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Adder Creek Description | Flora & Fauna

Fortunately for travelers, a small creek snakes through the otherwise dry earth, winding its way through the rocky desert— if a wolf follows this singular sign of life, he will find himself in the green of the Valley soon enough.

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Activetheir minds will turn to effervescence
fs, hy5 — entrance to horizon
Tilonwyn 0
Posted: Oct 16 '18, 11:12 PM
Activethe place between sleeping and awake
early spring, dusk, light snow; where the creek forks
Holo 21
Activeit bakes in the bad sun
| Sunny & dry afternoon | ES, HY5, aw! | honestly frick's
Frick 20
ActiveAnd I would walk 500 miles
[continuation] HY5 ES | Early Evening | Warm | aw!
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ActiveKilling of an albatross
noon // aw // baby bastard enters
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