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Skyrise Pass Description | Flora & Fauna

The Skyrise Mountain Pass borders the entire southern edge of Horizon, with various entry points. The Pass is a long stretch of hilly, rugged landscape, walled in on either side by majestic mountains. Its mild (although sometimes stormy) weather supports a hardy, well-worn ecosystem.

Subareas: Oversea Lookout, Lake Melody, Moonglade Springs
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i was feeling down, then i found a nice witch and now we’re best friends
[summons] 22f // w/ Idemoni // heading east (within Skyrise territory but within the same line as Fossil Butte // NIM-NIM
Igbo 6
Activeat the gala
all welcome | morning | lots o' snow & chilly & cloudy
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Posted: Sep 16 '17, 8:55 AM