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Look back, and smile on perils past...

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(STICKY)(Closed) Emerald Union Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Emerald Union pack members
Holly 18
(STICKY)(Closed) Sacred Guard Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Sacred Guard pack members
Nelli 15
(STICKY)(Closed) Northern Order Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Northern Order pack members
Admin 262
(STICKY)(Closed) Skyrise Empire Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Skyrise Empire pack members
Admin 11
(Closed) Fresh Snow
Early Morning | Snowing | AW
Leas 49
What Will Become of This?
[continuation] Day after
Rocco 22
(Closed) Interlude
FW | EC | AW | Mid-Morning
Solomon 24
(Closed) The final stage
Late winter, Afternoon, partly cloudy.
Fluffy 14
(Closed) Here I am, there I used to be
Late winter, just a bit west of the Hollow
Albus 27
(Closed) I know a girl from an island
Hidden Cove | Late winter | Sunset | Some very high-up clouds, breezy
Yuna 17
(Closed) HEY, Buddy
LW | Rolling Hills, outside HQ | cold and snowy | urfin' for family
Sonya 16
(Closed) Dwindling In Strength
Early Winter | Northern section | Afternoon | Gentle Snow
Cana-Luna 45
(Closed) Trial of Earth
[summons] Late winter, Afternoon, mostly cloudy. Calling a random number
Fluffy 27
here’s the medicine, doctor.
[continuation, summons] outside of Esmeralda's den w/ Relic
Sienna 20
(Closed) Everything I Touch Turns to Ashes
AW | At Emma's grave
Nima 14
(Closed) once again
[summons] White Geysers, Mid Winter | Summons for Verin
Myatuk 24
Altair 14
(Closed) an old friend calls
dusk / near the desert
Eden 65
(Closed) Covering the tracks
[summons] Dawn | southern edge of the EW territory
Kiel 15
Whiskey 77
(Closed) 71.5%
Elliot 15
(Closed) Dire straits
[summons] Sundown, close WG | Late winter | Morning | Sunny | Calling packmates
Bucky 24
(Closed) I swear to you, sitting a throne is a thousand times harder than winning one
AW | Right after "Investigations" | At TK border
Elliot 29
We’ll stand here
[summons] Late winter, Morning, snowstorming, With Rocco
Scotch 38
(Closed) Error: No Damns To be Given Found
Azura's here!! | LW HY4 | Late Morning/Noon | Cold, Grey Skies but No Snow Yet |
Azura 15