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Moonglade Springs Description | Flora & Fauna

Hidden away amongst the higher reaches of the Pass lie a network of hot springs, accessible only through a maze carved out of one of the mountain’s towering ravines. Time and the elements have carved out a flat, stony stretch of the mountain, offering an open air, full panoramic view of the valley that drops off into sharp cliffs below. On one side lie the hot springs, one large pool of water that appears to drop off into the sky, and on the other, the mountain arches over the stretch of land in a jagged embrace.

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Activeshark eyes
full spring, morning, sunny; inside morwen's tunnel den; 2 weeks old!
Sjoskrim 5
aw | valaerias den | sunny
Gaius 11
Activecan you really call this a hotel
[summons] full spring, evening, cloudy; near valaeria's den; summoning valaeria
Tunglid 1
Activesurrounded by a world painted with the colours i chose
aw | at valaerias den again | 3 weeks! | being a sneaky boy
Gaius 18
This doesn’t seem right
[summons] Moonglade springs | Full spring | Morning | Cloudy | Calling the SmC
Ozias 17
Why they all gotta be freaks?
ES | With her pups, in the den | Evening | AW
Valaeria 7
That’s rough, buddy
Vita death thread | Early morning | AW
Valaeria 7
every aircraft, every camera, is a wish that wasn’t granted
[private, summons] tunglid, smc wolves / full spring / twilight / clear / in labor
Morwen 16
Activeyou fly along the stratosphere, forget the people that brought you here
[summons] kopec / early spring / afternoon / cloudy
Morwen 10
Activeand you and i, we had the stars
early spring / night / cloudy
Morwen 12
up and at ‘em
2 weeks old holy shit | valaerias den obvi lol | early morning
Gaius 10
Activemoonlit wings
[summons] aw | night
Tehanu 7
Activeall these firing shots and making ground
[summons] Tunglid, snowing, late morning.
Kopec 25
ActiveA Creature of Culture
Morning | Snowing | Late Winter
Gungnir 17