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Sundown Coast Description | Flora & Fauna

The Sundown Coast stretches along the western border of Horizon. There are a few islands on the horizon, often silhouetted at sunset.

Subareas: Hidden Cove, Wavehaven Gorge
Thread Title Author Replies Latest Post Info
ActiveAre you always this sentimental
Sundown, South Wavehaven | Late winter | Morning | Snowing and getting worse by the minute
Eve 12
AW | just north of the gorge, midday, clear skies
Bayley 13
ActivePlease make the voices stop
Late winter [trigger warning: suicide attempt]
Stark 18
ActiveWould things be easier
HY5 LW SC | Backdated to 8/12
Maya 4
It’ll get better
HY5 LW SC | 9/9
Maya 3
ActiveRose by any other name
Sundown | Late winter | Morning | Snowing
Ruby 14
ActiveParting Gifts
Sundown near HC| Later in the morning after Ash left| Full winter| lightly snowing
Arashi 2
Activebut i still want you
[summons] close to wayhaven gorge | howling cause she misses her family so sort of an accidental summon | thunderstorm | loud | cold
Momo 6
ActiveThe Loudest Silence
AW | HY4
Saski 13