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Guarded Falls Description | Flora & Fauna

A sunken gully lies tucked away in a secluded section of the Glen, accessible only by a steep and well-hidden path built into its rocky cliff sides. From one end falls a tall waterfall, which flows in a rushing river along the length of the ravine. The water's edge is all oversized rock and dense forest, forcing slow movement, except for a few areas that are smoother and more even underfoot. Claimed territory of the Firewing Brotherhood

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(STICKY)ActiveFirewing Brotherhood Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Firewing Brotherhood pack members
Admin 222
I’m stronger than you
Mid summer, early morning, grumpy Eyja guarding den
Eyja 36
ActiveThe Sky Is Falling!
Morning/ fog event / Cloudy but warm
Finni 4
ActiveOh little wolf
[summons] Whispering for Xanthos and Nemesis/ night / in den / sprinkling
Nanna 37
ActiveQueen of the Nile
Morning / cloudy / Nanna meets a turtle
Nanna 13
ActiveAll that I am
Effie 11
ActiveNever one to shy away from bad news
[summons] Guarded Falls | Full summer | Afternoon | Sunny | Calling Eyja
Natasha 19
ActiveWe step into the light
[continuation, summons] After 'What lurks in the shadows' | Calling the Firewing Brotherhood for a war council
Natasha 25
ActiveAunty Nat
Eyja's Den | Late summer | Raining | Morning
Natasha 6
ActiveBurning out the way
Falls | Full summer | Afternoon | Overcast but super muggy and uncomfortable | Swimming, anyone?
Natasha 9
ActiveHelp me create the world
[summons] Mid/Late summer, slightly backdated?? Looking for Marzena
Eyja 7
Activesigh, I did it again
Mid Summer, finally home, afternoon
Stark 20
ActiveSniffy Sniffy
AW! / cloudy / afternoon
Nanna 16
ActiveWe got a visitor
[continuation] Backdated to early summer, with Delaris, an hour after ''Concentrate, you fool''
Stark 7
Okay, here’s what I can do…
Woofing for Tasha | ES, hot and sunny | early morning
Castor 19
ActiveThe Little Prisoner
mid-morning, early summer | cool, quiet | outside den
Nemesis 18
ActiveGuns for Hands
[summons] Nat, AW | 63°F/17°C | Sunny | Evening | Full Summer
Marzena 5
(Closed) ActiveSafe Haven
By the falls in sight of the den/ early morning / AW
Finni 16
ActiveFind Your Way to my Heart
[summons] Seeking family | Eyja's den
Bree 20
[summons] Argo | 50°F/10°C | Clear | Late Afternoon | Late Spring
Marzena 12