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Post here if you're going to be away (and not posting!) for a week or more. (read about Activity and Absences)

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Activealright so
gaius, momo, makki
Momo 2
Daniel 6
Activesee you, space cowboy
jill's heading out for now
Ross 16
ActiveA little scarcity
Anna, Percy, Pire, Briar, Crixus, Maverick
Umpire 3
Leavin’ it all behind
they wanted the highway, they're happier there
Kaete 5
ActiveConvention time
Dont ask what con its v nsfw
Vincent 3
Matti’s just a wee bit scarce
Leas - Catrine - Marceline - Benvolio - Mahalo - Auberon - Valaeria - Rhee - Cassinia
Leas 7
Adrian 3
Kopec 3
Nomad 31
ActiveSlight activity reduction
Affects all my kiddos
Ash 6
Pace 2
Activemadison is out of town
updated: sept 28 - oct 2
Icarus 23
Activemassive oof
gaius, momo, makki
Gaius 5
Amelie 14
Activejust not feeling it
ross, laura, bianca, atura
Ross 12
Dawnfrost 6
Vola 8
ActiveUnpleasant Emotions
a scarcity notice for Art
Vincent 12
ActiveActiveActiveShort Absence
UPDATE: 9.23.18
Nanook 4
Activeigbo, epidemic, azalea
college beep boop
Epidemic 5
Aiden 5
Activejust a lil time
Saski, Safira, Sebastian, Masika, Valerie
Safira 2
Daniel 8
Activegebrils absence thread
thought id js update this every time i need to poof for a bit so i dont clog up everything
Freyar 11