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Xanthos Rogue
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Male Starving
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(1 yrs, 5 mos.)
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Character Information


Xanthos has always been rather lanky, a trait that’s only exacerbated by his youth. He moves with caution, despite his age, and his dark coat allows him to more easily stick to the shadows. His dull emerald green eyes and the stark white wings that frame them are prominent reminders of his unknown heritage, and will be for much of his life.

With time, they may blend into something less striking, as the fur on his chest, muzzle, and paws grows lighter, but for now it remains as one of his most distinct features. He has a darker ridge of fur along the top of his head and spine, which becomes more easily distinguishable during the winter. Possesses minor scarring on his snout from his time away from the valley.

31 in. 90 lbs. 6.0 ft. (adult stats)


Above all else, Xanthos is wary. His trust isn’t simply earned and his temper ensures that his friendship is rarer still. To his sister, he was a fiercely loyal and compassionate companion. In the aftermath of her disappearance, however, he's begun to develop into an aloof, remarkably apathetic child; one steadfast in his opinions and quick to drop potential allies.


Height Build
Large Lean
Falter Glen | Oct. 31
Father Mother


Spirit Symbol
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