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Guarded Falls Description | Flora & Fauna

A sunken gully lies tucked away in a secluded section of the Glen, accessible only by a steep and well-hidden path built into its rocky cliff sides. From one end falls a tall waterfall, which flows in a rushing river along the length of the ravine. The water's edge is all oversized rock and dense forest, forcing slow movement, except for a few areas that are smoother and more even underfoot. Claimed territory of the Firewing Brotherhood

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(STICKY)ActiveFirewing Brotherhood Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Firewing Brotherhood pack members
Admin 273
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Guarded Falls, Nat's den | Full spring | Morning | Warm and sunny
Natasha 2
Didja Miss Me?
Full Spring HY5 | guarded falls entrance
Nanna 21
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Guarded Falls | Full spring | Night | Clear | Welcome to the world, Valkyrie
Natasha 14
Stop. Turn. Explain. 
[summons] Set after 'Didja Miss me?' | Howling for literally anybody to shed some light [Trigger warning for mental illness/suicide]
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HY5 FSP | Sniffn' for Nat's den
Effie 8
It’s all a daze
Early spring, morning
Eyja 8
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Late morning/ mopey Finni/ warm and clear
Finni 7
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[summons] AW | any brotherhood wolf is fine!
Bayley 4
[summons] | FB Borders, calling for anyone | Backdated to a few days after "Cleanup Crew" | Morning, clear and sunny |
Jacqueline 12
This one’s for the torn down
HY5 LW | Day or so after 'Who has not'
Effie 6
after noon, at borders /seeking Laura
Adrian 6