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Falter Glen Description | Flora & Fauna

In the center of the Valley, Falter Glen conceals the river that carves through its densely wooded hills. The ground here is uneven and treacherous under rainy conditions.

Subareas: Shadowed Dell, Guarded Falls
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ActiveAcademic Decommitment
AW | 11°F/-2°C | Overcast | Morning | Late Winter
Marzena 8
Where has the time gone?
[Open to anyone]
Phyre 4
So if you’ve a date in Constantinople she’ll be waiting in Istanbul
With Shade | Eternally searching for Woods | South of the river
Jingo 5
Gunnar 30
ActiveA walk through the forest
AW | Northeastern end | Late morning | Snowing
Esmeralda 22
ActiveAll Night Long
Lux 28
So if you’re lonely, you know I’m here, waiting for you
[summons] Falter Glen, close to Falls | Full Winter | Late morning | Clear, breezy | Calling Castor
Natasha 19
ActiveI need you now
[continuation, summons] With Ale and 'Lievan' | Sunny and Cold, FW | Calling for someone other than him to deal with this
Castor 10