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Strongwind Range Description | Flora & Fauna

Strongwind Range is the rugged, sprawling expanse of foothills that stretches from Falter Glen to the western coast of the Horizon Valley. The hilltops are often so windy that not much grows atop them but short shrubs.

Subareas: Falcon Rise, Thunder Creek, Oak Savanna
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I’ll I’ll Follow
Strongwind Range | Full Spring | just southeast of the glen | chilly and rainy
Harlow 10
Excuse me, are you Aaron Burr sir?
(Anyone can answer) Looking for Oberon//Afternoon//Warm//10º C
Cygnus 14
ActiveNot So Far East Movement
Full spring, edging along the range, heading southwest from the outskirts of town I said romeo save me -- ok ok musical interlude over
Henry 1
(Closed) ActiveRevelations
Strongwind, somewhere south FG | Early spring | Dawn | Some clouds
Maaike 16
ActiveSo in tether, we dance together
Early morning | with Sonya
Stormfront 26
ActivePlains of Glory
early spring | headed east | midmorning, cold, raining
Bragi 34
ActiveCaterpillar with a machine gun
HY4 | Early spring | Afternoon | Just tutt'n around
Poet 33
ActiveWhistling Winds
Strongwind Range, a mile from the borders of the Rise/ Noon/ Sunny and windy/ AW
Witchhazel 17
This isn’t Kansas Toto
[HY4, smack dab in the middle of fuckall nowhere, early morning, crisp]
Caesar 7