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Skyrise Pass Description | Flora & Fauna

The Skyrise Mountain Pass borders the entire southern edge of Horizon, with various entry points. The Pass is a long stretch of hilly, rugged landscape, walled in on either side by majestic mountains. Its mild (although sometimes stormy) weather supports a hardy, well-worn ecosystem.

Subareas: Oversea Lookout, Lake Melody, Moonglade Springs, Hellmaw Caverns, Starshatter Basin
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Activebe comfortable, creature
[continuation] full spring, early evening, clearing up; w/ morwen; heading east to the springs
Tunglid 11
I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, but I Sure Know Where I’ve Been
[summons] Kiel / Traveling Start / Full Spring / Cloudy
Rocco 13
ActivePlease Baby Please Baby Please
Full Spring | Skyrise Pass, close to the verdant hills | warmish! cloudy!
Petunia 3
[summons] Morwen, Zara, AW | HY4 Full Spring | Skyrise Pass, just outside springs | morning, barely snowing
Lorenzo 23
ActiveMy only mistake was letting you go.
Searching for Tomas | Dusk | Light rain.
Zeniba 4
ActivePoised upon the Ledge
early spring | overcast, windy, snowflakes | slightly South of Lake Melody | morning
Tomas 8
ActiveSong of Storms
skyrise pass, just outside the springs | early spring | mid-morning, raining/flurries, foggy | all welcome
Lorenzo 10