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Evergreen Forest Description | Flora & Fauna

This mostly coniferous forest's growth is still young, allowing for easy navigation between tree trunks and branches — and perfect for speedy, albeit risky, travel. As one heads to the northwest, the land gradually slopes upward, offering a scenic view of the forest below.

Subareas: White Geysers, Everlasting Caverns, The Clearing
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ActiveA ray of sunshine in a dark forest
Evergreen Forest, south | Full autumn | Midday | Overcast
Jaylan 2
ActiveAbstract Rain
early autumn, evening, raining | west side of the evergreens
Sterling 11
ActiveTo good use
[summons] Just outside EC | Early autumn | Midday | Some sun | Caling any EW pups for a hunting lesson
Pharaoh 17
ActiveOne another
Sniffing for Margarita | Early Autumn, HY4
Rathbone 17
nobody’s battle but your own
early autumn, night, clear; on the edge of western plains
Adhara 15
ActiveAll great things
[summons] Evergreen Forest | Early autumn | Morning | Overcast | Calling anyone for a hunt
Pharaoh 17
Why’d you only call me when you’re high?
[continuation, summons] Fleeing from Kaya | After 'bird's eye view' | Calling for help | Nearing EW borders | AW
Narcisa 36
howlin' at yer borders, possibly with Ata, probably backdated, *shrug*
Kaete 7
ActiveTwo steps forward, one step back
[summons] [EW Pack Summons] | Morning | Partly Cloudy
Leas 27
With Azura
Dionysus 9
ActiveRoyals never quit
Backdated to the fog | Coyote hunting
Pharaoh 6