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Lake Melody Description | Flora & Fauna

High up in the Pass, the path opens up unexpectedly into a large basin with steep, jagged mountains for walls. From the south, a wide river bends in sync with the mountain wall, flowing gently but swiftly, culminating eventually in an extremely high waterfall.

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ActiveOver the horizon
Lake Melody outskirts | Full Summer | Afternoon | Sunny and stunning with mountain views
Bucky 28
Activesigurd the ancestor / sigurd the son
carrying sigurd's body to mounds / H4 late summer / deep fog special event
Igbo 1
Activemy twin, i seek
[private, summons] searching Tomas // nightfall // backdated
Igbo 8
let’s go outside and take a walk
Looking for Nima! Awkward Igbo here he comes!
Igbo 26
ActiveWe All Fall Down
full summer, hot, mid afternoon | some yards from lakeside
Amelia 13
Full Summer | Lake Melody | playing on the mountain slope
Tychus 21
Activetake the teeth and bite
backdated// Hunting Lesson 4 Kids by a Small Child Himself
Igbo 7
[summons] looking for igbo, day after 'Creep'.
Kopec 9
daddy’s got a gun
[summons] Nima's missing // calling for Tomas, but being loud in general // dated to around Nima's arrival at East Eden
Igbo 18
Tell me, does the sun shine here?
[summons] [Lux and Igbo, Black pups as well] midday, clear skies, warm, faint breeze
Makoa 2