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Guarded Falls Description | Flora & Fauna

A sunken gully lies tucked away in a secluded section of the Glen, accessible only by a steep and well-hidden path built into its rocky cliff sides. From one end falls a tall waterfall, which flows in a rushing river along the length of the ravine. The water's edge is all oversized rock and dense forest, forcing slow movement, except for a few areas that are smoother and more even underfoot. Claimed territory of the Firewing Brotherhood

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(STICKY)ActiveFirewing Brotherhood Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Firewing Brotherhood pack members
Admin 273
Activerepeat after me,
[continuation, summons] Effie, at the medic den - same time as “Time Can Heal...”
Ego 4
ActiveIf I can, I will
[summons] [Finni] | Evening | Warm
Benvolio 5
ActiveTime can heal, but the scars only hide the way you feel
[summons] Guarded Falls | Late spring, after 'Crawling Back' | Morning | Pouring still | Kronos
Natasha 41
ActiveSo it goes
[summons] Nat or any FB woofs! | Super backdated to just a few days after her meeting with Relic.
Effie 5
All These Reckless Nights You Won’t Regret
During the tail end of 'all the love you wont forget' / evening, clear, cool
Finni 16
ActiveLesson One
[summons] [The day after "We go dancing"] | Calling Gaius and Livia | Morning
Valaeria 3
(Closed) ActiveOnce again
[summons] Right after so it goes | calling Nanna.
Effie 0
Posted: Dec 14 '18, 7:20 AM
[summons] Guarded Falls | Late spring | Midday | Bright and warm | Valkyrie
Natasha 23
ActiveWe go dancing in the daylight and everything is good right now
[continuation, summons] [With Valaeria, Gaius, Livia] | Calling Finni and Eyja | At the border
Benvolio 28
It’s time you should know
[summons] Early summer, calling for Finni and Nanna
Eyja 0
Posted: Dec 14 '18, 3:03 AM
ActiveI Fell In Love With A Very Bad Habit, But I Feel Alive For The Very First Time
Approaching Effie's alcove/ late morning, Early Summer Hy5/ warm and sunny
Finni 9
Activei didnt get a mint on my pillow
couple hours after “We go dancing...” | fucking around at the river
Gaius 5
ActiveLittle talks
[summons] Calling Nat and/or Kyri
Effie 8
ActiveI Just Wanna, Unwind, Unwind, Everything That Makes Me Feel Confined
Looking for some puppies! / Finally not raining, but overcast and warmish / Noon / somewhere along the river
Finni 9
(Closed) ActiveBreaking Point
(Totally not)Looking for Nanna/ Noon/ warm and clear
Finni 8
(Closed) ActiveShining, Shimmering, Splendid
[continuation] With Arashi / after "The World I Know"
Finni 14
(Closed) ActiveMother goose
[summons] | Calling his twins for some hunting training! | Sunny and warm afternoon | Early summer, HY5 |
Kronos 9
Late spring, Monsoon
Eyja 6
ActiveFeng shui
HY5 | Late Spring | Ruining Effie's Alcove
Pyre 22
ActiveThere you are
[summons] Guarded Falls, outside Nat's den | Late spring | Just past dawn | Monsoonal | Calling packmates
Natasha 11