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Skyrise Pass Description | Flora & Fauna

The Skyrise Mountain Pass borders the entire southern edge of Horizon, with various entry points. The Pass is a long stretch of hilly, rugged landscape, walled in on either side by majestic mountains. Its mild (although sometimes stormy) weather supports a hardy, well-worn ecosystem.

Subareas: Oversea Lookout, Lake Melody, Moonglade Springs
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Activeher way her way out
[summons] after the sky is everywhere, looking for abrielle | night | cold
Titania 0
Posted: 1 hour, 26 minutes ago
Activerevelation in the light of day
[continuation] w/ Alina | afternoon | cold & snowing
Orion 9
ActiveGhost In You
Here and back again | Midday, clear skies | AW
Norna 3
ActiveDays Pass By
Autumn | Mid-day
Bree 7
ActiveStarting Over Again
[summons] Early Winter | Mid-day | Seeking Makoa
Kara 5
snow patrol  
[continuation] late autumn | nightfall | snowstorm imminent
Lysander 16
Activedo whatever, nobody cares
mid-day, light snow, cloudy
Vár 1
If I asked, what would you say?
Pre-Dawn || Chilly || partly cloudy || foggy
Makoa 15
Play time’s over
[summons] Late autumn, afternoon -- Snowstorm, calling for Castor and Asha (and Bree and Korsteel?)
Eyja 11