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Lake Melody Description | Flora & Fauna

High up in the Pass, the path opens up unexpectedly into a large basin with steep, jagged mountains for walls. From the south, a wide river bends in sync with the mountain wall, flowing gently but swiftly, culminating eventually in an extremely high waterfall.

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Full Spring | Lake Melody | right near the den entrance
Tychus 13
knock. knock. who is it? 
BACKDATED to after Kara's birth // outside of Kara's den // morning
Igbo 11
ActiveAcross the Delta
Inside the den | Sunrise
Lapis 3
Activetears for the demons
@ unknown grave near lake // cloudy, light drizzle // Full Spring
Igbo 8
ActiveAn Ida, an Igbo
Igbo 2
ActiveThere shall be light
[continuation, summons] After “Where did you go?”, with Makoa | Calling for Kara | Full Spring, HY4
Belarus 13
[Kara, Vitalis, AW]
Sigurd 1
Never one without the other  
Full Spring, afternoon, light rain
Scotch 0
Posted: Nov 22 '17, 5:03 AM
Fall to climb  
[continuation] Full Spring, afternoon, following up from 'beyond the edge', light rain
Scotch 20
ActiveVita Nova
Full Spring | Kara's birthing thread
Kara 10
ActiveLearning the Walk
full spring | cool, raining | lakeside
Tomas 3
(Closed) ActiveEverything the Light Touches
[summons] Bringing the puppers outside | light rain
Nima 16
ActiveMuch to do about nothing
AW | Midday, clouded skies
Kiel 18
ActiveBe Prepared
Rocco 5