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Strongwind Range Description | Flora & Fauna

Strongwind Range is the rugged, sprawling expanse of foothills that stretches from Falter Glen to the western coast of the Horizon Valley. The hilltops are often so windy that not much grows atop them but short shrubs.

Subareas: Falcon Rise, Thunder Creek
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Where the hell are you, when I need you?
Late winter, late morning, boy is aloneeee ---- just entered the range in the east, coming from the Hills
Nomad 28
ActiveCaught out
Strongwind, close WG | Late winter | Morning | Snowing heavily
Pharaoh 25
How do you like your eggs?
late winter | still near coast, snowing | midafternoon
Tomas 10
ActiveBy the Skin of my Teeth
[summons] Stongwind, east of TC | Late winter | Early Evening | Partly Cloudy
Slade 10
ActiveTake it down
[continuation] Just east of WG | Late evening | Light snow | With Rangers hunting party
Bucky 36
Activeswallow future, spit out hope
(night, snowy)
Jay 22
i’m nuclear
all welcome | noon | snowing & freezing
Clara 3
same time as "Good News Everyone" || very close to the gorge, Late winter, afternoon, snowing
Marchioness 10
ActiveDear Friend, I am writing to you
Midnight, cloudy sky
Zeniba 7
Activethe ghosts that we knew will flicker from view
full winter, dawn. Just east of the shore.
Atta 13