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Eastern Wasteland Description | Flora & Fauna

The Wasteland marks the eastern border of the Horizon Valley, gradually spilling out into the fields at the foot of the Verdant Hills. Wolves must cross this barren expanse of windswept desert to reach Horizon for the first time.

Subareas: Adder Creek, Sandstone Gorge
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AW | Afternoon
Aphelion 10
ActiveWho Are You (Who Who)
full winter, lazily moving southeast | early day, cloudy, windy
Tiberius 8
Activesorry guys, i bonk my head
very south, coming up from the right most corner following the river // snowing // hy5 fw
Kumar 2
ActiveThe Hunt.
Backdated after Lost.// Rashka is hunting// 55º// Late Autumn
Rashka 10