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Falcon Rise Description | Flora & Fauna

Falcon Rise is the high ridge that borders Falter Glen on its western side. It offers stunning— and useful— views of the surrounding valley. Claimed territory of the Stormborn Alliance

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(STICKY)ActiveStormborn Alliance Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Stormborn Alliance pack members
Admin 78
Walking the Wire  
[continuation, summons] Atlas, with Castor and Natasha, following Dancing in the Dark
Marzena 14
ActiveHigh time
[summons] Falcon Rise | Early winter | Afternoon | Clear | General call for any nearby SA members
Natasha 11
ActiveStorm ends
[summons] atlas, sa, aw | HY3, early winter | falcon rise | dusk | with ororo
Comet 14
Activefirst snow
late autumn | dawn | light snow on the ground
Oberon 14
ActiveNothing into nothing; carry the nothing
Early Winter | AW | Visiting the cache
Jingo 0
Posted: Jul 24 '17, 4:46 AM
Activehistory of violence
early winter | afternoon
Inigo 5
To my surprise, and my delight, I saw sunrise, I saw sunlight. 
[summons] Atlas! Backdated to 2 weeks ago.
Shade 4
Activethings not what they used to be
(afternoon, cloudy, windy)
Jay 4
[continuation, summons] Late autumn, afternoon ---- at the borders, calling for Ororo (or anyone of the Alliance?) --- with Casscade
Nomad 18
Activewhite night
early winter | late evening | dense fog
Dresden 3
Is this home?
[Partly cloudy][Noon][Mild Breeze]
Siberia 9
ActiveA Quien Dan, No Escoge
[summons] Atlas, AW | 37°F/4°C | Cloudy | Night | Early Winter
Oliver 10
ActiveFox on the Run
AW | 23°F/-5°C | Light Snow | Night | Early Winter
Rhydian 0
Posted: Jul 20 '17, 6:56 AM
ActiveBut everything endures
[continuation, summons] "Nothing is permanent," calling Rhian, SA, AW | With Altair, Akeito | Full Autumn | Falcon Rise | Evening, backdated several days
Bianca 19