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Strongwind Range Description | Flora & Fauna

Strongwind Range is the rugged, sprawling expanse of foothills that stretches from Falter Glen to the western coast of the Horizon Valley. The hilltops are often so windy that not much grows atop them but short shrubs.

Subareas: Falcon Rise, Thunder Creek
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go until you’re out of sight
with Nomad, they left already ok || like halfway between the gorge and the rise || early winter, afternoon, overcast
Kaete 18
ActiveDwindling In Strength
Early Winter | Northern section | Afternoon | Gentle Snow
Cana-Luna 10
ActiveYes! Feel my unbridled rage!
AW, Early Winter, Clear skies, West of the Range
Jaya 57
ActiveYou told me those entry couplings would hold for another week
Strongwind, within sight of FG | Early Winter | Midnight | Clear, below freezing
Natasha 7
Early winter | Evening | Overcast w/occasional flurries
Taima 0
Posted: Jul 25 '17, 11:02 AM
ActiveI will find you, no matter what
Early winter, afternoon, east of Stormborn Alliance
Eyja 19
ActiveTime Bomb 
Late autumn, morning --- [left of Stormborn Alliance, a bit closer to the coast]
Mordor 26
ActiveOpen your eyes
Range, east of Falcon Rise | LA | Past midnight | Snowfall
Ororo 22
Activeand the fear still shakes me
night, snowing
Jay 18
[summons] range, late autumn | SA, aw
Athena 7
ActiveEverything is Out of Reach
AW | 33°F/1°C | Breezy | Sunrise | Late Autumn
Rhydian 8