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Post here if you're going to be away (and not posting!) for a week or more. (read about Activity and Absences)

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Vitalis 3
ActivePress the big red button!
Kiel, Vicodin, Radcliffe
Vicodin 1
ActiveI wish I had a Break
Another one
Esme 2
I’ve been lied to
Huffs in exasperation
Astred 6
Activejune is busyy
nala, dawnfrost, misha, yvette
Nala 2
madison’s general absence thread
updated: june 5th - ??? (icarus, adhara, josalyn, tunglid, montauk)
Icarus 9
ActiveJust a bleh
Veritas, Jasmine, Ciaska, Remus, Auracilla(?)
Auracilla 6
Ross 10
Active(Closed) Only in my dreams
So much stuff
Nanna 3
Active*africa by toto playing in the distance*
affects Sagolin, Roux, Crispin
Sagolin 4
ActiveThis is my life
Saski, Safira, Sebastian
Sebastian 2
ActiveJust In Case
Tiberius 2
(Closed) Activemoving
affects daniel, kip, damien & lucian
Daniel 5
Activenot so much an absence but an explanation (update: smol break)
affects atlas, lysander, & oberon
Atlas 6
ActiveLife is crazy
Senna, Cade, Miro
Senna 5
Tychus 11
Posting now because tomorrow is probably gonna be hectic af
Claes 1
ActiveScarce the next few days
all dem woofos
Anna 1
ActiveSmall trip
Kaska, Makoa, Soren, Lestat, Siberia, asha
Lestat 1
ActiveCamping Trip (17th - 20th)
Leas, Catrine, Benvolio, Marceline, Larisa, Fox, Auberon, Mahalo
Fox 7
Mintaka 2
Igbo 1
ActiveComputer woes
Much slower than normal
Ash 2
ActiveScarce/Absent May
May - June (Asa)
Asa 1
ActiveA Shadow of My Former Glory
fao, that sounds so dramatic
Ink 1