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Everlasting Caverns Description | Flora & Fauna

The caves can be accessed by a winding, narrow, bend by the side, or by clambering over the mass itself. The mouth of the caverns is well-hidden from those not familiar, placed on an angle, sloping downwards. The first room is a moderate sized clearing, with jagged rocks on either sides, above and below. Sight in the caves is limited to those not well adjusted, but most rooms have narrow slits in the ceiling, offering a source of light — in particular the medicinal room, while the pool provides its own light when touched. Fireflies are common at night when one directly exits the caves, and the stars are easily visible due to the lacking trees in the small clearing outside. Claimed territory of the Evergreen Wolves

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(STICKY)ActiveEvergreen Wolves Pack Thread
Ongoing - for Evergreen Wolves pack members
Rufus 666
For some reason I can’t explain, I know Saint Peter will call my name
[summons] [HY3, Early Winter, snowing, just outside the caverns, morning, maybe a Ruf?]
Ares 2
ActiveO sister, where art thou
[summons] EW, HY3 | seeking Lee and Conner
Rufus 37
[summons] EW, HY3 | calling for the Ek pups
Rufus 0
Posted: Jul 25 '17, 2:14 PM
ActiveThe stone hills
[summons] In front of the caves | Summoning Kin | Night, AW | HY3 Early Winter
Mari 10
  do you want to build a snowman?
[summons] looking for tasuku on the borders, light snow, mid morning
Darcian 14
Food Cache/Noon/Foggy
Conner 19
Dad’s home
[summons] EW, HY3 | calling for Raight family
Rufus 43
ActivePrime bride donuts
[summons] Summoning Sol
Mari 10
I’m here for you
[continuation] With Ares, a bit further from the caverns, late morning, cloudy skies, windy
Kamaal 28
ActiveThe mad hatter and the rabbit
Morning, partially cloudy, cool, calm breezes, entering the caverns
Kamaal 23
I’ve been living for tomorrows all my life
Everlasting Caverns | LA | Evening | Raining, but obviously outside
Caspian 18
Everlasting Caverns | Early Winter | Evening | Overcast | Warning: freaked out Casp alert
Caspian 12
I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?
[summons] Blithely barking for Achilles cause everything is sunshine and roses right?
Whiskey 16
[summons] EW, Talio?, Just Outside | 37°F/3°C | Light Breeze | Midday | Late Autumn
Meir 17
ActiveXVII - The Star
[Mikazaru] Previously: 'Sickness is a near-death experience for men', Late Evening, At the outskirts of the Caverns
Skuld 30
Let sleeping dogs…sleep
[HY3, Late Autumn, Late Afternoon, just outside the caverns]
Ares 16
ActiveIt Came To Me In a Dream
AW |Nightmare | Late Night |
Achilles 16