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Riverside Hollow Description | Flora & Fauna

A small hollow sits atop a high rise, providing a clear visual of most of the Verdant Hills. It is dotted with some pine trees and a few bushes, as well as freely growing herbs. The hollow entrance is set in stone and twists into the earth, the interior having been carved out by the wolves who call it home. The river runs by it, splitting off in two directions and slowly flowing on. From the top of the grassy knoll it is easy to see the adjacent areas. It is situated so that it fits in the fold of the adjoining rivers easily, with the water flowing to the west side of the territory.

Claimed territory of the Hillside Sanctuary

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(Closed) (STICKY)ActiveHillside Sanctuary Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - Hillside Sanctuary Wolves & Invited Guests
Nanook 10
ActiveWe used to be friends
sunfall, all welcome | end of early summer | just over borders of riverside hollow | misting, dawn
Laura 11
Bloody beaver (no, literally!) 
[summons] Riverside Hollow | First day of summer | Morning | Overcast | Calling Sunski puppies, Daddy's gonna teach you stuff!!
Sunfall 27
Home is wherever I’m with you
w/ Albus, summoning Nanook/anyone/everyone, backdated to ..(?)
Senna 5
Sekai 36
When it rains, it pours  
In her den | With her pups | Nighttime | AW
Catrine 29
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Riverside Hollow | Early summer | Midday | Currently sunny but clouds about | Calling for any of the Sunski anklebiters!
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[summons] [The pack and friends] | Late Afternoon | Overcast
Catrine 38
Sekai 18
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lingering around borders of RH | late spring | breezy, overcast (from volcano) | all welcome
Laura 11
[summons] Mid Afternoon | Slightly cloudy | Family thread! | Finn, Dawnfrost, Sebastian |
Saski 16
ActiveProtector In Training
Open to all, especially packmates that still need to meet Cade ;)
Cade 1
ActiveAnd they wiggled and they jiggled
Morning | Near the center of the hollow | AW
Catrine 9
ActiveBlue river bright
Looking for Hillside wolves ! | Evening | AW
Cassia 1