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Post here if you're going to be away (and not posting!) for a week or more. (read about Activity and Absences)

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ActiveI need a break.
All of Bamsy's children are going to therapy and then having a spa day and then walking away from toxic relationships
Thrush 1
Activeheadups! next 2 and half weeks
Igbo, Azalea, Epidemic, Kumar, ~Carter
Epidemic 1
ActiveThe season approaches..
Anna, Bea, Briar, Crixus, Lemming, Percival, Ransom
Anna 9
ActiveSome turmoil
Naga 2
Two week absence/scarity(??)
Pierre, Eyja, Albus, Nomad. Stark, Scott, Mikazaru, Dawnfrost
Pierre 9
Efeon 4
ActiveHi. Tell me what to do.
I'm so sorry I've been MIA. Let's figure this out.
Eden 5
Makoa, Ren, Søren, Lestat
Soren 0
Posted: Feb 10 '18, 9:10 AM
Activescarce until my entire life chills out
(feb 8) scarce until march 1
Icarus 24
Affects Relic, Poet, Rune, Jote, Saelys, Esper
Relic 4
America 1
Active/stress eating taco bell
absent before, just a teency bit scarce now
Cleo 4
Activeflavor of the month: depression/assorted
indefinite :c | morwen, marcus, margarita, machello
Morwen 5
ActiveActiveScarce this weekend
Attn: Riverside Hollow peeps--- Cade, Senna
Cade 0
Posted: Feb 02 '18, 11:12 AM
Activefuckin life
momo, makki and atalya
Momo 5
ActiveBetter Late Than Never
Kara, Astra, and Bree
Kara 5
ActiveBusy, Busy
Nima 2
scarce maybe?? probably??
affects daniel, yakov, mikko
Yakov 2
Ross 6
ActiveBroken and bruised + explanation!
Persephone, Argonaut, Gloria, Kalea, Valley, Makayla, Polydora
Polydora 11
ActiveActive(Closed) Activescarce
Vár 3
ActiveNo wifi
Carter. Igbo, Epi, Azalea, Kumar
Igbo 2
Abaddon 6
Active[re:] the death of a salesman
aeon is busy!
Aksel 5
ActiveActiveBrief absence
Nala 5