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Hidden Cove is a pocket of sandy beach, secluded by large cliffs and hulking rock formations. Tide pools add a variety of sea life within the reaches of the cove in low tide. The area also features a series of protected caverns carved into the cliff side by the elements long ago. Claimed territory of the Silu Tribe

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(STICKY)ActiveSilu Tribe Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Silu Tribe pack members
Pace 51
ActiveReversed Four of Cups
AW! Early Winter, Dusk, Lots of fog
Skuld 18
ActiveFace the music
Hidden Cove | Early winter | Morning | Overcast, breezy, cold | Looking for Pace
Yuna 16
ActiveStuck on an island with no sign of life
Noon, FOG, mild breezes, Kamaal is gonna die from boredom, Skuuuuld wake upppppp
Kamaal 61
ActiveThe More I Stray The Less I Fear
[summons] Silu Tribe and all newcomers and/or interested parties! | Mid-morning | Clear Skies | Early Winter
Pace 55
ActiveOceans 101
EW | Hidden Cove | afternoon, drizzling
Jonsi 3
ActiveHope your dreaming, all comes true
[summons] Tribe wolves, hi | With Albus
Savannah 10
Hidden Cove | LA | Morning | Drizzly, foggy | Looking for Adimar
Yuna 15
Do you think people really change? 
Hidden Cove | Set after 'The More I Stray The Less I Fear'
Yuna 6
I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies
[summons] Hidden Cove | Early Winter | Early Afternoon | Overcast, calm | Low Tide | With Saski, calling Laura and Tidus
Sunfall 1
ActiveNothing but the waves on the shore
[summons] Hidden Cove | Last week of autumn | Late afternoon | Overcast, chilly | Low tide | Calling for the Tribe
Yuna 27
ActiveRise up encore
Cool, dry | mid-morning | hc, near caves
Bragi 19
ActiveStep Right Up
[summons] Early Winter | Looking For Calliope
Eerik 1
Why can’t you see, what you’re doing to me?
By the waterfall | A little after dawn
Fray 16
Never thought I’d let a rumour ruin my moonlight
[summons] Hidden Cove | Early Winter | Night | A few clouds, mostly clear, cold
Yuna 54
ActiveBatman and Robin
[summons] Hidden Cove | Early Winter | Morning | Clear but cold | With Carl | Calling Tribe
Bucky 6
ActiveEverything the light touches
[HY3, Early Winter, sunrise, it's pretty cold and pretty windy]
Tidus 12
ActiveThe good sleep
all welcome | afternoon | right outside the cove
Shark 12
ActiveMary did you know
[HY3, Early Winter, just inside the cove, night]
Ares 23
ActiveTell me what you know
[summons] [Yuna] Dusk || clear sky || fog over the water || quiet
Renegade 30
[summons] Howlin' for da tribe at borderz
Marcellus 3