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If you have an existing character on Horizon:

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  • If any information is left up to you, feel free to be creative when applying. You may also elaborate on/change the Brief Description if indicated by the character's owner.

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  • If your audition is approved by the contact over PM, post in the Joining forum using the form listed there and have the audition contact post a note approving your application

  • If any information is left up to you, feel free to be creative when applying. You may also elaborate on/change the Brief Description if indicated by the character's owner.

  • Once the adoption contact posts approving your application, staff will review it!

Characters Available for Adoption

Gender Male Birthplace Lake Balsam
Age 5 yrs, 10 mos. (Young adult) Parents Wakadin & Mitena
Size & Build Large, Lean Spirit Symbol eye
Coloration Siblings

{Taho}, {Ayani}, Dyani, Kanati

Jet black fur encapsulates most of the mysterious creature's lean body. Shades of brown and gray are mottled and broken by the darkness shifting over his form. Machk has a runner's build, with long legs, huge paws and powerful shoulders. His muscled neck is covered by a thick black mane of course fur leading up to a stoic face. Bright embers glow within his eye sockets, the color of flame.

His muzzle is topped in earthy brown fur whilst the underside is a light gray. His ears, flank and the tops sides of each limb hold tones of umber whilst his belly, the backs of each limb and each paw is swathed in silver grays. Age is already showing in his pelt, speckling of grays along his nape and spine are due to the passing of time and the stress it carried with it.


Machk can best be described as cynical. Down to his core, he seems jaded by life and the failures of hope to meet his strident expectations. He has an analytical and logic based mind, seeing things in shades of black and white. There is never gray. Things are either right or wrong, there is no in-between. Seeing the world at extremes can be daunting, as it leads him to mistrust most individuals he is presented with.

This has closed him off socially, as he is known best for his aloofness, like a great gargoyle sitting at the edge of any social gathering, he does not speak unless he feels he has something worth saying and social niceties are not his forte.

The only individuals Machk feels any sort of trust or love for are his family members, as his father raised all of them with a reverence for bloodlines. He lacks the instincts for fatherhood and is laughibly awkward around pups. Their innocence baffles him, and he never has a good reply for their never ending questions.

As for the mating season? Machk seems absolutely repulsed by the scent of heat on a female, and while he is wise enough not to throw out insults, he's likely to avoid them altogether during the winter. As for males? Hunting partnership is all he knows, and as he isn't the most experienced in the arts of affection, he doesn't really know what that feeling is that he sometimes gets around those of the same gender is. For now, he believes its just admiration of the masculine, but perhaps it is more. These feelings confuse him and he'll rarely dwell on it.

As for the things Machk enjoys? He's a little on the darker side. He finds beauty in death, going so far as to play with his prey far after he's incapacitated it just to watch it's life slip away. He also thoroughly enjoys fighting, though he has never killed another wolf.

He is not evil by any means, just a bit strange. As far as his better qualities? He was brought up with a strong sense of duty and honor, loyal to those who he sees as worthy. He is not a leader though, which speaks to why he spent so much time at his father's side, as he lacks the ambition to lead and instead prefers to be a indispensable gear that keeps the machine running, in a place where he can be accepted for what he is.

He has some sensory issues. He is put off by loud noise and crowds, prone to panic attacks when exposed. This would explain why the hefty brute holds his alone time dear.

Pros: Loyal, honest, hard working, cunning, observant, practical, self sufficient.
Cons: Cold, blunt, stubborn, easily confused by the overly emotional, confusion is a trigger for anger, nihilist, cynical, self absorbed, paranoid.


The story begins with Wakadin, who was born to Chevoya and Tse in the rugged northern lands. Wakadin dispersed from his pack at an early age and met Mitena, who bore Machk. Mitena passed away a year after their son was born after she was trampled by a bull moose. Machk can still remember watching her die.

The same year Machk was born, the female Seneca was born to Misk and Wyoming. A year and a half after her birth she met Wakadin and the two mated, having their first litter, Taho, Ayani and Dyani. It was during this time, Machk happened across a rogue male and found himself straying from his family territory to spend time hunting with the stranger. This lasted for a few months before the odd male met a female in the winter and left the boundaries. He never told anyone in his family about the outsider, though he felt strange grief at his departure. He spent time hunting and honing his skills while his younger siblings grew.

His relationship with Seneca was of respect. There was no real love between them, not that she didn't try to get him to participate more in family life, but there was no hate either. She was just a necessary part of the pack for him. It was Wakadin he was closest to, as the male was the only constant in his life. Taho left first, independent and too headstrong to remain under their father's leadership. Machk was warmest to Taho, who reminded him most of Wakadin, though Machk was never really the close, brotherly sort.

After Taho left, winter came again and Wakadin mated Seneca once more. Half way into her pregnancy she grew weak and upon giving birth, she only had one live puppy, Kanati, a young female. Her weakness proved to have deeper cause, as after a few months, Seneca left one morning and Machk found her lying still beneath a tree, dreaming a dream she'd never wake from.

Wakadin was never the same after that, trying to push himself into the task of raising Kanati whilst becoming rather bitter to the rest of the family. Machk remained a silent guardian even once Ayani and Dyani left to bring Taho the news of their mother's death. A few months later, Wakadin would die as well, succumbing to his age. Leaving, with Kanati at his heals, Machk heads south.

Contact for more info: Taho

Gender Male Birthplace Born outside Horizon
Age 4 yrs, 7 mos. (Adult) Parents Unknown & Laisa
Size & Build Very Large, Muscular Spirit Symbol stone



Like his brother Freyar, Locke is a large, intimidating force, with a thickset build and square features. His pelt is dappled with blacks, greys and dusty browns, broken by light unders and bright amber eyes. His fur is thicker around his neck, making a false mane that gives him a sort of intimidating look.


Quiet and stern, Locke is a strict creature, understanding but not kind to fault. He's not a people person, and will hesitate to go out of his way to help someone he doesn't know. He doesn't believe others' troubles should concern him.

Anything about the character is changeable, and left up to interpetation. Feel free to PM me with any questions!

Contact for more info: Freyar

Gender Male Birthplace North of Horizon Valley
Age 5 yrs, 3 mos. (Adult) Parents &
Size & Build Large, Average Spirit Symbol None yet

Personality: In another lifetime ago, Kaz was the dependable, funny one. He was always there to lighten the mood with a joke, or step up to teach the pups how to hunt. Kaz was the funny uncle, who always had a sparkle in his eye when he talked to those he loved. He wanted nothing more than to settle down with his family and spend the rest of his life making those around him happy. That changed when everyone he loved died. Kaz's light nature turned stormy. The male still tries to be his old self, but it feels like a forced act. He trusted those around him, but looking at where that got him, he has a hard time putting his faith in others. He is cordial, respectful to those he meets, but he has a hard time going anything deeper than small talk. Some are off put by this behavior and his aversion to pack life, believing him to be self centered. Quite the contrary, he wants to believe in others again and find a place he can start over. He just doesn't really know where to start. So he roams, and makes small talk, and doesn't really settle down. Wolves become faces to him that he forgets, though he does try to leave them with a smile before he goes. History: Once upon a time there was a pack north of Horizon lead by Chiron. Chiron was a kind wolf, with a son named Herran. Herran was spoiled and a jerk, but Chiron didn't stand for it and kept him in line. Though not the largest pack, they flourished and all was well. Kaz was a skilled hunter, large but fast, and he often lead pack hunts. He fell in love with a female named Kiara. She was kind hearted, and Sikozu's best friend. They were expecting a litter that spring, when "the incident" happened. Chiron had passed away a few weeks prior, leaving Herran in charge. He was ruthless, and many were unhappy with his lack of leadership. Kaz was leading a small hunt with the females looking over the few pups that had been born thus far. It was at this time that Herran and a few of his blind followers decided to attack the females. Herran hated that females like Kiara and Sikozu had stood up to him against his mean antics towards the younger wolves, and they were all raped and killed. Herran had never wanted to lead the back, he simply wanted to bask in the torment. Sikozu had lived through this (you can read her short history), but it was only out of sheer luck and her own knowledge of herbs after they left them for dead. Kaz's fellow packmates were attacked on the hunt, and he barely escaped with his own life. He later found his mate and friends dead, and assumes Sikozu is in the mess. He has been wandering for the last two years, which has brought him to Horizon. This spring will mark two years since "the incident".

Contact for more info: Sikozu

Gender Female Birthplace To the south
Age 2 yrs, 9 mos. (Yearling) Parents - & Jeane
Size & Build Average, Average Spirit Symbol eye

{Leas} - cousin, but raised like sisters

Farra's appearance is almost entirely up to you. She's cousins to Leas but they don't have to have a strong family resemblance. Her size and build can also be changed. Farra's personality is also up to you. She is generally friendly to those she is close with and could share some of Leas' overconfidence as well as general lack of knowledge from being raised in a small, sheltering pack. Farra's was born somewhere to the south, to a small, nomadic pack that traveled often. Her mother, Jeane, is the sister of Leas' mother. Farra could have had other siblings as a young pup, but by the time Leas was born they were all gone or passed away. The two young wolves had a happy life in their small pack and while they were cousins, they were raised together and acted as playmates and siblings. Leas looked up to Farra and the two got into minimal amounts of trouble together. While traveling one winter (HY3, early winter), Leas ventured far ahead of the pack on her own and was separated from the pack when a snow storm blew through. The pack had been traveling north at the time and did not find Leas again. The fate of the pack and reason for Farra to eventually reach Horizon is up to you - the rest of the pack could have been separated, or killed, or Farra could have ventured out on her own to find Leas, or just leave the pack and happened upon Horizon separately. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have :)

Contact for more info: Leas

Gender Male Birthplace Near Odinn's Cove
Age 4 yrs, 10 mos. (Adult) Parents Fidrick & Runa (deceased), Niala (stepmother)
Size & Build Large, Stocky Spirit Symbol leaf

{Eyja} (assumed dead)

{Malkeen} (one of the younger half siblings, male)

He lost his sister when they were only a little over three weeks old, and no one had seen her since. Keld believed Eyja to be dead, even now. He did not believe his brother Gunnar, who seemed to believe she was still out there. You lose a pup that young, they're dead.

When they were four months old, their mother died of an illness. And their father found a new mate soon after. Gunnar did not like her, Keld accepted her. Not as his own new mother, she could never replace his mother. But Keld was a lot more open to changes than Gunnar was.

A new litter was born that new spring, and Gunnar wanted to leave. Keld felt responsible, that he had to help his brother, so they left together, but split up soon after as Gunnar had to be an ass about things. In the end, Keld was all alone in this big world.
He's not looking for Eyja as he believes she died. But he does recognize her scent, and her eyes.
White coat with two dark brown spots on his forehead. His right eye is a seafoam green color like Gunnar's eyes, while his left eye is as bright green as Eyja's. He's large in size, bigger than Gunnar, but just as stocky as his brother.
He's protective and kind, but a bit more in the childish side; he prefers excitement over manners, and can be playful. Very open to others about his past, because to him it's all in the past, and nothing can be changed about it. He's a guy that lives in the here and now, and rarely looks back. He sometimes looks to the future, but he mostly lives his life as it comes. He does know how to make important decisions, though, if the situation calls for it.
Keld hates violence but would fight for the innocent and for his family. He it would pain him to hurt his own family members, but he would do it if they were doing wrong. Doesn't mean he would not cry over it afterwards, though. Big cuddly guy, no bad bone in his body.

Contact for more info: Eyja

Gender Female Birthplace Northern California (along a beach)
Age 2 yrs, 3 mos. (Young adult) Parents Ret & Aruna
Size & Build Large, Lean Spirit Symbol leaf


Smaller than her brother Kumar, Lal will still have a sizable amount on her. Weighing in at 89lb, with a height of 28 inches and a length of 5.7 feet, Lal will have a creamy coat with brown eyes.
-Perspective on life is similar to Kumar's: rainbow and butterflies etc..
-Tendency to be generous, strong-willed, talkative, flirty, and generally promiscuous
-Her kindness and selfishness can also be a form of selfishness, she is willing to sacrifice for others, but mostly puts it up as a show, not really following through /thoroughly/ (aka immature)

*I'd like the adopter to have free reign with her personality, dislikes, likes, little quirks etc.
History* (through her eyes)
Raised on the coast, Lal is the youngest of her brothers. She spent a lot of her days wandering around, talking to boys, living life carefree with no responsibility, until her father and mother chased Kumar out. Devraj, a friend of the family, later disappeared in the heat of the moment. After her brother left, a lot of heartbreak and emotion fell over the family pack. Frankly, Lal is very bitter about not knowing what happened. Bored with the sudden strictness that washed over her life, Lal left. Maybe she'd run into Kumar, but like always, she'd figured it out eventually.
*If adopted, a lot of Kumar's past and intertwined history is with Lal. Once adopted, a more in-depth relationship between Devraj, Lal, and Kumar can be exposed to the adopter.
*Fun fact: Kumar will call Lal, Lala.

Contact for more info: Igbo

Gender Male Birthplace Canada
Age 4 yrs, 5 mos. (Young adult) Parents Unknown & Unknown
Size & Build Very Large, Muscular Spirit Symbol hoof


Appearence Sebastion is a big wolf. A very big wolf. Like, he is a monster wolf. Not only does he have the biggest build that he has seen in most wolves, but he also has a ton of long, thick, fluffy fur. He seriously looks like the abominable snowman's pet. He also has the iciest blue eyes you've ever seen. Personality Honestly this guy is a big ol' ball of anxiety, and depression, and just sadness. He wants someone to love, but most people run away. Two years before he came to Horizon, someone hurt him. Another man that he loved. That man used him and broke his heart. Now Sebastion has trust issues and pushes people away when they get too close. He literally has no friends, and he knows nothing of his family. So basically he's as lonely as that one gas station in the middle of nowhere. He is also very socially awkward, so he tends to say random things out of the blue. Also, he is very 100% gay. History Sebastion has lead a long and very sad life. He never knew his mom or dad, and his sister, Aktuna, was taken by a wolf by the name of Kata when the two were sleeping one night. When Sebastion awoke, she was long gone. Her scent was there, but faint. The small pup tracked her for a few days until he hit a river, where he lost Aktuna's scent. After that, he laid at that spot or days, not moving or eating, taking away his pangs of hunger by filling his belly up with water. The worst part about was they had known and trusted Kata. Kata helped them survive when they were young. He had taught them to survive on their own, to be independent. He was their trusted friend, and he stole Sebastion's brother. Later on, as Sebastion was on his deathbed, a wolf came. A wolf with all the colors of the forest. That wolf was Layla. She fed the pup, gave him love and affection, nurtured him back to health. By this time, Sebastion was a year and a half old. And he was ready to keep searching for his sister. A year had passed, and he had found a man. One who said he would help him find his dear sister. As time went on, Sebastion fell in love with this wolf. The wolf known as Ruta. Ruta was bi, and he for a while, pretended to love him back, for a time. The wolves kept searching for his sister, but one day Ruta turned cruel. He was snippy that morning, and as the day kept going on, he grew angrier and angrier. As the sun set, he had seemed to calm down. Until he raped Sebastion. And then, he marked him. A large 'R' with a circle around it on his right flank. Sebastion was glad his fur covered it up, in later years, but on that night, he killed Ruta in fear of his own life. His love, and his only aid in finding his long lost sister. From then on, the wolf slowly traveled alone, until he made it into Horizon in HY3.

Contact for more info: Misaki

Gender Male Birthplace A Hollow In Canada
Age 5 yrs, 5 mos. (Young adult) Parents Cruel Bastard & Insane
Size & Build Very Large, Stocky Spirit Symbol bone


An attractive male with a white base coat. His back is peppered heavily with black fur, and his sides contain black and brown fur. As you get closer to his head, the individual hairs start with white and end with a raven black. His ears are a reddish brown color and the same color appears lightly around the edges of his mouth. He is a very large wolf, and stocky. Not overly buff, but still up there. His eyes are an alluring green.


Blixen is a charming man when he wants to be. But he is also very demanding. And when he wants something, he always gets it, whether it be by force, or if it's given. A perverted man, noticing the finer females and thinking about what he would do to them. He never talks about his past, and no one ever gets close enough to him to want to know. The wolf has a soft and caring side, but that is buried way down deep, where the wolf hopes no one will ever make it re surface.He has a hard time creting relationships, seeing as he is constantly on the move and his strong and off setting personality. His temper is also way outta control, especially in the winter season. Because of his past, he is very reluctant to trust other wolves, and he pushes away those he cares about in fear of getting them hurt. Blixen has calmed down in his older age, but he still doesn't want to settle down, and with his personality, he doubts any woman would want to settle down with him.

History-Before Horizon

Before Blixen came to Horizon, he was much kinder. He had a mate, pups, and a happy life with his family. They lived in a small forest where the prey was plentiful and the water was clear. He and his mate were kind to everyone. They had many friends, but Blixen had one enemy. Uzikel. Blixen and his mate, Kalina, were hunting together. Their pups, old enough to be alone. were back at the den. The couple had caught a fawn, it's spots fading quickly, and had brought it back to the den. They looked for their pups, but they were nowhere to be found. Blixen yelled for them, calling their names. A howl of pain was heard and the pair raced to find their two pups, Ibiza and Koroku, dead. They looked around, growls rumbling in their throats.

Uzikel lunged out of the shadows at Kalina, and the fight was on. The lovers fought against Uzikel with vengeance, but Kalina died. Blixen fought with a new rage. He had lost everything. His mate, his children. He was blind with rage. Soon Blixen had Uzikel beneath him, the wolf whimpering in and begging for his life. Blixen had no mercy. In a few slow, agonizing bites, Blixen had gutted the wolf beneath him. After that, he changed. Blixen became ruthless, taking whatever he wanted, not caring about anyone. He started to travel and made it into Horizon in Y3.

Contact for more info: Misaki

Gender Female Birthplace Canada
Age 4 yrs, 5 mos. (Young adult) Parents Unknown & Unknown
Size & Build Large, Average Spirit Symbol stone


Very flexible character.


Aktuna is a white wolf, not unlike her brother. She is basically a clone of him, though she is smaller. Her fur is long and soft, and her eyes are a steely blue.

Personality - Basic Traits

Loyal, reluctant to trust strangers, passionate, foolish, naive in some ways but not in others. Mainly naive about dumb things, but in serious things not so much. She's dealt with serious things, so that's what she knows. But things like hunting and basic manners, she knows nothing about.


Basically she was abandoned by her parents at a very young age, and then, later on, was kidnapped by her adoptive mother from Sebastion. After that, you decide what happens between that point on until she arrives in Horizon.

Like I said, she is a VERY flexible character. Most of the important details can be found in Sebastions thingy.


- Aktuna loves Sebastion to the end of the Earth. But other than that, she is very afraid of other wolves.

- She doesn't know Sebastion is gay, so when she finds out, she'll be very surprised. Especially because she is semi homophobic. Like jusssstttttttt a little.

Contact for more info: Misaki

Nelson Chevalier
Gender Male Birthplace Coast Mountains
Age 4 yrs, 11 mos. (Adult) Parents Antoine Chevalier & Andrea Chevalier
Size & Build Very Large, Stocky Spirit Symbol leaf

Naomi Chevalier †


In his former pack, Nelson had been forced into exile. When trying to teach a puppy how to fight, he accidentally broke its leg, resulting in Nelson's immediate removal from the pack. After having fought with the pack's leader - failing in swaying his opinion - Naomi left too, refusing to allow her brother to fend for himself alone.

The two set out to find a new place to settle, but as time ticked away, their needs began to diverge. Their paws led them in different directions; Naomi sought a pack to call home while Nelson yearned for a peaceful place to call home.

Had Nelson been able to convince himself that another pack would accept him, he would have followed right after his beloved sister. Unfortunately, the male feared no one would take him after the accidental crime he had committed.


Nelson became self-conscious of his strength after the forced exile. Post exile, he even feared to get too close to other wolves, preferring instead to keep a ten-meter radius from everyone. In simpler terms, Nelson is a gentle soul, wanting only to please those around him to make up for the horror of his past.

Though he cares for others, when it comes down to it, Nelson is selfish. His own safety will come before others when in dangerous situations. For example, if he's starving, sharing food won't even cross his mind. The large male doesn't realize his own selfishness, but this is mostly because it's wired into his survival instincts... a trait that is dormant but present.

Now without his sister for 2 years, Nelson has finally decided to search for her. His time alone had been nice, but he wishes to reunite with his only sibling. Little does he know that Naomi is dead.

Important stuff!

- Nelson knows nothing about Naomi's relationship with Elliot, and has never met the Daniels family.
- What he did during the 2 years that he wasn't with Naomi is completely up to you!

Contact for more info: Elliot

Argonaut Greybech
Gender Male Birthplace Somewhere southeast of Horizon
Age 3 yrs, 5 mos. (Young adult) Parents Unknown (†) & Juna Greybech
Size & Build Very Large, Lean Spirit Symbol eye



Argonaut is a very large and slender Great Plains wolf with a soft grey coat. Like his brother, he has bright yellow eyes.


Born to an alpha who was exiled for breeding with a wolf that wasn't her mate, Argonaut and his brother were labelled as "Bastards" because of their mother's unwillingness to leave the borders of her old pack. Argonaut learnt to ignore the bullying of the pack's young. But when he witnessed his brother, Belarus, running away after brutally murdering a pup of their age, Argonaut went after him and they both left their mother at six months.

Using the hunting skills passed down by their mother -- which was the only thing she was good for, they believed -- the two brothers hunted to their hearts' (and stomachs') content. Argonaut was the fastest of the two, and was always the one who would give their prey a big chase before Belarus would come and lay the killing blow. When they became a year old, both of the brothers became very interested in she-wolves, but only Belarus was sexually mature (Argonaut was a late-bloomer and wouldn't be mature until he was around three years old).

Shortly after turning two, the brothers encountered a group of human explorers who sought to hunt them both down. Argonaut fled like a deaf and blind wolf out of utter fear of what he called "loud sticks". Belarus had been shot by one, but it only grazed his shoulder; however, it was leaving a blood trail and they had to cross river to escape the humans. Once they were safe, Argonaut wouldn't stop shaking for two days. He suffers from PTSD: he flinches at loud noises and sudden movements and his mind is frequently plagued by nightmares of the experience. A few days later, they came across an old wolf who spoke of a valley that he was heading toward. Belarus had little interest in the idea and was intending on continuing their seemingly endless hunting spree. Argonaut, however, viewed the valley as a safe haven and opted parting ways with brother. This led to the biggest argument the brothers ever had. The last thing Argonaut heard was his brother snarling, "After everything we've been through?" before he turned and left with the intent of never seeing his brother again. The old wolf's name was Ob and actually had no idea where the valley was, but they both asked about, gradually getting nearer to their destination. Along the way, Ob became terribly ill and eventually became so sick, he couldn't travel anymore. Argonaut didn't have the heart to kill him and decided to sit and stay with him and listened to him talk about his youth before he passed away in his sleep. Determined to find the valley, Argonaut continued on his own.

* Personality is up to the player, just keep his background and PTSD in mind.

Contact for more info: Belarus

Aksel Holt
Gender Male Birthplace Emerald Labyrinth, Horizon Valley
Age 1 yrs, 11 mos. (Elder) Parents Bjorn Holt & Zehnai
Size & Build Large, Lean Spirit Symbol leaf

{Eerik} Holt
{Astrid} Holt

Aksel was the brother of Astrid and Eerik, but went inactive around their 8 month. He left off sort of in an ambiguous spot after Aksel and Bjorn tracked down Eerik to the beach. The thread wasn't resolved, so I have just taken the liberty of assuming Aksel made his way from the valley. I've spoken to the former player, and she's given the go ahead! You can take a look at Aksel's threadlog, and PM me with any further questions or concerns

Aksel, while tall, does not have an imposing stature. He lacks the mass and bulk of his brother and father, instead bearing a narrow and lean frame. However, in his travels, his muscles have hardened and defined themselves beneath his pelt. Aksel's muzzle is long and thin to match the rest of his slender proportions. His pelt is more sleek than soft and bears a mixture of gray, white, and black hairs. Adding to his intense look are his piercing blue eyes. He is agile, flexible, and a skilled hunter.

From childhood, Aksel was the walking definition of uptight. Level headed yet stubborn, he was not so willing to involve himself with the shenanigans of his siblings. Despite this, he was never a match for his brother's brawn or his sister's wit. For a short while, this vicious cycle was repeated. Often against his will, he would be dragged into situations when he would much rather have been wandering alone, studying the world around him in solitude. At six months, however, his world was shatters. His mother succumbed to rabies.

It shook their foundations, and shattered their already strained family. Eerik fled, and Astrid stayed behind. Aksel, however, opted to seek their largely absent father, Bjorn, for help. He sought to reunite his family, including Bjorn this time, and rebuild. For as much as he secretly resented their antics, Aksel's family was his entire world.

With Bjorn at his side, he searched for his missing brother for months. It was in this time that he was faced with more of the weight of the world than he had anticipated. It was here he learned the world was cruel, and that no matter how you pined for peace and ease of mind, it did not wish to grant it to you. It was here he learned his birth was no product of love, but pride. A cheap attempt at redemption. It was here the term "family" began to lose it's meaning. The name "Aksel Holt" began to sound like a stranger's.

They found Eerik on the beach. He had made a home there. He had started a new life. Detached from family. Detached from the suffocating responsibility of carrying on a legacy, upholding a name, pleasing the ancestors he would never know. And for the first time in his life, Aksel envied Eerik. A simple mind. So simple. How had it been so simple? So easy? That night, Aksel forced himself away. Away from the only home he'd known. Away from the remnants of his family. Away from the place his mother died. It had seemed so easy. So mindlessly simple; like breathing.

And it was, for the most part. It turned out that his days spent in solitude, practicing his hunting, learning the land, orienting himself with the world around him; it helped him to survive. Through harsh winters as he traveled north, and a particularly barren autumn. In his time away, however, he hardened. He withdrew even further within himself, hardly speaking to those he passed on his venture. His aimless venture. Aksel never sought the company of others. In fact, he avoided them. He wandered for months. It was soon that he found he no longer knew how much time passed. Day and night morphed, months drifted, season ignited and snuffed in a matter of seconds.

And although he always knew where he was, Aksel became lost. Lost to the world. Lost to himself. So young, yet ancient in the eternity of of a restless mind. Amidst the emptiness of it all, there came a light. The sight of a mother, and he three young. She was brown, like his had been. She led her children through a mountain pass; two dark as night, one bright as snow. Aksel did not know how long he watched them from his ridge. He did not know when it was that he rose. And he did not remember making a clear decision before directing himself southward. Back the way he had come. Back to the place he had never been allowed to truly live. Home, on technicality. But to him, and chance to rediscover what it was to be Aksel Holt.

the finer points of his personality are pretty flexible. he is pretty true to the leaf spirit symbol, but he leans partially toward his own well being. he is calm, calculated, and likely still a bit uptight. stubborn and set in his ways, but still searching for something he really doesnt fully understand. ^.^

Contact for more info: Solomon

Akela Koena
Gender Female Birthplace Koena Cove, Far south.
Age 3 yrs, 11 mos. (Young adult) Parents Huka & Kala
Size & Build Average, Lean Spirit Symbol feather


Appearance: Akela, like her brother, sports quite an average coat. A mixture of grays, tans, and creams. She also has the same, faded blue eyes. She stands around average height but remains on the leaner side when it comes to her build.
Personality: Akela has a lot of wiggle room for her traits - she and Makoa were separated and raised entirely differently. Her personality can really be anything - though her strongest trait she does currently have - is her love and devotion for her family. She loved her mother deeply, as well as he older brother, Koa. She's also quite intelligent, spending a life time studying herbs and illnesses.
History: Makoa and Akela's father died on the night of their birth, Told he died in a hunting accident. To survive, their mother took a new love on. Tua. Akela never really knew him, though he took Makoa away from her and her mother to do militia-related training. Akela grew along side her mother and learned the art of herbs.

As the years went on, she soon learned of her step-fathers abuse towards their mother. Soon after she discovered that Koa had ended Tua's life for his actions towards Kala. With that, she rejoiced with her sibling. Only to soon part ways again when Makoa left the cove for good. She supported his motion entirely, missing him but understanding staying would be too hard. Months after Koa left, their mother had passed away from unknown illnesses. Akela had left the pack to track Koa and inform him of said event.

Contact for more info: Makoa

Tehanu Lascrofe
Gender Female Birthplace
Gila River
Age 4 yrs, 11 mos. (Adult) Parents Ezekiel Lascrofe II & Kait Lascrofe
Size & Build Very Large, Lean Spirit Symbol leaf

{Wayfarer} - Eldest brother, her favourite. She believes she can deliver him from his self-destruction.

{Lebannen} - Middle brother, she likes him but he left to find other means of survival.

Brief traits (please expand): Compassionate, Loyal, Family Orientated, Confident, Girlie and Pure.
Appearance (please expand): Tehanu, unlike her brothers, is more white than she is black. She also does not bare the mark of the Lascrofe, their darker, more menacing eyes. She has a pair of bluer ones - their more refined and sweet.

History: Tehanu was her father's favourite, the babied, more spoilt and sheltered child of the three. She was protected from her father's wrath, unknown of its existence whilst her two siblings took the worst of the abuse, Wayfarer especially being the 'true' child. That being said, Lebannen has his fair share for being the dirty one.

Tehanu was not there on the day of the desert desertion, her brother, Lebannen, having stolen her away in the evening to keep her safe from the wrath of their brother and father. Unfortunately, she was not allowed to return. She never knew the results of the match, nor the losses the pack had taken on that fateful day. Everybody was dead to her, until she caught scent of her eldest brother once more. This was where Lebannen and she split, he did not share her opinion of their brother and wished to seek out a life for himself.

This is where you may continue her journey.

Contact for more info: Wayfarer

Edghar Schmidt
Gender Male Birthplace Somewhere north of Horizon
Age 6 yrs, 9 mos. (Adult) Parents Deceased & Deceased
Size & Build Average, Stocky Spirit Symbol stone
Coloration Siblings

{Rathbone} (younger half-sibling)

Personality Pretty flexible

Cold, bitter, not very smart (but thinks he is), irrational, cowardly, sycophantic, power-seeking, inconsiderate, selfish, loyal (to an extent, hence selfishness), backstabbing, diplomatic, asexual.

Background Also pretty flexible to an extent

Edghar was raised by a family of rogues who had never been all that good at hunting. Wanting to do what thought was best for his family, he and some allies, formed a pack, consisting of their families, to take power over the forest and claim whatever prey was found within. This forced other rogues to either flee and find other places for food, or fight back against the pack. Edghar, being somewhat of a diplomat, struck a deal with the rogues wanting to remain in their homeland: they had to hunt for the pack's cache. Members of the pack, including Edghar, became lazy and dependent on the rogues and bullied them constantly.

When his younger half brother, Rathbone, was born, Edghar took him under his wing as an apprentice of sorts. A year later, a new pack came in with stronger and more aggressive wolves. Edghar's pack, out of fear and cowardice, disbanded. The falling apart of the pack left Edghar mentally defeated and fell into depression.

Edghar witnessed his younger brother kill another wolf. He never learnt exactly why but has a pretty good idea. When Rathbone told Edghar, secretly, that he was leaving to live in penance, Edghar accepted his decision, thinking that it wouldn't last longer than a year. However, it's been over three, and now he wants his brother back to help him reassemble his pack in a new land.

* Appearance is up to the player, just keep his size and build in mind. He would most likely resemble his brother, Rathbone, fur-wise.

Contact for more info: Rathbone

Jabulile Shaka
Gender Male Birthplace Imbali Valley
Age 6 yrs, 10 mos. (Adult) Parents Kgabu Shaka & Thadie Shaka
Size & Build Large, Average Spirit Symbol stone

Ulwazi (F), Amahle (F), Lerato (F)
Funani (M)
Phila (M), Siyanda (M), {Idemoni} (F), Liyana (F)

Large size and average build, black coat with a small white patch on the chest; his eyes are a yellow-golden color. Although being from the middle litter and getting closer to the ''elder'' age of his life, he looks a lot younger than most of his siblings when it comes to facial features. Even the coat around his face has yet to turn grey. He looks even younger than his one year younger sister, Idemoni.
Sent out to hunt down Idemoni, Jabulile is loyal to a fault, but to the wrong wolves. Trust me, he isn't a bad guy. He's actually very sweet and caring and kind. But religion has made him hate his sister, for she's a ''demon'', due to her different colored eyes. A gentleman and even very shy and soft-spoken at times around strangers, friends and family. A real family man, but a serious hunter when it comes to his younger sister.
He could have loved her, had his family not stuffed his head with false stories about demons and their god Insindiso, and their faith. He would have been the type to stand up for Idemoni during their younger years, but he had never done that because he was afraid his parents would label him a traitor.
They had never given him a chance to get to know her, and thus he grew distant towards her. She's not his sister in his eyes, but a demon he needs to get rid of. And any other ''demon'', for that matter (look on Idemoni's profile to see the description of a ''demon'' wolf). He was brainwashed from a young age to hate her, that she was a danger to his family.
He tends to hold off on killing other demons, though. He wants to get rid of his sister first so his family will praise him. Other demons are for a later time... unless they seem to pose a threat. Upon meeting a ''demon'', Jabulile will be wary, but not yet dangerous. He will come off as cold and serious. If he believes they pose a threat, he will not be a friend to them... And even if they were friendly and he would act decent towards them, he would never consider any of them friends.
Compared to his sister, Jabulile isn't too deeply woven into his faith. In fact, he might believe in his god and his family's ways, but he doesn't pray to Insindiso. He's less words and more actions. Idemoni dreams and hopes her dreams come true, without really doing anything for it. Jabulile acts and takes steps to get his dreams to come true, even if that means he has to fight.
Right from the start when they were born, the siblings were shunned from Idemoni, Jabulile as well. He was a sweet little potato, but hiss family turned him into a monster. Mainly because they wanted him to hate his sister, they wanted him to believe in the stories and heir god. And that's what happened. The pups grew up, he grew up, and he grew strong.
He despised his sister, and never talked to her. He always stood a distance away and stared at her with angry eyes, judging her. When Idemoni accidentally caused a pack mate to die during a hunt, his misplaced hate towards her grew even more. She could choose between death and exile, and chose to be exiled, much to Jabulile's dismay.
Soon after she left, alive, several hunts went bad, and the pack almost died of hunger. Almost. They managed to pull themselves back up, but they believed it was Idemoni's bad luck that had caused them to almost succumb. They regretted giving her a choice, and decided they should send out a strong fighter that could take down their pack's former demon. She had to die. And Jabulile was the one offering his services. He would go out and kill his sister, and return with one of her limbs to proof his worth, and Insindiso would praise him. His family would praise him. He was 4 years old when he left. He has been searching for his sister for more than two years.

Info on their god Insindiso is on Idemoni's profile (still WIP for now). And Idemoni changed her name later on in life, secretly; Jabulile knows her by her birth name, Ida.

Contact for more info: Idemoni

Finely Storm
Gender Female Birthplace South of Horizon
Age 1 yrs, 9 mos. (Adult) Parents Mean & Angry
Size & Build Average, Muscular Spirit Symbol feather

Cousin: Liberty

Finely Storm

Runaway Lightning


Finely is a fine young wolf. Exhibiting the brown eyes of her mother, and the dark coat of her father, she doesn't resemble her brothers in the slightest. She is of an average height, and is muscular from her father's training. She does have a splotch of white on her chest, and some on her face. Not heavily scarred, mostly from fighting.


Finely is very, very optimistic. She holds the standard 'Disney Princess' demeanor. Loud, bright, and a very good singing voice. She generally loves being around others. But, she doesn't allow herself to be negative. So most of her negative emotions are bottled away to release when shes alone. Peppy, upbeat, but too focused on being the class clown to really manage her emotions.


Born mere months after Sunfall's banishment, Finely's parents were impressed to find that two pups were birthed this time. Finely, and her very sickly sister Hibiscus. Finely was mostly ignored, her coat too dark to ever be a proper female. Hibi, on the other hand, was the golden child. Until she ultimately passed after catching a cold that evolved into pneumonia. At that point, Finely had entered her aunts family, growing up beside her cousin Liberty.

Finely was dragged away from her new family kicking and screaming. The pack needed a heir to replace sweet Hibiscus, and the two failures beforehand. So, Fin was taught of her big siblings. Tidus, who dishonored the pack by running away from an arranged mateship that would have secured them, and Sunfall, who brought the pack to a horrible fate. But they built back up from there. And now, here Finely was. She began to admire her brothers for leaving. Tidus, for leaving to pursue his own love. And Sunfall, for persisting despite his fate. In her mind, they would come back to save her. They evolved into knights in shining armor, valiant wolves who saved everyone they came across. Finely became obsessed with the idea they would come save her. They would rule the pack with kindness.

Tidus nor Sunfall ever came. Finely couldn't be mad at them. They were out saving the world. She grew up alongside her cousin Liberty, the two bonded as sisters. Finely routinely sparred with her father, before she would go dream of her older brothers.

Finally, Finely had enough. She took off in the night, with Liberty hot on her heels. She would find her brothers, track them down by using her charm to force wolves into speaking about what they knew of them. And she would join them in saving the world, with Liberty at her side. At some point, she dropped her surname, choosing her own. Storm.

Contact for more info: Tidus

Bryndis Sørensen
Gender Female Birthplace Agnethe Hollow
Age 2 yrs, 6 mos. (Young adult) Parents Bartram & Dagny
Size & Build Very Large, Muscular Spirit Symbol feather


Bryndis Sørensen

The Strong Woman


The first thing you notice about Bryndis is that she is very, very tall. Like, obscenely tall for a female. And if you ask the giant woman herself, she has absolutely no clue. Other than her obscene stature, she is very muscular, even more muscular than literally every other male in her pack. But also, she is a very pleasing mix of colors, some brown, some grey, some black, some cream. But still. Very tall and strong


A very gentle giant. She is very cuddly and easygoing at times, often seen with her tail wagging. She enjoys singing. Well, more of belting out song lyrics and shantys from back home. She is slightly honor driven, and, if attacked, will not hesitate to throw her weight around. Valhalla awaits her, and the gods are watching to see if she gets her honorable death


Born into a pack in the cold north, by a calm lakeshore. She was the largest puppy the pack had ever laid witness to. Her mother didn't know who her father might have been, considering she was taken from the pack in a raid by an opposing pack. So, the puppy was adopted by the community at large. She came to be known as Bryndis. Of strong armor. As she grew, her massive size became more and more apparent. She was growing too big for the pack to keep up with. So, the giant woman was surrounded by hobbits.

Eventually, she realized the amount of resources she was sapping. Her appetite was too large for the pack to handle. So, she left, after saying goodbye to the wolves who raised her, to seek honor in her years, before she would ascend to Valhalla and fight for Odin in Ragnarök


Believes in Norse gods. Believes an honorable death will send a Valkyrie to her side to take her to Odin's grand hall of Valhalla.

Contact for more info: Caesar

Ragnar Volsunga
Gender Male Birthplace North of Horizon
Age 3 yrs, 3 mos. (Young adult) Parents Asmund & Asta
Size & Build Very Large, Stocky Spirit Symbol print

Rune Volsunga
Brida Volsunga
{Kara} Volsunga

A true Viking, raised to be a powerful Volsunga. He is hot-headed, but valiant in nature. Despite often being very impulsive, he is capable of restraint. He has practiced his self-control and learns to remain silent when it is needed. Ragnar has found a balance between being belligerent and being calm. He is loyal to a fault to those whom he stands by, and is one to keep his word. He views those who break their word as lesser being. In fact, he views many as lesser beings. Nevertheless, he does not believe in unwarranted cruelty even to lesser beings. Though his idea of what is warranted or not rather fickle. Other wolves can become very irritating very quickly. Trustworthy to those who he pledges his loyalty to, but a threatening force to those he deems as his enemies.

More can be found on his page Ragnar

Contact for more info: Kara