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Skyrise Pass Description | Flora & Fauna

The Skyrise Mountain Pass borders the entire southern edge of Horizon, with various entry points. The Pass is a long stretch of hilly, rugged landscape, walled in on either side by majestic mountains. Its mild (although sometimes stormy) weather supports a hardy, well-worn ecosystem.

Subareas: Oversea Lookout, Lake Melody, Moonglade Springs, Hellmaw Caverns, Starshatter Basin
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Spalding 11
(Closed) (Closed) ActiveWhen it rains, it pours
Set toward Sunset All Welcome!
Sylva 8
Daesamar 34
to old friends and those i’ve loved and lost:
late summer / dusk / 67°F / partly cloudy / high in the mountains
Morwen 3
ActiveAnother Step to the Song
between the Basin & Lake | late afternoon, full summer | cooling faintly
Tomas 7
ActivePushing the Envelope
west of Lake Melody | midday, warm | full summer
Amelia 3
Activeas fierce, as colossal, as all-consuming
volcano event | late evening | aw
Inigo 24
Activememento mori
early summer / dawn / 46°F / misting
Morwen 33
ActiveDon the fool in fish guts
Approaching the Springs from the northeast | Full Summer, HY4
Zara 5
Nima 34
early summer, morning, partly cloudy
Tunglid 13
ActiveSlimy yet satisfying
about a yard away from the territory
Kopec 9
ActiveWe can find a way to break through
Skyrise pass, travelling east | Full summer | Afternoon | Rainclouds looming | With Pierce & Benjamin but AW!
Bucky 3