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Post here if you're going to be away (and not posting!) for a week or more. (read about Activity and Absences)

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(STICKY)ActiveAbsence Template
Admin 0
Posted: Jan 12 '15, 6:09 PM
Activescarce scarce scarce
Aran, Saski, Safira
Saski 0
Posted: Sep 25 '17, 4:11 PM
Rufus 6
Activea human bummer
9/?? - probably 10/2 | updated 9/16
Orion 15
Eden 3
ActiveNothing works!
Renegade 1
ActiveZoo timeeee!
Nomad 2
ActiveViva Las Vegas
Affects Nima, Jingo, Adonai, Stormfront, Magnus, Rorret
Magnus 6
ActiveNo absense just scarcity next week! 19-21 Sept
Bucky, Caspian, Maaike, Natasha, Ororo, Pharaoh, Seeker, Sunfall and Yuna
Bucky 5
Laura 9
Activesick + irmacane: i survived
see most recent post
Cypress 9
Innocence 1
Meir 1
Sienna 1
ActiveMuch Wow, So Sorry
Caesar 1
ActiveA Woman Named Irma Wants Me Dead
Indefinite time period cuz this bitch is gonna smash FL
Marlowe 2
Kara 1
Murphy 5
Tiberius 2
ActiveBusy busy busy
Not an absence, just an activity change
Holly 2
Daniel 1
Kamaal 5
ActiveSenior Citizen [insert old person emoji here]
Ale, Altair, Elliot, Marce, Rolland
Elliot 2
Activeshort absence!
affects lysander, atlas, calliope, oberon
Atlas 1
Akeito 5