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High up in the Pass, the path opens up unexpectedly into a large basin with steep, jagged mountains for walls. From the south, a wide river bends in sync with the mountain wall, flowing gently but swiftly, culminating eventually in an extremely high waterfall.

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You’re A Pretty One, Aren’t Ya
Seeking June | cool, snowflakes, midmorning, lakeside
Tomas 22
ActiveA trickle of light, a tunnel so long.
Back-dated to after "A decision..." | Looking for Igbo, Dawn | HY4 EA
Kiel 10
ActiveJust wanna catch you if I can
[continuation] A few days after "hide away, they say" | With Eve and Braith | still searching for Bayley
Percival 10
ActiveThe break of dawn
[continuation, summons] AW | searching for Tomas | with Lapis | light rain
Bayley 14
ActivePaint me a picture
AW | lake melody, early winter, clear skies
Bayley 4
ActiveLike the cobra, I will strike you down
[summons] [Looking for Kara, Vitalis, and Sigurd] Dawn || light rain
Makoa 19
ActiveCan you smell the smoke
Day || clear skies
Kaska 15
[summons] HE MEETING // near lake // afternoon
Igbo 17
Activeto the honey i have never tasted
lil backdated // patrolling border // nighttime
Igbo 32
AW | late autumn, lake melody, thunderstorm
Bayley 25
ActiveLove is a distant feeling
[summons] Calling for Igbo/ sprinkling/ evening
Lapis 4
Let’s go explore, just you and me
[summons] Calling for Tomas/ Late morning/ partly cloudy/ cooler
Lapis 29