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Name Pack
Zahrah Lochlear Rogue
Sex Status
Female Pregnant
Age Skill Points
(9 yrs, 4 mos.)
1580 SP

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Fun fact:

Pipin, Zahrah, Kayin, and Foxtail all come from a site that I played on right before joining Horizon. Due to that site being much smaller, their histories are pretty tightly entwined: there is no ooc plotting, they just have a thick history and know the same wolves!
Name Zahrah
Nickname Zah, RahRah
Species Mackenzie Valley x Timber
Shoulder height 33in | 83cm
Weight 110lbs | 50kg
Eyes Right is Blue-green | Missing Left
BODY » Large, thick body. Heavy coat that insulates year round. Paws are overly large, one covers almost half her face. Legs are long and heavily built to match the thick paws, so that the transition appears natural. Tail is long and bushy, with a slight curve to it. Face is elegantly wedge-shaped with a lot of ruff around it. Ears are small, round, and furry. Neck and belly are covered with copious amounts of fur. She is completely missing her left eye, and can not open the eyelids on that side. COAT » Large female with a coat the color of limestone. Her forelegs and right hind leg are washed in a lighter grey that is perceived as white. The bridge of her nose has a splash of this lighter grey. It also arches over her eyes, trails from the outer edges, and blends into her cheek fluff. Her ears and the back of her neck also sport this lighter color. Finally, it trails down her spine and coats the back of her hindquarters and tail - leaving only the tip the original stone grey.
And a certain degree of charm
Passionate, Playful, Waspish, Devoted, Anxious, Friendly
Passionate » This girl is passionate about many things. Primarily, pups! They can be hers or someone else's offspring; all babies are precious and to be protected in her eyes. She's also excited by water and snow and will frolic in them if given a chance. She has a huge passion for the mountains - having been born near a mountain range - and will return there to wander and feel more at home.

Playful » Zahrah loves to play. Playing is something she has always done and probably will do. She is a bouncy individual when excited and hard to keep track of. It can manifest itself in various forms including careful sparring, wrestling, playing chase, or just zooming around together. Somehow her playful nature has stuck with her despite her downfalls.

Waspish » When buttons are pushed she shows a bit of her former self. She can be waspish and cutting. She is blunt and to-the-point when the situation calls for it. On occasion she can be prone to lecturing. She seeks primarily to defend herself and those close to her - it was what she was raised for. If that means throwing stinging words or a nip here or there, then she isn't beyond doing it. However, this is usually done as a last resort.

Devoted » Should the woman devote herself to something, she does it with all of herself. Sometimes her fears might get in the way for a little while, but she always comes back. So too is she devoted to the justice in the world. She would defend the unfortunate wolves despite her fear, and it is when her courage really shines through. One of her biggest issues is with wolves who threaten the safety of those she loves. She pines for a while after severing a relationship. Usually this pining is on the inside and is not shown outwardly.

Anxious» Anyone who really gets to know her will find her true self. An amicable, friendly, passionate, and playful individual who is loyal to the ends of the earth. She was once a Beta in a powerful pack and she remembers it. She was the bodyguard to the alphas as well as possessing some other tasks she doesn't mention much. Sometimes she struggles with an internal debate in which her instincts - the logical part of her - wars against her fears and reservations. It only exasperates her fear and anxiety. When relaxed she is a logical individual who isn't afraid to give direction.

Friendly»" Zahrah is amicable and friendly to those she meets, quickly warming up a lot more than she used to. She still worries a bit on whether they will turn on her but, for the most part, has decided it doesn't matter anymore. She is mothering and will often comfort others even if she does not know them well. Zahrah is more than glad to help and be there for others.
Best Traits Friendly, motherly, wants to see the good in others
Worst Traits Can be snippy when she's angry. Would prefer to not have responsibility levied on her.
Fears Despite her growth over the past year she is wary of packs she knows little of.
Habits Keeps wolves on her right side most of the time. She doesn't like having them on her blind side.
Even in the distant past
Zahrah had it all at one point. She had a pack and a family. As a youth she struck out into the world to find a place all her own. Though born in a river basin, she had traveled from the mountains. They were cold and harsh, and traveled more inland to find a warm and more verdant location to settle and build a family for herself. Build a family she did. While she never found a mate and birthed her own young, she helped to build a strong pack that dominated the territory.

She was beta, for a short while. A powerhouse of a wolf that defended her king and queen with everything she had. She helped raise pups, led the hunts, scouted the territory. A lot of responsibilities rested under her belt. She built friendships and held so much respect. She was so close to her king, her childhood friend, that they would share everything with one another. Not lovers, but confidants when it mattered most.

Then the rumors started. Rumors are dangerous things. Nasty rumors that trickled into her mind and toyed with her emotions. Somehow she found herself losing respect of the other wolves. She could no longer keep the respect naturally, so she tried to force it. Little by little the younger members of the pack would catch her alone and undermine her.

So long did this happen that eventually she could not walk among them without trepidation. After a year, her standing shifted even more. Her king and queen turned on her and she found the whole pack wanting to taste her flesh. She fled as far as she could, bloodied and beaten. The fighters from the pack pursued her until she crossed a great river and fell in a heap on the other side.

Her only fault in everything was that she had shown weakness to a pack that tolerated none. Damaged, she trusts no one and fears all who approach. For if even he could turn on her, want to rip out her throat, then the whole world was a dark and dangerous place.

Her life ever since has been that of roaming. Years, now, as she grows old with age and the white of her face begins to creep and spread through the limestone color of her coat. She'd found what she had considered a mate once, but she had to assume him dead when he had never returned to see her. This, combined with unrest near her lakeside home, had driven her onward in her journey. Well, at least it was safer that way.

SINCE HORIZON Zahrah met Cypress and then Wlila once while roaming and took a liking to them. Shortly after, she encountered her mate Romulus in the firefly woods by some bit of luck. After a very excited reunion she took the injured Romulus back to the Evergreen Wolves to see if they could help to heal him. After a short while there, they decided to stay. And thus they were a part of the inner workings of the pack for some months.

During her time there Zahrah came to know much of the pack as well as other wolves. She was able to overcome her fear of betrayal through the love and support of her kin. These wolves showed her that she didn't have to be afraid anymore. Well, for the most part. For a while, Hunter and Shade were a concern to the pack but when she went out on an expedition with Willa and some others, it was discovered that the siblings had departed the forest.

In more recent events, Immanuel was killed by the rogues Kaio and bernice. Zahrah helped to kill them - after being given no choice by Mari - and then strove to get the pack to make the borders more secure. Her idea was merely to meet wolves at the border. To this, Willa agreed but others did not. Rufus managed to change Mari's mind and it caused a fair deal of upset. Particularly after Mari and Romulus had a heated argument over it. Romulus was so spurned as to decide he wasn't welcome anymore and when he announced he was leaving, Zahrah of course went with him. It wasn't until after talking to Willa, Mari, and Rufus though. Nothing went well, but they had made up their minds.

Zahrah carries the guilt of leaving with her. She had risen to be a Vigil within the Evergreen Wolves and she loved that task. She loved her kin. Primarily, though, Romulus is her world and she wanted to look after him. Their family - the pups she was expecting - needed protection and she couldn't trust some of the Evergreen Wolves to ensure danger wasn't brought directly into the caves. So she and Romulus have set to roaming again, starting with the shores to the west.


Height Build
Very Large Stocky
outside Dawson Creek, Alaska
Father Mother
Doesn't speak of them Doesn't speak of them

Doesn’t speak of them


{Dai} {Ophelia} {Della} {Pace} {Solomon} {Elora} {Red} {Ramses} {Aspen} {Krystof} {Thunder} {Lunisa}


{Willa} {Meir} {Mari} {Rufus} {Nina} {Orion} {Paopu} {Cypress} {Talio} {Ayla}

{Shade} {Hunter} {Lenka} {Flit}
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Bred on 08.08.16
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Morning Sickness 09.01.16
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