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Sundown Coast Description | Flora & Fauna

The Sundown Coast stretches along the western border of Horizon. There are a few islands on the horizon, often silhouetted at sunset.

Subareas: Hidden Cove, Wavehaven Gorge, Shimmering Shoal
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you can’t take the sky from me
early afternoon | light rain | few miles north of the river | aw
Inigo 22
ActiveSeagulls and Sighs
midmorning, early autumn | overcast
Nemesis 10
Activecastaway canvas
south end, toward ranger land | late day, breezy, full autumn
Reid 1
Sometimes I feel like giving up but I just can’t… 
Sundown Coast, Tidus and Tsuyoi's gravesite | Early auutmn | Evening | Still looking for Kalea
Yuna 12
Activelike a surgeon
north part of the coast | cloudy | looking for keld
Tehanu 8
This can’t be happening
Sundown coast/Early Autumn/ Afternoon
Arashi 6
[summons] aw! | calling for Eyebrows and Goldeyes | cloudy | mid-day
Tehanu 30
I’m A Runner
On the coast between oak Savannah and the islands/ dusk
Witchhazel 16
[continuation] Early autumn, with Katherina. A few hours after ''Dragging''
Nomad 2