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Emerald Labyrinth Description | Flora & Fauna

Atop a steep, jagged slope in the westernmost tip of the Firefly Woods, a dense, sprawling forest thrives. Some trees that inhabit the land are unlike any in the valley. They sit high above the ground, balancing on their roots, creating hollow caverns beneath their trunks. The twisted roots and abundance of moss plagued deadfall make for a trying trek.

Claimed territory of the Twilight Vanguard

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(STICKY)ActiveTwilight Vanguard Pack Thread
Ongoing - for Twilight Vanguard pack members
Icarus 1
ActiveThe restless brawler
Labyrinth, west borders | Early winter | Midnight | Cloudy
Sunfall 18
What has four legs and a face?
Early winter, midday, sulking in the den
Scott 19
ActiveFrazzle dazzle
Early winter
Paige 11
ActiveOnly a few
[continuation] With Callum
Aiden 8
Activethen the quiet explosion
[summons] TV PACK MEETING; early winter, morning, cloudy; summoning TV members
Icarus 3
Activesoft offerings for the oft suffering
[summons] early winter, late morning, drizzling; with poet, summoning icarus/TV
Josalyn 7
Activeonlookers slow down
early winter, afternoon, cloudy
Icarus 2
Activeam i the water rushing in
early winter, morning, light snow; looking for aiden near atalya's den
Icarus 22
(Closed) Activemy boy
[summons] at atalyas den | calling softly for her sunshine | midday | overcast | cool temperatures
Atalya 13
ActiveFix Things
[summons] At Icarus' den/ middle of the night/ light snow
Esme 25
Activethe ship of pills and needed things
early winter, night, cloudy; with paige and esme
Icarus 23
Activeamaretto sour
[continuation] w/ razoo! ea, cloudy, sprinkling, morning after "whiskey neat" | eventually will be calling for icarus but aw!
Cleo 12
ActiveA warning
[summons] [Icarus] | Sometime after "Why'd you only call me" | Afternoon
Leas 11