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Once your account has been activated and you've filled out your character's profile with some basic information, post a new thread in this forum to join the game.

Use the application template below to get started. Once a staff member has approved your character, you'll be officially accepted into the game, and you can begin posting right away!

[b]Thread title: "Character's Name"[/b]

[b]Your name:[/b]

[b]Current/past characters:[/b]

[b]Why do you want to join Horizon?[/b]

[b]If you have no active Horizon characters, please provide a short sample of your writing (any genre's fine!):[/b]

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Thread Title Author Replies Latest Post Info
Esther 1
(Closed) Empress
The queen is coming, ayoo
Empress 1
(Closed) Eulalie
Eulalie 1
Gunnar 2
(Closed) Alegna
Alegna 1
(Closed) Lucas
Lucas 1
Ayani 2
(Closed) Truman
Truman 1
(Closed) Kitsune
Kitsune 1
(Closed) Taima
Taima 1
(Closed) Cleverfoot
Cleverfoot 1
(Closed) Freyr
Freyr 1
(Closed) Senna
Senna 1
(Closed) Saskia
Saskia 1
(Closed) Luciel
Let's hope I did this all right!
Luciel 1
(Closed) Sebastion
Sebastion 1
(Closed) Merrit
Merrit 1
(Closed) Taho
Taho 1
(Closed) Komet
Komet 2
(Closed) Misaki
Misaki 1
(Closed) Rabanastre
Rabanastre 1
(Closed) Benjamin
Benjamin already exists
Efeon 1
(Closed) Wayfarer
Wayfarer 3
(Closed) Scylla
Scylla 1
(Closed) Star
Star 1