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Post here if you're going to be away (and not posting!) for a week or more. (read about Activity and Absences)

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(STICKY)ActiveAbsence Template
Admin 0
Posted: Jan 12 '15, 6:09 PM
ActiveVacation Time!
Applies to Elliot, Altair, Marcellus, Alessandro, Emmalynn, and Rolland
Elliot 9
ActiveI go camping too!
Adventure awaits!
Klass 0
Posted: Jul 25 '17, 11:06 AM
ActiveGoTtA bLaSt
21st-3rd | Just Wayfarer
Wayfarer 3
Camping is fun if you like to pretend being homeless, ha.. haha… Kam’s humor is bad
This will affect Kamaal, Casscade, Tytus, Freyr and Redmond
Kamaal 5
ActiveFreelance work + BF is in
Jill will be scarce through 7/29
Laura 5
ActiveCaravan Palace
Not really an absence, but I'm unsure
Skuld 13
ActiveBe Right Back
Affects Kara and Bree
Kara 3
No wifi for a loooooong time!
Eyja 2
Beauregard 7
Eerik 4
ActiveAnother Heads Up~
Talio 6
Tempest 2
Valentina 17
ActiveWork Schedule!
Affects Argus, Murphy, Talitha, Braxis, and Manson
Argus 2
Shade 2
ActiveKitty needs care! (See Update)
Jill might be a bit scarce
Laura 5
Activejust a breather
less alert than normal
Pace 3
ActiveLow activity notice, and a request.
Mari, Ryd, Abrielle, Leif, Giedrius, Scabbia
Mari 5
ActiveFurther Developments
see most recent post for most recent info
Cypress 9
(Closed) Away
Probably until the 10th
Rufus 5
Cana-Luna 4
Activepossibly spotty
affects atlas, lysander, calliope, dresden, oberon
Dresden 5
ActiveBirthday Stuff
NOW-July 4rth
Caesar 4
Gone from Friday 30th till Sunday 2nd
Kamaal 3