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Emerald Labyrinth Description | Flora & Fauna

Atop a steep, jagged slope in the westernmost tip of the Firefly Woods, a dense, sprawling forest thrives. Some trees that inhabit the land are unlike any in the valley. They sit high above the ground, balancing on their roots, creating hollow caverns beneath their trunks. The twisted roots and abundance of moss plagued deadfall make for a trying trek.

Claimed territory of the Twilight Vanguard

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(STICKY)ActiveTwilight Vanguard Pack Thread
Ongoing - for Twilight Vanguard pack members
Icarus 13
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Emerald Labyrinth, just inside the borders | Early spring | Evening | Clear
Jasper 17
(Closed) (Closed) ActiveTruth be told
[summons] Emerald Labyrinth | Early spring | Morning | Cloudy | Summons for TV
Bucky 33
Activecase of the sniffles
Late morning, sunny.
Ego 8
full spring, morning, sunny; at the whelping den; babies are almost 2 weeks old!
Josalyn 3
Activewe may fall in love every time we open up our eyes
[summons] full spring, early evening, clear/warm; calling poet, icarus, meir, TV
Josalyn 14
ActiveWild child
HY5 | Full Spring
Umpire 7
Valhalla’s Angel
[summons] Backdated to probably a couple of days after Valkyrie's birth but being vague because other threads?/ With Rota / Noon/ Cloudy, warmish/ at the borders calling for Kronos
Finni 1
Activeya nesty
full spring, noon, sunny; at jos' whelping den
Josalyn 12
Activenew patron saints and angels
full spring, early morning, overcast; summoning TV at the ol' great big
Icarus 6
Activethe prodigal son; a parable of a lost soul
[summons] aksel returns! [s: icarus, ross, the tv]
Aksel 11
Change the Fates’ design
[summons] Emerald Labyrinth | Backdated to ES | Afternoon | Cloudy | With Finni and Kronos, calling Poet
Natasha 12
Activegarden party
[continuation] backdated to full winter, evening, light snow; with ross and camille
Icarus 13
Activewishing for your smile
[summons] full spring, afternoon, sunny; just a little past the border; summoning meir/icarus
Josalyn 6
ActiveLiving in a Lonely World
Emerald Labyrinth, just outside the border | aw | ES HY5
Peak 13
ActiveBetter get this party started
HY5 | Full Spring | Calling for a buddy
Umpire 20
[summons] | Sunrise, pretty sky, warm | Sniffin' around Epidemic's den for her & PUPS | ES, HY5 |
Kronos 15
ActiveI sing pretty
HY5 | Early Spring | 2 WEEKS OLD OMG
Umpire 17
|:| Early Spring |:| HY5 |:| Cloudy |:|
Loer 7
Activeyou are the moon
[continuation, summons] poet and/or josalyn, with opal, aw | labyrinth, medic's den | late winter | late afternoon
Ross 16