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Sundown Coast Description | Flora & Fauna

The Sundown Coast stretches along the western border of Horizon. There are a few islands on the horizon, often silhouetted at sunset.

Subareas: Hidden Cove, Wavehaven Gorge, Shimmering Shoal
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ActiveAnother Perilous Journey
LW | Dusk | Zen's Heat
Zeniba 7
ActiveIs it something I can fix
Morning || Cloudy || Chilly || AW
Siberia 0
Posted: 3 hours, 41 minutes ago
Activedomingo en fuego
[continuation, summons] kumar & damien | aw | near shrouded pines | sunrise
Daniel 25
ActiveA note at my bedside, a hole in my heart
[HY4, walking the beach lookin for Peach, afternoon, it's snowing hard, just outside Wavehaven]
Blaise 25
ActiveOgre in Sunflowers
late winter | outside of the cove, windy, snowflakes in the air | morning
Bragi 8
ActiveSunset On Fire
Sunset | Mostly clear skies | Cold | Near WG
Marlowe 4
Activerinse and repeat
late winter | noon
Valerian 14
ActiveA Seaside Passing
[HY4, Full Winter, Dawn, right beside the sea, ;-;]
Tidus 19
late winter | early morning | kinda chilly
Katsuki 8
ActiveToo early to say goodnight
[summons] Sundown, close to WG | Late winter | Evening | Partly overcast | Calling Saskia
Bucky 28
Kind regards, Your dear friend…
[summons] Looking for Bucky | LW | Outside WG | light snowfall
Zeniba 7
ActiveWhen fish fly
somewhere close to Wavehaven i guess || Full winter, midday, clear sky but cold of course
Marchioness 15
ActiveMeet You There
Late Winter | Headed West into the Coast, edge of Range North of Shoals | Light Snowflakes
Tomas 23
ActiveLine Astern
[continuation] Prev: 'A Seaside Passing' & 'Scuttling', Vincent and Jonsi if still around?
Regent 1
This is gonna end well… 
[summons] Sundown, just north WG | Late winter | Afternoon | Snowing lightly | Calling Empress | After 'Emerald Bay'
Bucky 5
Does this make them ‘Sea Wolves’?
[summons] Midday, Clear, With Artem and Atalya?, Above HC, Howling for Sisters
Benjamin 17
Birds and bees? Anyone know what that is..?
Cass is actually in heat, holy fuck, noon, close to the gorge, overcast
Casscade 11
Angry Nuggs ’ O ’ Blubber
Aw | Early Morning | Light snow |
Vegas 8
[summons] Twin bro Aran | -6°F/-21°C | Clear | Midday | Full Winter
Meir 10