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Name Pack
Yew Ravello Royaume Magnifique IV. Apothecary
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 6 mos.)
825 SP

Character Information






20in, 4'4ft, 55lbs. Light golden eyes and a cream coat. She is a sight to behold with a graceful tint of ivory and dark creams to her coat, appearing like a halo in the light. Her body is tiny but weight generally average. She isn't toned nor plump - she's just right and she wouldn't have it any other way. Yew looks after herself and takes pride in her appearance but doesn't let the ego get to her head. Her paws are dainty and her coat long. She is fluffy in the winter and gifted long golden locks in the summer, accentuating her tails length longer than it actually is.

Her voice darling and soft to the ear but not accented by her bilingual ability - english being her primary chosen language. She does however dip into and have a vast knowledge of French that allows her to speak fluently.


Yew is, however, a small girl with an inward personality, though not afraid of the world, is rather
cautious of whats in store. She has her opinions but isn't minding of others and their own. She
doesn't use her voice to speak about her political values, the only thing racing through her mind
are the if's and but's of how people react around her. She is a worry wart and she just cant help
it. Emotionally, she has learnt she likes to feel alive however she does not know how to handle it.

Outwardly, she is friendly, a soft smile placidly sat upon her golden maw as she faces the
day. Inside, she shakes and cowers away from the inner demons of her, not all that traumatic,
past. She was never one to go out there and force herself to do things she didn't want to do and nobody gave her that extra nudge. She doesn't always worry, just about whatever she has to do.

Yew is learning to overthrow her fears thanks to the confidence that the Royaume has installed within her. She can now confront males happily but remains internally cautious. She does not trust easily still but is learning to make lasting acquaintanceships. She is more likely to speak up about matters, having become experimental with her confidence but is still an inward individual.


Yew's history isn't very colourful. Gifted to a convent of nuns since she was able to stomach solids, she grew up amongst the company of women, and women alone. All that was demanded of her was obedience, faith and a gentleness and in return she was sheltered from the traumas of the world with a good supply of food and fair work that she readily did.

The girls were given an education, schooled in herbs, hunting and language - English, Latin and French. The Mother Superior was a french speaking woman from the north west and insisted that the new sisters were given the opportunity to flourish and bloom into a fine woman of the world.

Up to her second year, all Yew had heard of the outside world were rumours woven by the more risqué girls amongst her company. She could do little more than dream of the world that they painted but something pained her - men.

Men were shadows painted by the 7 sins - pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Though fearful of the sinful opposite gender, Yew did not let it sit too heavily on her heart. Upon leaving her fellow sisters under the dark of night without a word, Yew knew she couldn't avoid the world forever and left on her venture south.

Yew's Shopping Lists

Unless specifically told in character, the items in these lists are classified.

The "I need to talk to Jacqueline" List
⊳ About Selra and Kopec's "fight first, ask questions later" behaviour.
⊳ About Selra's obvious decline.
⊳ About her becoming Yew's mentor.
⊳ About men and winter.
⊳ About Yew's position.
⊳ About the Royaume.
⊳ About Ozias.

The "Life Goal" List
Join a pack
⊳ Become a well respected member of said pack.
⊳ Grow in the Apothecary field of work.
⊳ Have a successful happy family lifestyle with little Yews.
⊳ Change as a woman for the better.

Horizon Journal

Early Summer HY5 (Spirt Symbol - Leaf)
⊳ Entered the Valley via the Eastern Wasteland.
⊳ Met Hrothgar and the male made his intentions clear in Adder Creek.
⊳ Yew crossed into Wormwood Grove and meets Jacqueline and Hyperion.
⊳ Yew decides to stay with Royaume Magnifique as their healer.
⊳ Met Irving.
⊳ Met Archelaus by the lake and offers him a meal for his travels. Kopec rudely interrupts
followed by a confused Hyperionand a grumpy Margarita. Yew's respect for Archelaus
skyrockets and a childish crush is formed.
⊳ Met Selra.
⊳ Amongst Verdant Hills whilst searching for herbs, Yew comes across Archelaus and
shows off her new found confidence. Yew's feelings grow.

Full Summer HY5 (Spirt Symbol - Leaf)
Royaume Magnifique is formed!
⊳ Met Foxtail.
⊳ Whilst taking herbs for the groups journey, Yew comes across a tense situation involving Niu
and Hyperion. A woman named Chione is the culprit.
⊳ Yew finds herself keeping an eye on territory activity.
⊳ Met Marc who is looking for Marianne, his daughter. He mentioned something about seeing
Yew again?
⊳ Met Rin and leads him to the grove as a possible recruit.
⊳ Met Ozias in Heckled Holt. They cuddled and hunted the morning after.

Late Summer HY5 (Spirt Symbol - Hoof)
⊳ Answered Bunny's call and is met by Dust. A sparring session ensues.
⊳ Met Gardner in the Eastern Wasteland. He is injured during a fall.
⊳ Pack Roll Call with Selra. Jacqueline still hasn't returned and Selra's condition begins to show
some light to Yew.
⊳ Met Somnus in the Eastern Wasteland.

All art on Yew's profile is made by myself :3


Height Build
Petite Average
North East.
Father Mother
Gaius Pecan
Quince* and Vesper*
Late Updated
15:09 GMT
Early Summer HY5

Early Summer HY5 - Present
(Yew’s Stash/Den)
Love Interest
Ozi - A warm flame that burns inside of me. I hold you dearer than anything and anyone else.
{Jacqueline}, {Ozias}
{Hyperion}, {Irving}, {Claytan}, {Bunny}, {Margarita}, {Marc}, {Rin}, {Foxtail}, {Dust}, {Achelaus}
{Kopec}, {Niu}, {Selra}
{Hrothgar}, {Chione}(?)
Spirit Symbol