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Riverside Hollow Description | Flora & Fauna

A small hollow sits atop a high rise, providing a clear visual of most of the Verdant Hills. It is dotted with some pine trees and a few bushes, as well as freely growing herbs. The hollow entrance is set in stone and twists into the earth, the interior having been carved out by the wolves who call it home. The river runs by it, splitting off in two directions and slowly flowing on. From the top of the grassy knoll it is easy to see the adjacent areas. It is situated so that it fits in the fold of the adjoining rivers easily, with the water flowing to the west side of the territory.

Claimed territory of the Hillside Sanctuary

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Nanook 18
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Riverside Hollow | Late Summer | Afternoon | So very hot
Ire 4
we’ve come with offerings, now let us see the children
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[continuation] LS, HY4 ll mid-day ll searching for cassian w/carrick& cassinia? ll
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late summer | super mega hot, late afternoon | he's howlin' for a playmate!
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There’s so much to look forward to    
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RH, late day, nosing around Saski's old densite | warm, cloudy
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(Closed) ActiveWhere the heart is
[continuation] Riverside Hollow | Vaguey vague timelines! | Morning | Hooot
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[summons] [this is...hella backdated | Approaching the borders, not yet there.]
Effie 13
[summons] [Her family, or whoever's around] | Cloud and warm | ES | Near the river
Cassinia 9
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RH // FS // morning
Kodiak 15
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Ash 6
!! Quest !! ‘’ Find a Healer ‘’
[summons] LS, HY4 ll mid-day ll searching for cassian + help ll
Cade 7