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Evergreen Forest Description | Flora & Fauna

This mostly coniferous forest's growth is still young, allowing for easy navigation between tree trunks and branches — and perfect for speedy, albeit risky, travel. As one heads to the northwest, the land gradually slopes upward, offering a scenic view of the forest below.

Subareas: White Geysers, Everlasting Caverns, The Clearing
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i don’t know where i’m going from here but i promise it won’t be boring
||AW; trying to expand Aksel's "horizons" in terms of knowing others!||
Aksel 4
ActiveBip bop outta here
Full Spring/morning
Conner 16
ActiveForlorn Hope
AW, Full Spring, Midday, Sunny through clouds, Just across the border of the EF and FW
Regent 7
Mama, We’re All Crazy Now
~ 3 weeks 1 day old / day after "a toddle into the world" / early morning / AW
Mintaka 8
Activea toddle into the world
~ 3 weeks old! curious about the entrance of the den! daylight outside!
Azalea 10
ActiveHeartbroken Heartthrob
Lookin for Rufus | Murphy has a sad | At the entrance to the Caverns
Murphy 10
Activemajestic eagle scream
[summons] full spring, morning, sunny; looking for america; day after "YEAH BOY"
Josalyn 26
(Closed) ActiveBoy oh boy
[continuation] Mid spring, with Oliver
Mikazaru 7
Activea sonder in a forest
eyes opened! // in the den
Azalea 8
Here and there?
Aw, Evergreens, morning, cloudy but no rain
America 12
ActiveSomeone to hate
Aw, Evergreens, late night, light snow, moving south west sorta
America 6
ActiveFamily Bonding
[continuation] [Backdated to after what the heck happened]
Conner 13
Activethe prodigal son returns
[summons] Evergreen Forest, Late Winter | Aekyr Fam
Loren 26
Activelong tired branches
aw, Alina, BABS | mid morning | snowy & chilly | near FW/Alina's den
Orion 29
ActiveRed Moon
Full spring/night/w pups
Alina 18
ActiveStarry nights
Night/early spring/at her den
Alina 25