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Guarded Falls Description | Flora & Fauna

A sunken gully lies tucked away in a secluded section of the Glen, accessible only by a steep and well-hidden path built into its rocky cliff sides. From one end falls a tall waterfall, which flows in a rushing river along the length of the ravine. The water's edge is all oversized rock and dense forest, forcing slow movement, except for a few areas that are smoother and more even underfoot. Claimed territory of the Firewing Brotherhood

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(STICKY)ActiveFirewing Brotherhood Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Firewing Brotherhood pack members
Admin 272
ActiveAnother day passed
Late winter
Eyja 1
ActiveOut of nowhere
[summons] Just after her conversation w/Nat | Poking around for Laura/Murdok.
Effie 5
seeking murdok, aw | guarded falls | late winter | dusk, cold
Laura 9
(Closed) ActiveSisterhood
[summons] Guarded Falls | Late winter | Afternoon | Snowing | Calling Rota
Natasha 8
ActiveCut the compliments
Guarded Falls | Late winter | Afternoon | Snowing | Sniffing out Clint
Natasha 6
you’ve been staring at it all along
[summons] after 'better run' // backdated a lil // at borders
Igbo 5
ActiveAhead Of Myself
[summons] Calling Clint | HY4 EW
Effie 9
ActiveOh holy bejeezums
[summons] Mid winter, earthquake! Summoning basically everyone who's home lol
Eyja 22
ActiveThe memories of the past haunt
Mid winter, late evening, first day of heat
Eyja 11
[continuation] With Eyja// HY5// Full winter// AW
Kairo 12
Definitely don’t do anything I wouldn’t do
Guarded Falls | Early winter | Midday | Thunder rumbling not far off | Wuffing for Laura
Natasha 20