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Falcon Rise Description | Flora & Fauna

Falcon Rise is the high ridge that borders Falter Glen on its western side. It offers stunning— and useful— views of the surrounding valley. Claimed territory of the Stormborn Alliance

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(STICKY)ActiveStormborn Alliance Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Stormborn Alliance pack members
Admin 83
ActiveNever far behind
The rise | early spring | wet, rainy
Bragi 14
DeadActiveGetting Down To Business
Falcon Rise / Full Spring / Sunrise / Looking to meet Alliance members / Clear and warm-ish
Witchhazel 10
ActivePaint the town copper
Full Spring | HY4 | Cloudy | Midday
Thistle 7
ActiveDare to dream
Falcon Rise | Full Srping | Early morning | Sunny, warm | Calling Saskia & Family
Bucky 38
Rolland 8
ActiveThe Bearer Of Bad News
Looking for Rhydian/ AW/Mostly Cloudy/Mild Wind/ Sunset
Nameless 24
ActiveCry Baby
AW | 57°F/14°C | Cloudy | Dusk | Full Spring
Rhydian 1
ActiveAnyone can be a Father, but I want a Daddy
[summons] Rhy / Late Morning / Warm winds
Akeito 7
ActiveFrom whence they came
[summons] Falcon Rise | Full Spring | Evening | Overcast | Calling Bragi and Arrow
Ororo 4
ActiveHurry up and wait
falcon rise | early spring | overcast, breezy, evening | all welcome~
Comet 14
Close to Falcon Rise | Full Spring | Late Morning | Snowing lightly, breezey
Bucky 23
That pointed to your secret hiding place. 
[continuation] Falcon Rise— After “Drawn into the frost on the glass was a map.”
Shade 19
ActiveAshes of Eden
HY4 || Early spring || A few days after visiting Valentina's grave, at the base of Falcon Rise || AW! :D
Poet 17
I’d come for you
[continuation, summons] with Benjamin, at FR borders, calling Ororo or any SA | early spring | late afternoon, windy
Pierce 32
ActiveHome Is Where You Make It
[summons] AW/Afternoon/ Atlas
Arrow 35