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Emerald Labyrinth Description | Flora & Fauna

Atop a steep, jagged slope in the westernmost tip of the Firefly Woods, a dense, sprawling forest thrives. Some trees that inhabit the land are unlike any in the valley. They sit high above the ground, balancing on their roots, creating hollow caverns beneath their trunks. The twisted roots and abundance of moss plagued deadfall make for a trying trek.

Claimed territory of the Twilight Vanguard

Thread Title Author Replies Latest Post Info
(STICKY)ActiveTwilight Vanguard Pack Thread
Ongoing - for Twilight Vanguard pack members
Icarus 1
Activekeep out of direct sunlight
[continuation] early autumn, afternoon, windy; with scott
Icarus 7
Don’t Fear the Reaper
| Near the borders of the Vanguard's territory | Late morning | aw! |
Kronos 12
ActiveA warning
[summons] [Icarus] | Sometime after "Why'd you only call me" | Afternoon
Leas 1
they say have courage, and i’m trying to. 
[summons] end of EA| coming home and asking for acceptance. AW but calling icky
Darcian 11
(Closed) Activemy boy
[summons] at atalyas den | calling softly for her sunshine | midday | overcast | cool temperatures
Atalya 3
Clear, evening, wandering about through the labyrinth
Artem 29
ActiveIn a world of pure imagination
Atalya's den | Deep fog event | Late Summer, HY4
Aiden 35
Activeamaretto sour
[continuation] w/ razoo! ea, cloudy, sprinkling, morning after "whiskey neat" | eventually will be calling for icarus but aw!
Cleo 3
ActiveHey, kiddo
[summons] woofing for aiden, any/all tv welcome! | early autumn | labyrinth | afternoon, cloudy
Ross 4
ActiveTo peace
[continuation, summons] after cure, with adrian, summoning TV | labyrinth, southern border | early autumn | late night
Ross 29
ActiveFlamingos are pink cuz they eat shrimp
[summons] aw! | cloudy | morning | at TV borders, callin for da wolfos!
Marcellus 35
ActiveCome Back
[continuation, summons] Calling for Aiden/ with Leas/ at border
Mintaka 20
Activemelody her whole life long
full summer | the next day after coming to the lab | AW
Darcian 15
I’ll huff and I’ll puff
[summons] wuffing for opal, but aw! | labyrinth | late summer | evening, clear, hot
Ross 10
Activewhat does the fox say
trying to find Aiden & Fam. // late afternoon, warm // Late Summer H4
Epidemic 11
Ripple 8