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Guarded Falls Description | Flora & Fauna

A sunken gully lies tucked away in a secluded section of the Glen, accessible only by a steep and well-hidden path built into its rocky cliff sides. From one end falls a tall waterfall, which flows in a rushing river along the length of the ravine. The water's edge is all oversized rock and dense forest, forcing slow movement, except for a few areas that are smoother and more even underfoot. Claimed territory of the Firewing Brotherhood

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(STICKY)ActiveFirewing Brotherhood Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Firewing Brotherhood pack members
Admin 201
Activeold, cold trails
looking for any FB wolves |early afternoon
Athena 13
You know that I’m a crazy bitch, I do what I want when I feel like it
[summons] Guard Falls | Full Spring | Evening | Rainy | Eyja
Natasha 20
My my? Don’t tell me everyone has masks equipped
AW, Full Spring, Cloudy, Midday
Jaya 29
ActiveWebbed Surveillance
Lookin for Clint, AW | 22°F/-6°C | Breezy | Evening | Early Spring
Marzena 13
[summons] Rune, Bianca | 49°F/9°C | Cloudy | After Dawn | Full Spring
Marzena 2
Go on. Impress me. 
Guarded Falls | Full Spring | Evening | Raining | Sniffing around for some of the FB visitors
Natasha 22
ActiveNo easy way
looking for eyja, all welcome | guarded falls | full spring | early morning, foggy
Laura 11
ActiveI need your guidance
[summons] Mid spring, early afternoon --- looking for Marzena
Eyja 10
[continuation] Bi, Rune | 34°F/1°C | Intermitent Snow | Afternoon | Early Spring
Marzena 13
The Order  
[summons] Clint! | 30°F/-1°C | Light Snow | Midday | Full Spring
Marzena 9
ActiveO Brotherhood, Where Art Thou
[summons] Guarded Falls | Full Spring | border howlies
Sokol 7
ActiveFrom the Coal Mines
[summons] Sending up a Howl | welcome to not-home, guarded falls, entered borders | morning, cold, rain clouds
Theodore 11
ActiveMy home, my hell
[continuation] Mid spring, evening, with Laura, Jaya and Castorrrr?
Eyja 11
I’m a sinner, I’m a saint
[summons] GF | Full spring | Midday | Overcast, rain in the air | Yipping for Castor
Natasha 16
Activeoh, look what you made me do
full spring, coming from east eden
Sikozu 7
(Closed) ActiveWe need to talk
[summons] Mid spring --- calling for Korsteel
Eyja 20
ActivePride and Joy
[summons] Calling Castor | Full Spring
Korsteel 3
[summons] Early spring, thread title is best --- he be screeching for Natasha
Stark 8