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Falter Glen Description | Flora & Fauna

In the center of the Valley, Falter Glen conceals the river that carves through its densely wooded hills. The ground here is uneven and treacherous under rainy conditions.

Subareas: Shadowed Dell, Guarded Falls
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Falter Glen / mid-day / cold and windy / AW
Lenna 7
ActiveWait for me!
AW | Early Winter | Dawn
Bree 14
early winter, midday, mostly cloudy, cooold
Clint 2
Early Winter | Near Guarded Falls | Sunny & Cool
Stormfront 61
So what’s what.
[Looking for Seeker/Valentina] Noon/ Close to border
Zelda 21
Cygnus 6
ActiveCatch a Toad
FG - West of Falls | Heavily raining, midmorning - FA
Theodore 10
Activewaking up is the hardest part
North Falter Glen, Late Autumn
Loren 1