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Sundown Coast Description | Flora & Fauna

The Sundown Coast stretches along the western border of Horizon. There are a few islands on the horizon, often silhouetted at sunset.

Subareas: Hidden Cove, Wavehaven Gorge
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ActiveSwimboy Hero
[summons] Mid spring, saving dolphinsss! Yowling for Bucky, of course
Nomad 15
[summons] Sundown, Near WG | Full spring | Morning | Sunny at last | Rangers!!!
Eve 25
Misha 8
ActiveFearless Explorers of SAND
[continuation] Continued from 'In memory' with Paloma
Jaylan 24
I’m gonna be free, you’re gonna be mine
[continuation] with Jaylan, beach walk, midday
Auracilla 15
Paloma 14
ActiveIt sure would be prettier with you
ES | HY5 | Sunset, clear skies | near the islands | aw!
Flint 15
Activelet me smile
a couple of days after "It never fades away" | aw | cloudy | @ the river before wayhaven gorge
Momo 17