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Look back, and smile on perils past...

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(STICKY)(Closed) Emerald Union Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Emerald Union pack members
Holly 18
(STICKY)(Closed) Sacred Guard Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Sacred Guard pack members
Nelli 15
(STICKY)(Closed) Northern Order Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Northern Order pack members
Admin 262
(STICKY)(Closed) Skyrise Empire Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Skyrise Empire pack members
Admin 11
(Closed) Welcome to the game
[summons] tracking jethro, all welcome | south moonrise bay | full spring | afternoon, misting, foggy
Ross 11
Takin’ my time
Sometime after 'Same old.."
Maya 20
(Closed) Once the Boogie Man, Always the Boogie Man
Early Morning - Sunny -
Roukan 11
i’ve got two faces, blurry’s the one i’m not
[continuation] with stephan & bea (sienna?) | after "angel fallen down"
Daniel 35
(Closed) I think this is what pain feels like
FS | Afternoon | Following "Cancer is a sign"
Bea 44
(Closed) I got your back, jack
HY4 | Full spring | Dawn
Relic 55
(Closed) The stars led me this far
Sunset || Very far south || Between the basin and the lake || scattered rain
Calista 11
(Closed) a sick desire for self-abuse
early morning
Chai 12
(Closed) High Lonesome
Braith 18
(Closed) Abyssus abyssum
Full Spring, HY4 Partly Cloudy · 50°F / 10°C // With Komet
Damien 9
Argus 0
Posted: Nov 20 '17, 6:54 PM
(Closed) Parva Sub Ingenti
[summons] Kumar, Komet, Daniel / Full Spring, HY4 / Brief Rain · 56°F / 13°C
Damien 18
(Closed) Baby on the doorstep
[continuation] Carrying Saelys | Looking for someone to take this demon child back to her mother
Ransom 15
(Closed) Northstar
Western plains, North | Full Spring | Evening | Light snow
Maaike 24
Excuse me, are you Aaron Burr sir?
(Anyone can answer) Looking for Oberon//Afternoon//Warm//10º C
Cygnus 15
(Closed) This, I think, may be new
[summons] Hidden Cove, main caverns | Full Spring | Evening | Raining outside | Sniffing down Jote's scent
Yuna 36
I’m sorry, but could you not?
HY4 | Full spring | Early evening following 'Et Ducit Mundum Per Lucem'
Relic 32
(Closed) Honey, get the car!
Evening | Puppos here we go
Lux 25
I’ll I’ll Follow
Strongwind Range | Full Spring | just southeast of the glen | chilly and rainy
Harlow 11
(Closed) Hehehehe
HY4 | Full spring | Early morning, partly cloudy
Saelys 29
(Closed) Stride and Glory
the glen, moving north riverside - towards hills | cool, morning, full spring
Maeve 19