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Hidden Cove is a pocket of sandy beach, secluded by large cliffs and hulking rock formations. Tide pools add a variety of sea life within the reaches of the cove in low tide. The area also features a series of protected caverns carved into the cliff side by the elements long ago. Claimed territory of the Silu Tribe

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(STICKY)ActiveSilu Tribe Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Silu Tribe pack members
Pace 51
ActivePlenty of fish
[continuation] Hidden Cove | Full summer | Early afternoon | Hot and sunny | Low tide | Calling her girls to come fishing!
Yuna 19
ActiveStep one, you say, we need to talk
Hidden Cove | Full summer | Morning | Cloudy-ish, patches of both sun and cover dappling the beach
Yuna 12
(Closed) ActiveCheckup
Hidden Cove | FS | Midday | Sunny
Yuna 8
Activedark mood
late evening | aw
Dante 4
Chai 3
Activewhere she lays, she stays
by the freshwater pool | midday | cloudy | early summer | warm
Gloria 5
Activewhalien 52
aw! | in the shallows of the ocean | late morning | sunny | warm
Momo 14
Active2nd grade
near the ocean | light showers on and off | sunny | warmish
Momo 10
Activefor you!
[summons] yellin for pashie and gull | sunny | afternoon | warm
Momo 7
Chai 15
ActiveReaching out
[summons] Hidden Cove | Full summer | Afternoon | Rain incoming | Calling Mahalo
Yuna 22
Homeward Bound    
After 'Shoreward Adventure' with Peyteh and Tiponya | Summoning the Halcyon
Yuna 21
Activesnap crackle and pop
thunderstorm! | windy | dark | late night
Momo 18
Activelittle bitty pretty one
post volcano event
Gull 16
slow burn  
late spring | midday | aw
Dante 19
Pawprints In The Sand  
Aka I don't have good thread names forgive me | LS HY4 | Is rainin | Inside/Outside the den-cave goofing off
Splash 30
Activebright eyed and curious
[summons] midday | on the border of hidden cove/western plains | full summer | cloudy | summoning Yuna
Kalea 7