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Sundown Coast Description | Flora & Fauna

The Sundown Coast stretches along the western border of Horizon. There are a few islands on the horizon, often silhouetted at sunset.

Subareas: Hidden Cove, Wavehaven Gorge, Shimmering Shoal
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after parva sub ingenti /// midnight /// located around Adunati Rangers territory
Kumar 3
Activelike the first time on a ferris wheel
coastside near firefly // high noon, sun is shining // Full Spring // 50 degrees
Kumar 13
ActiveMidnight Melancholy
Empress is backarooo | AW| In the dead of night, a cool breeze sweeping on the shoreline |
Empress 9
AW | Sunset | Full Spring
Pip 4
sundown coast, near wavehaven | end of late winter | morning, some clouds | all welcome!
Pierce 10