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Evergreen Forest Description | Flora & Fauna

This mostly coniferous forest's growth is still young, allowing for easy navigation between tree trunks and branches — and perfect for speedy, albeit risky, travel. As one heads to the northwest, the land gradually slopes upward, offering a scenic view of the forest below.

Subareas: White Geysers, Everlasting Caverns, The Clearing
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i screech! 
light rain // azalea tryna be brave // little ways outside the cave
Azalea 0
Posted: 2 hours, 15 minutes ago
Activei cry and i cry and i cry
[summons] looking for Leas // late afternoon // late autumn h4 (7 mos.) // outside caverns
Azalea 36
Oh look… More trees!
AW | Dawn, Cloudy | HY4, EW
Vicodin 11
ActiveTired and Irritable, but Still Going
| Morning | Warm, thunderstorms | Aw |
Kronos 7
that wasn’t very nice
[continuation] | With Scotch | Outside Everlasting Caverns, moving south | just after "Practicing a smile, practicing a smile" |
Jacqueline 21
Rest is for the strong  
Early Winter, Afternoon, Cloudy
Scotch 14
[summons] HY4 | LA | afternoon, cloudy | backdated ever so slightly by a couple of days maybe | w/ Josalyn, looking for Leas
Poet 19
ActiveA slice of what once was.
[continuation] AW | w/ Goblin | Dawn | HY4, EW
Vicodin 2
ActiveWhen does the earth sing?
early autumn, nighttime, deep within
Auracilla 39
There’s a crowd of flowers beneath the London Bridge
[continuation, summons] after 'i need to go' // with Mintaka // calling EW
Freyar 13
Activeplease use future tense when talking to me
late autumn, morning, thunderstorm
Adhara 10
ActiveAll great things
[summons] Evergreen Forest | Early autumn | Morning | Overcast | Calling anyone for a hunt
Pharaoh 21
ActiveTo good use
[summons] Just outside EC | Early autumn | Midday | Some sun | Caling any EW pups for a hunting lesson
Pharaoh 22