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Hidden Cove is a pocket of sandy beach, secluded by large cliffs and hulking rock formations. Tide pools add a variety of sea life within the reaches of the cove in low tide. The area also features a series of protected caverns carved into the cliff side by the elements long ago. Claimed territory of the Silu Tribe

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(STICKY)ActiveSilu Tribe Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Silu Tribe pack members
Pace 51
Activecount the cost
late winter | midday
Dante 12
ActiveDistant Early Warning
[summons] calling for Eerik | Late Winter | Afternoon | Overcast
Astrid 11
ActiveVacationers from the south
[summons] Near the border | Looking for any Tribe wolves | With Stark
Magnus 19
Activefish are food, not friends
[summons] calling for his fave sister | LW, morning
Carl 13
ActivePluck the Wallflower
Dawn | Slight Snowfall | Late Winter
Apollo 5
after 'atonement' | dawn | looking for Pace
Dante 23
[summons] Vincent, Shark, and Carl | Late Winter | Late Afternoon | Cloudy
Pace 12
ActiveMore than that
Hidden Cove | Full winter | Mid-morning | Overcast, breezy | High tide
Yuna 21
ActiveDelay tactics
Hidden Cove | Late winter | Afternoon | Mostly sunny
Pharaoh 2
Let’s take a walk. Don’t forget your key, baby. 
[summons] Anyone in the Tribe! A continued search for Sam and Rhian.
Shade 18
ActiveOnward! hehe!
[continuation] Full winter, Late afternoon, Cloudy, With Holly and Tahti!
Neomiizana 24
Activewhat’s in a name
[summons] mid-winter | midday | calling for pace
Calliope 11
Omelette anyone? 
[summons] [Looking for Skuld] late morning, cold, breezy, mostly clear skies, a few hours after "Su-Zakana"
Kamaal 39
ActiveFill my hollow mind.
[summons] Calling for Pace and Renegade | Afternoon
Uthyr 2
Activehere for the healing hands
[summons] [Yuna, doesn't know she's not present] with Uthyr, FW, midday
Renegade 3