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General Chat about all things Horizon. Gossip about characters and plots, get a little crazy in contests and games, or just talk about whatever. Personalities welcome, but don't forget the ~Golden Rule~!

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(STICKY)ActiveRandom Compliments
Darcian 168
(STICKY)ActiveHY3-HY4 Mating Season!
Haden 6
(STICKY)ActiveYour Pronouns
Meir 33
(STICKY)ActiveWeekly Weather!
Mari 0
Posted: Jan 03 '17, 8:38 AM
Theodore 7
ActiveFavorites Quotes of Your Characters!
We all have 'em
Fray 5
Active❀ Users vs Staff ❀
Because we need more games here hehe
Alessandro 520
ActiveThe Big Bad (IRL) Baggage thread
possibly tmi because I have no life filter
Cypress 62
ActiveThe Hypo-Pup Game
The 'throw your character at another and see what happens' game
Poi 84
ActiveHorizon IRL
Talio 57
Argus 6
Rufus 106
ActiveSimilarities between your characters!
What is a trait your characters all (or mostly) seem to share?
Mari 16
ActiveWEREWOLF - Night Phase
A Game of Subterfuge
Nima 188
Altair 3
Orion 22
Altair 9
Join me for GISHWHES?
The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen
Eden 4
ActiveHorizon Journal - a community project!
check this out and jill will love you 5ever
Laura 11
ActiveDuck, Duck, GOOSE!
let's play a game~
Atlas 164
Solomon 27
Marigold 13
ActiveHorizon Spirit Week: HY3!
TODAY'S EVENT: Forms now due!
Rufus 126
Rhydian 10
Rufus 10