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Evergreen Forest Description | Flora & Fauna

This mostly coniferous forest's growth is still young, allowing for easy navigation between tree trunks and branches — and perfect for speedy, albeit risky, travel. As one heads to the northwest, the land gradually slopes upward, offering a scenic view of the forest below.

Subareas: White Geysers, Everlasting Caverns, The Clearing
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Near the border of the Woods | Chilly and partly cloudy | Early Afternoon | Early Winter
Geir 17
ActiveSneaky Sneak
[HY3, Meandering around EW borders, Full Autumn, Breezy]
Ares 36
ActiveA Meal in the Rain
Evening | Light rain, cloudy skies
Levi 0
Posted: 8 hours, 8 minutes ago
ActiveDo the Bartman
all welcome | morning | freezing & breezy | out in front of the caves
Orion 4
ActiveWelcome to a new kind of tension
[summons] Achi? | More northward, EW | Evening
Whiskey 9
ActiveTake it easy
little ways away from the Caves | EW, cloudy and cold
Tasuku 5
You’re so Mean
[summons] [Orion] Noon/cold
Alina 7
Activeflying south
Evergreen Forest; Early Winter
Myatuk 17
ActiveBitches love sticks
AW| Early evening | Sprinkling
Achilles 21
ActiveKids Grow Up
Early Winter/ morning/ not too far from caves
Sigfrid 6
ActiveBroken bones, broken promises
[summons] Morning, rainy, windy, cloudy [Looking for Ares]
Renegade 20
[continuation, summons] Aran, Cypress, Talio(?), any EW
Meir 4
Activejust peachy!
light rain, early night
Flit 18
ActivePlan C
[continuation] [After Coming Together] Hunting
Rabbit 10
[summons] Aran | 39°F/4°C | Slightly Cloudy | Night | Early Winter
Meir 10
ActiveWaltzing in the Rain
AW| Early evening | light rain |
Achilles 9
Activealways in my head
Edge of Evergreen Forest; Late Autumn
Myatuk 15
ActiveSniff Snuff Woof
noon/light breeze
Conner 15
ActiveLook at all those chickens!
Invasion of the Geese| Mid-day | AW
Achilles 9
ActiveWalking Old Paths
Late autumn || Morning || Clear weather, light breeze
Snowy 9
Um, excuse me. What are you?
[Geese] Early noon/foggy/near border
Conner 24
ActiveRoute B
[continuation] [After Coming Together] Herb Searching/ At Alina Cache
Alina 12
Activecollecting scents
rota(?), aw | morning, overcast
Bali 29
ActiveFellowship Unnamed
EF - Northern Edge, headed toward FW | Raining, cool, EA
Tiberius 21
ActiveI got my love; now come get yours.
[summons] Whiskey, Ready for round two? | Not in front of the cave entrance this time.. sorry Ruru | Late night
Achilles 40