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Once your account has been activated and you've filled out your character's profile with some basic information, post a new thread in this forum to join the game.

Use the application template below to get started. Once a staff member has approved your character, you'll be officially accepted into the game, and you can begin posting right away!

[b]Thread title: "Character's Name"[/b]

[b]Your name:[/b]

[b]Current/past characters:[/b]

[b]Why do you want to join Horizon?[/b]

[b]If you have no active Horizon characters, please provide a short sample of your writing (any genre's fine!):[/b]

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Thread Title Author Replies Latest Post Info
(Closed) (Closed) Aderyn
Aderyn-Inactive 1
(Closed) Audition - Ciqala Matwau
Matwau siblings!
Ciqala 2
(Closed) Antwan
Antwan 1
(Closed) Arryn
for the EMPIRE
Arryn 1
(Closed) Mavric
Mavric 1
(Closed) Talulla
Talulla 1
(Closed) Irmgard Protz
4th character, wooo
Irmgard 1
Ixion 1
(Closed) Kasadi
Kasadi 1
(Closed) Stoat
Stoat 1
(Closed) Audition - Cocheta Matwau
Matwau siblings MATWAU SIBLINGS
Cocheta 2
Amy 2
(Closed) Delphi
Delphi 1
(Closed) Nesta
Nesta 1
(Closed) Varrett
Varrett 1
(Closed) Vydia
trio baby
Vydia 1
(Closed) Asurai
Asurai 0
Posted: Nov 14 '15, 12:54 PM
(Closed) Veronica Alayla
Veronica 1
(Closed) Valencia Alayla
Valencia 1
(Closed) Mikkel
Mikkel 1
(Closed) Liu
Liu 1
(Closed) Ophelia Laroche
Ophelia 1
(Closed) Nyadrid
Nyadrid 1
(Closed) Hamlet Laroche
gyl can't believe how many characters she's getting herself involved with
Hamlet 1
(Closed) Hywell
Second character, wooo~
Hywell 1