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Falcon Rise Description | Flora & Fauna

Falcon Rise is the high ridge that borders Falter Glen on its western side. It offers stunning— and useful— views of the surrounding valley. Claimed territory of the Stormborn Alliance

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(STICKY)ActiveStormborn Alliance Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Stormborn Alliance pack members
Admin 83
late winter | midday
Inigo 4
(Closed) ActiveWell, here I am
Late winter, morning
Mikazaru 4
ActiveChasing apparently cures boredom
[summons] Maaike/Early Evening/Late Winter/Soft Winds
Akeito 2
ActiveMeet and mingle
Falcon Rise | Late winter | Early evening | Overcast
Ororo 9
ActiveExtra Dry, Extra Olives
[summons] Lysander | 2°F/-17°C | Cloudy | Evening | Full Winter
Rhydian 14
guess who i saw today  
shortly after 'perhaps it's time to visit the neighbors' | looking for atlas
Athena 2
Activeall sinners, a future
cloudy, early evening
Jay 0
Posted: Sep 22 '17, 7:54 PM
i can’t have it any other way
[summons] the boys, aw | morning | heavy snowfall
Titania 42
Activethat which I desire.
(during cyclone event)
Jay 18
catching up  
[continuation] backdated | with poet
Atlas 7
Reaching out for the pulse of our own. 
[summons] Jingo and Shade have returned to pack lands. Early evening.
Shade 14
Walking the Wire  
[continuation, summons] Atlas, with Castor and Natasha, following Dancing in the Dark
Marzena 27
ActiveFox on the Run
AW | 23°F/-5°C | Light Snow | Night | Early Winter
Rhydian 9