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Emerald Labyrinth Description | Flora & Fauna

Atop a steep, jagged slope in the westernmost tip of the Firefly Woods, a dense, sprawling forest thrives. Some trees that inhabit the land are unlike any in the valley. They sit high above the ground, balancing on their roots, creating hollow caverns beneath their trunks. The twisted roots and abundance of moss plagued deadfall make for a trying trek.

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HY3 | Tahti's in heat run for your lives | Early Morning | Snow, A Few Clouds, Chilly |
Tahti 8
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[continuation] Right after the EU meeting | Towards the edge of EL, near Firefly Woods | With Sunfall
Saski 14
(morning, sunny)
Adrian 21
Saski 13
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[summons] Calling EU, let's get our shit together | Early Evening
Holly 38
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[continuation] Late autumn, after the Union meeting!
Klass 10
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[summons] [HY3, Late Autumn, Afternoon, slightly windy, any Union member]
Paradox 13
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[HY3, Late Autumn, Twilight, sneaking past the borders and not doing a good job of it]
Tidus 26