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Sundown Coast Description | Flora & Fauna

The Sundown Coast stretches along the western border of Horizon. There are a few islands on the horizon, often silhouetted at sunset.

Subareas: Hidden Cove, Wavehaven Gorge, Shimmering Shoal
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morning, cloudy
Adrian 2
ActiveClowns and circus freaks
[summons] Looking for Fray, around sunset, cold, windy, skies begin to clear, a few ways from the borders
Kamaal 12
ActiveHouse of the Rising Sun
[HY3, Early Winter, just before dawn, windy, Cae's Cave]
Caesar 14
ActiveI feel a fire in the back of my throat
For once maybe without Efeon cause she needs a moment | North of the Shoal
Fawn 2
ActiveCommand and Conquer
[summons] Sundown Coast, south | Early Winter | Morning | overcast, mounting winds | Low tide | Looking for Regent or March
Bucky 3
I’ve Only Got Forever and Forever is Mine
Aw |Early morning | Pretty close to WaveHaven
Vegas 10
ActiveInside the pocket of a clown
[summons] Yuna? | EW, cloud and cold
Fray 20
Chai 8
ActiveSiren of the tides
AW | late afternoon, 46f, ocean breeze
Babette 20
What’s an Ocean?
[continuation] [With the Murph-ster] Evening || Drizzling || A bit breezy
Siberia 7
Help is on the way, dear! 
[continuation, summons] Wavehaven, Cae's Cave | Early Winter | Dawn, morning after "Rethinking"
Pharaoh 19
Activeglitter in the air
early winter | morning
Melody 7
ActiveWorry is my middle name
[summons] SC, Cae's Cave | Early Winter | Evening | Overcast | Calling Caesar quietly
Bucky 33
Activecrazy chasing crazy
looking for Zaan ll after someone please pet me [zaan, aw]
Ro 6
(Closed) Activecreepy crawlies
sundown coast, a little south of HC | early winter | night, light snow, windy | all welcome!
Laura 3
Sundown Coast, south WG | LA | Hour before dawn | Overcast | Low Tide
Bucky 21
I’m going back to the river, back to the sea
Morning, overcast, strong winds, with Meir and potentialy Aran
Kamaal 1
Early winter, early afternoon
Mikazaru 10
ActiveA thousand miles from nowhere
Light rain, EW | A little south of the ST, closer to WG
Fray 9
Everything is fine, I’m not sick
Late autumn, afternoon
Nomad 16
Don’t Cry for Me
All welcome | afternoon | very near ST | chilly & gusty
Shark 12
ActiveHope you find your paradise
With Albus, but AW! | A little north of ST | late day, EW
Savannah 27
ActiveDance in the fire
[continuation] With Pharaoh, after "Things are gonna get easier", evening, calm winds
Kamaal 8
Epidemic 12
ActiveThose are some big-ass waves
With Jaya | Arriving at the beach | Mid-Day | AW
Fallei 9