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Post here if you're going to be away (and not posting!) for a week or more. (read about Activity and Absences)

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A Whole New World  
Visiting not quite Arabian nights
Eden 8
Active/stress eating taco bell
absent before, just a teency bit scarce now
Cleo 7
Activesmol scarcity notice!
shouldn't be gone for too long :)
Ross 3
ActiveLife is crazy
Senna, Cade, Miro
Senna 2
Activeim bein a slow lil shit
affects bamsy's chars
Tychus 3
Morwen 2
ActiveBroken and bruised + explanation!
Persephone, Argonaut, Gloria, Kalea, Valley, Makayla, Polydora
Polydora 17
Activea smol decline
Rainy's woofs
Anna 1
Sikozu 8
ActiveI’ve lost my inhaler
Jk I don’t have asthma, but I thought it’d be eye-catching
Amelie 6
ActiveObsession is a Dangerous Thing
No Im not leaving.
Nanna 1
Activenot so much an absence but an explanation
affects atlas, lysander, & oberon
Atlas 3
Tiberius 6
Activesuper quick update
saski, sebastian
Saski 6
I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can.
Listen, it's nothing personal.
Cygnus 5
Igbo 4
ActiveActiveQuick update
Life happens
Rassler 2
ActiveFarewell Horizon, it was fun
Kara, Astra, and Bree
Kara 3
Marcellus 11
Activeim going awayyyy (22nd of March - 2nd of April)
affects Momo, Atalya, Makki and Valente
Momo 1
Jeames is gonna be social, NANI!?
Affects all of Jea's boos
Stark 2
Life is not fair, but I’m not out
Kara, Astra, and Bree
Kara 4
Don't worry, not leaving for long
Yuna 3
Activeim alive but like, only ironically
an Explanation | warning, talk of drama and recent departures. this might get sad
Vitalis 2
Ithaca is burning, it’s time to say farewell
Everything has a beginning and an end, fire's on the horizon
Kamaal 8