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Riverside Hollow Description | Flora & Fauna

A small hollow sits atop a high rise, providing a clear visual of most of the Verdant Hills. It is dotted with some pine trees and a few bushes, as well as freely growing herbs. The hollow entrance is set in stone and twists into the earth, the interior having been carved out by the wolves who call it home. The river runs by it, splitting off in two directions and slowly flowing on. From the top of the grassy knoll it is easy to see the adjacent areas. It is situated so that it fits in the fold of the adjoining rivers easily, with the water flowing to the west side of the territory.

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(Closed) (STICKY)ActiveHillside Sanctuary Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - Hillside Sanctuary Wolves & Invited Guests
Nanook 10
Look what we made! 
[summons] Riverside Hollow | Full Spring | Morning | Overcast | Calling Family and the pack
Sunfall 6
ActivePaint me like one of your French rabbits.
Early Spring/Dawn/Looking for rabbits.
Cassian 20
They call me Dr. Worm; I’m not a real doctor, but I am a real worm. 
Right after "On the hunt." Looking for garlic!
Cassian 6
ActiveYellow Flowers
full spring, sunshine | morning | somewhere going south of Saski's den
Finn 3
ActiveEmancipation Results
full spring, early morning, sunny | near saski's den
Finn 8
(Closed) ActiveOn the hunt
Riverside Hollow | Full Spring | Midday | Light snow, nothing sticking | Calling for Cassian
Sunfall 50
Riverside Hollow, Sunski pine grove | Full Spring | Sunset | Few clouds
Sunfall 6
ActiveHollow oh Hollow
Mid spring --- with Hikaru of course??
Shun 17
ActiveLead me from falsehood to truth
HY4 | Early Spring | Late Night
Saski 17
[summons] Backdated to afternoon of 'Ambassador ', Searching for Wintermute
Caspian 10
[summons] [The whole pack] | Trying to have a pack meeting | Late Morning | Cloudy
Catrine 24
Riverside Hollow | Several hours after 'Like Blood Like Honey'
Sunfall 19
ActiveBrother to my son
[summons] Riverside Hollow | Full spring | Afternoon | Blustery light snow | Calling Courage
Caspian 27
ActiveAnd they wiggled and they jiggled
Morning | Near the center of the hollow | AW
Catrine 2
Anyone still around?
[continuation, summons] Early Spring | Day | With Azura
Kara 11
Dead(Closed) ActiveA new beginning
Mid spring, afternoon
Albus 18
Early spring | cold, rain showers, early morning | in the den
Finn 16
ActiveThe measure of a man
Southern edge of the territory | AW
Adonai 16
ActiveRed River
Early Spring/noon
Nash 13
ActiveRoad to nowhere
ALL WELCOME - Late Winter - Noon - Partly Cloudy
Azri 6
ActiveStep one you say, we need to talk
[summons] Riverside Hollow | Early Spring | Calling for the pack, sid kid alert all!
Sunfall 3