the father she'll never meet in her aside from the smoky facial markings, in limbs growing sturdy and ever-inching-up height. As her adult fur comes through it appears she'll sport an exceptionally thick mountain-stock density coat.


Adamant · Adventurer · Protective · Impulsive · Caring

Already showing a determined streak (sometimes to the point of being inflexible) it seems her life of adventure may start very rapidly. Though young, once Wrenn's mind is made up, it is well and truly made up! She's noticeably attached to her beloved sister Willow, and tries to drag her along on adventures. She tends to impatience, preferring the here and now approach, and also independence, unafraid to try things herself. It seems there may be an impulsive lean to many of Wrenn's actions, certainly a 'leap before looking' mentality. But this also applies to her emotions, and she's very affectionate with her family, unreserved when it comes to showing love and devotion.
At times thoughtlessly bossy and forward enough many may consider her rude, though she doesn't have malicious intentions.


Wren is born to Sienna and Lestat at Kingsfall Cascade, Starlight Peaks, Early Spring HY5. Her father tragically died hunting before she could even meet him, but she grew up in a loving family nonetheless.
An eagle attack at a young age left Wrenn severely wounded and denbound for weeks, suffering from constant asthma attacks. When she recovered she swore to life her life to the fullest.
Wrenn was devastated when her aunt Astred passed away shortly after she had fully recovered.

Did You Know?

Wrenn is asthmatic. Her first kill was a stoat trying to steal the mice she was stalking.


Height Build
Large Stocky
Kingsfall Cascade, Starlight Peaks
Father Mother
{Lestat} † {Sienna}

{Willow} - precious sister
Born 31 Aug 2018

Way too young!
Extended Family
{Damien} - Uncle
{Valley} - Aunt
{Astred} - Aunt †
{Marceline} - Grandmother
{Skadi} - Cousin
{Nyles} - Cousin
{Eira} - Cousin
{Runa} - Cousin
Other Relationships
Wrenn Tracks
Here I am
Get back up again
Barking at the Moon Forbidden Friendship
Living the Wrenn Life

Spirit Symbol
None yet