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Xeno Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Young adult
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Character Information

The Phantoms that plague me were once the Gods I worshiped....


Coat: Black | Eyes: Grey

Some days are.... easier than others. Some days, the Shadow creeps close, other days it is swept up by the darkness. Xeno hails from the Lands of Porcelain Dreams. A land swept up in grand mystery that is only spoke on foreign tongues from those of grand caution and wavering voices.

The ruler that held claim to the lands reign with an iron hammer and the fortitude most other leaders would crumble under. Her name was Zapz Akumi. Those that she commanded were warriors of an archaic sort. Xeno was trained in gladiator-like combat style. His very posture exemplifies his pride, brandishing it like his weapon of choice. In his more somber lifestyle, it also allowed him a companion of lesser status. A slave, of sorts. Her name was Lillith and despite how atrocious his comrades of choice were with their peons, he respected her. Though, he still always manged to look down on her with a bit of contempt. Compliments were rarely delved out sans a snide remark to slither in behind it; His sharp wit only second to his fangs.

With a heavy heart and longing for a land that seems to be but a dream to him now, Xeno roams the border of Canada. He is never quite alone, however, for his Shadow seems to creep closer on him with every passing day. Some days, it tickles him like a snake's teasing tongue, other days its sickening cackles sound like banshees in the night.

No matter what Xeno does, he cannot escape his Shadow. He believes it to be his past ruler, Zapz. His whole past, personified into the one he respected - and feared - the most.

Art by my friend Ali

And the terror, and the horror, When we wonder why we bother.


Withdrawn into his own thoughts, Xeno is not one to make his presence known. His self-doubt is his arch nemesis and is the number one reason as to why he remains a loner. While his Shadow comes in blinks of brief time, his whole demeanor is but a husk of his former self; Thus, the lion soon became the lamb. When approaching pack lands he resorts to a near phantom-like state and retreats from whence he came.

That is, until he met Daniel. Now that the new opportunity of a possible friend has arisen, Xeno is tenacious in proving his worth. So much so, his will to please may come off as brown nosing, bending over backwards until his spine cracks. Despite how he believes his own self image is reflected to others, every passing day gets easier.

Children render him child-like and meek, causing him to revert back to his halcyon days where he could be reckless and carefree. He is tender and has a majestic heart for those who appear fragile, be they newborn or a yearling. He barely knows how to talk to women, finding males easier to speak with.

Note Worthy: His Shadow is pure imagination, a crack in his mental hardware. Only Xeno can see it.


Daniel: True feelings are unknown. He remains a stranger to this day, for only his name and face are known. Mayhaps a true friendship could conjure up one day.

Randy: A jerk, honestly. He turned and left without so much of a hey at their first meeting. Maybe they'll cross paths again? Who knows.

Loki: Seems to be of good will, noting from their first meeting.. Much to learn of her yet. While she is crass with a 'devil-may-care' attitude, this ne'er-do-well may prove to be his first ally. Her sharp tongue and over-bearig presence is something to get used to, but nothing bad.

Benvolio: Comes off as a nice young chap, a little doe-eyed and hapless, but otherwise okay. Feels like he may surprise him later on.

Whiskey: He seems oddly cool. Snarky and sassy, Xeno quite enjoys the mouth on him. He hopes they will get along... But they have started off on the wrong foot.

Sunfall: Seems like a cool dude.... even if he thinks otherwise about Xeno.

Petey: Endearing. Whimsical. Sickeningly sweet. Xeno can't help but smile at her quirks. While he finds her charming, he's still testing the waters. She fed him, so 1+ friendship.


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Large Stocky
Land of Porcelain Dreams
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