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Look back, and smile on perils past...

Thread Title Author Replies Latest Post Info
(STICKY)(Closed) Emerald Union Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Emerald Union pack members
Holly 18
(STICKY)(Closed) Sacred Guard Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Sacred Guard pack members
Nelli 15
(STICKY)(Closed) Northern Order Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Northern Order pack members
Admin 262
(STICKY)(Closed) Skyrise Empire Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Skyrise Empire pack members
Admin 11
(Closed) And She Was There
[summons] Rook and/or Faolan
Jigsaw 9
(Closed) Cheer up, emo kid
after friction | overcast
Dalus 17
(Closed) Another mother
[summons] EW, HY3 | seeking Sigfrid, AW
Rufus 13
(Closed) Picky Eater
[summons] Shark? Late Autumn | Morning | Sunny but cold
Pace 16
After all that we’ve been through
[summons] Tryna howl for Nima | Backdated to right after the nima/wayfarer thread
Elliot 13
(Closed) I can do it myself
AW | A bit north from wavehaven | almost noon, clear skies, windy, coooollld!
Babette 18
(Closed) Pillow fights, and girl talk
[summons] [Mari search on]Late night/Just after coming back to caves
Alina 23
(Closed) The harder they fall
[summons] EW, HY3 | summoning a disbanded EU, so AW!
Rufus 12
(Closed) intoxicated
An hour behind "up all night to get" | aw, hy3 ew
Scabbia 18
(Closed) A sad little queen of a sad little hill
[summons] {Trigger Warning} Pre-dawn | Overcast and cold | Seeking Wayfarer
Nima 35
Does this make them ‘Prairie Wolves’?
Early Winter, North of the Prairies, Mostly cloudy but light
Benjamin 18
(Closed) One Man Remains
Early winter, early afternoon
Stark 16
(Closed) you kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
full autumn, afternoon, mostly cloudy
Clint 28
(Closed) Withdrawal
Early Winter, Midnight, Clear skies, Between Hidden Cove and Wavehaven Gorge
Regent 24
(Closed) Hopes and Dreams
Early winter. Night, partly cloudy.
Neomiizana 21
Are you with me?
[summons] Early winter, early afternoon, just near the borders, but not in the territory --- calling for Charcoal
Pierre 21
(Closed) Words of warning
[summons] Everlasting Caverns, just outside | Early winter | Midday | Overcast | Calling Rufus
Caspian 18
(Closed) To your corners
[summons] Wavehaven | Early winter | Mid morning | Clearing rain, cold | Calling Regent
Bucky 38
Impressive, no? 
Strongwind, near WG | Early winter | Afternoon | Overcast
Pharaoh 13
(Closed) Early
[continuation] [Late] w/ Leif, AW | rain/snow mix | afternoon
Shark 23
(Closed) Princesses
[continuation, summons] w/ Flit shortly after the events of 'now that i know you' | calling Mari | later afternoon
Lee 27